My Foot Transformation | Eliminate Crusty Feet | Baby Foot

*NEW* 1 HOUR BABY FOOT: (NEW – 1 hour version)



james matteson says:

Looks pretty much the same.

Brittni M says:

Giiiiiiirl…. You don’t KNOW cracked dry heels!

Nena Rodriguez says:

I Curеd My Yеast Infеccction
ТТоp ranked Candidа рlan fоr downlоаaad
Uniquеeeе holistic Systеm Mу Foot TТTrаnsformation Eliminаte Crusty Fееt Bаby Foооot

Tania Brice says:

How much time passes until the next application? Thanks for reply, in advance.

Virlexa VeveeQ says:

Darn i wanted to see her peel her skin

Bob Smith says:

Your feet have more then age on them.. #gross #not all things need to be on the internet

Rachel McInnis says:

Her voice proves how black women usually age so gracefully.

W*Star says:

Baby Foot is amazing! I love it

Benjamin Quijada says:

Can I use foot powder during the peeling process?

Giulia Chapman says:

If I have a small cut on my toe, can I still use this product

Latisha Moody says:

Thanks for the info. Now I can get something for my husband. The pedicures don’t work all the way.

Emily Malik Shrier says:

Does this still work on soft feet?

Anastasia King says:

where can you buy those @

Luiz Roberto 1000 says:

Qria um video brasileiro para eu entender como usar

Emily Sinclair says:

ok lowkey did anyone physically feel that disappointment when she cut from her dead skin to her smooth foot without showing herself peeling it off bc same

vanessa parker says:

Thank you so much for sharing. I definitely need to try this. Thank you.

DeadassB says:

I have ring worm.

Susan Meehan says:

Thank you! Very helpful!

MissMargaret says:

I need to get these and time it for when my husband is on travel. It would totally sleeve him out.

Adrienne Burrows says:

bought this and I am in love. I’m 6 days in and the peeling is insane and not to mention fun.

Alan Stephens says:

This ones great because its made with all natural ingredients and is good for your skin and its cheaper!

abdullah khan says:

Uniquе Yeаst Infeсtion Systеm
How tо gеt laaаsting Cаndida frееdоm
Cаndidа Cure е-bооk Rеvеаls All Му Foot Тrаnsfоrmаtiоn Eliminаtе Crusty Fеeet Babу Fоot

nadirah croom says:

did all that peeling skin get all over the hose and in your bed?

Kayla Kerr says:

does anybody else get itchy feet on the heels? my feet look like this but is the itch normal because of the dead skin?

Kathy Brown says:

Is it available inAustralia?

theincredibledorian says:

Now they are ready for a nice foot massage

Clementine Manco says:

She was supposed to peel it!!!!

Johanna Norling Fäldt says:


Captaine Meeseeks says:

I’m an enlishman and I can’t get through the hot

Ryan Haskins says:

Your feet are sexy

Denise C says:

if this actually works I’d purchase it for my mom

jane schmoe says:

Thank you, I needed to see if this worked before I spent $20 on it.

Juanita Sews says:

thanks for sharing, I have age on mine also! great review

Rude Beauty says:

Looks good! No more crusty feet!

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