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2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid/Gel/Lotion
Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA
Lip Exfoliant with Microbeads
RESIST Skin Resurfacing and Smoothing System

All products can be found on her website at:


FTC: I have no affiliation with Paula’s Choice. I was not paid or compensated for this video review.


Max says:

Hottie 🙂

B0WIETVC15 says:

@donnybnyc just online for most locations.

philbeeeert says:

have you bought the whole store? 😀

StixIsLost says:

the first stuff you showed is/can be used as a toner right?

Ben Hunt says:

Lol this is just what i wanted, I was gonna buy a BHA, and the anti oxident lotion for nighttime.
Then you made the reviews. Perfect timing! -ben from facebook

creejay says:

yeah, the BHA 2% is the best. It used to be even better before they reformulated and made the liquid a bit slimey. But damn, that shit has gotta hurt after shaving.

shopandsearch says:

very informative thanks!

James Manon says:

I have never heard of exfoliating my lips but you have sold me. Yeah it was the kissing comment.

detailone says:

Thanks to your review, I just ordered the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid! Could you do a video on BB creams as well?

etamlous says:

I used Paula’s AHA gel that comes in 8% for 4 months and I can’t say that it did much. It felt like putting on water on the face and that’s it. I had much better results and glowing skin from AHA+ You should do a review on chemical peels like Alpha-Beta peel. They say BHA works better in a peel formulation. says:

You did a great job on this review. Would you do a review for the essential essential skin care system?

MJ says:

that bha liquid is amazing! Have you tried the 10%aha toner? its amazing too!

lol365 says:

Paula’s definitely a hater of fragrance, essential oils, and menthol…with good reason. They’re all irritants that degrade collagen production and encourage inflammation.

MissFireGlow says:

I wonder if there is much difference between the gel and the liquid besides the texture/way it feels on the skin. What company is the 5% BHA from? I just got my first set of samples from Paula’s Choice and think my skin likes the green tea with the salicylic acid.

StixIsLost says:

the Paulas Choice Betta Hyro Acid?

comperko says:

Hey ive never used any bha product but im considering getting this.Should I get the 1% or 2% one??I have normal/oily skin

Masod Popal says:

could you please give some tips on how to handle different skin types, Especially combination skin type btw ur videos r so helpfull!thanksalot!!

pete n says:

I use PC Products and have combination skin type. The BHA 2% Liquid is drying my skin out. I started with 2 treatments a day, then went down to 1 at night and now im at 1 every other night because it dries your skin and you are not going to notice it right away.

Also, you have to use the BHA continuously otherwise your skin will change back very very quickly.

bttrthedviluknw says:

This video reminded me why I subscribed 🙂

Ananta79 says:

Great review ! Thanks for the tips man 😉

Izzy I says:

just wondering, which product made the most significant difference for you,, the BHA or the AHA resist line??

dbocc88 says:

Hey Ross are these products sold in stores or just online? I’m hoping she ships to Canada lol!!!

Thanks again for another great video!

amesavis says:

good vid, but your pores seem pretty big and your stubble is pronounced, so I’m not convinced. you might benefit from lab series’ 3 in 1 aftershave which reduces hair size. you’re handsome, no doubt, and and blessed with extreme natural skininess, and i love the natural blush of your cheeks. keep rocking it out, but work on your stubble and watch that forehead–it’s going to wrinkle. like your vids. by the way, I think Paula’s a bit of a hater for fragrance, esential oils, and menthol.

iSuperSmashBros says:

first on your other video as well !! NO WAY.. your videos are awesome btw :p

hhzs says:

Where do you buy these products? From the website? So sad to live in germany and hear these reviews, beacause they are so expensive to buy from here 😀

Marina's Day Off says:

I really hate the liquid .. It leaves a greasy finish and didnt do anything for my skin

blingking602 says:

Great Tips ! ! ! I’m gonna try it soon !

flowerbomb112 says:

u rock!

luvzoeforever says:

i really wish all the guys in the universe knew how to take care of themselves like you do.

ExoticHeir says:

I recently purchased the Lip Exfoliant and at first i didn’t think it would work because the texture was so smooth but it’s amazing! it makes your lips so smooth

cynthia lynn says:

I really enjoy your videos,,,very informative

Jorge Urquilla says:

Ross you are the best you change my life and now I have good skin thanks for all your tips ross. Thnks

xXDarkCuppycakesXx says:

Can anyone tell me if n e of these products will help with acne for a teenager?

okaythisisnasty says:

Hey Ross, can you also discuss about getting rid of scars in your future videos?

Jorge Urquilla says:

Can you also do a video for body acne care ross please thanks

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