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NurseNessy828 says:

Wayne quick qestion I have both the paula’s choice BHA and AHA gels and I use them alternatively. Like one night I use aha and the next I’ll pick my bha. I do this because I am concerned about aging but I also have the tendency to have a small break out here and there. My question is since the two products do different things do you think it’s too much to use both? But I do not layer them do you think it would be ok if I did? I have oily sensitive skin. Thanks. I love all your videos!

Meme G says:

I received a sample of this in my Birchbox or Ipsy bag. I’ve been using it for a few days and I can tell already that it has made a tremendous difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. My pores appear smaller and it is almost glowing. I must find the full size product.

Rasha Yousif says:

Hello Wayne…can one use both AHA & BHA?? if one has mature skin and a few breakouts (along the jawline), how often should one use them?? thanks…

Jesse Cole says:

I have acne scars I’d like to fade, can you recommend a product for that? I tried a couple of products from Garnier and they broke me out badly. Thanks 🙂

AbbieJolie says:

Do not layer the two exfoliants.

Fuchsinrot says:

Currently i’m liking the bourjois healthy mix serum foundation. i like how it doesnt appear flaky on my dry areas, how i dont have to work with it quickly (it doesnt dry so quickly like some other foundations), and it DOES give my skin a healthy look. definitely use a primer. definitely use a moisturizer, even your oily areas .. but something that absorbs fast and has a matte finish. powder your nose 😀 *wink* .. i feel that using oil-controlling products/primers somehow make me more oily.

Fuchsinrot says:

oh! someone with similar skin type 😀 normally you always see combination to oily, never dry. i dont have major acne problems … but i always have a new visitor to deal with before the older ones are properly gone. it’s a constant battle, i’m never perfectly clear. i’m bending towards finally giving the products a try … thanks 🙂

salinamia123 says:

i love how you knowledgeable you are and how you are so willing to explain things for us. thank you for caring so much.

AbbieJolie says:

NurseNessy, alternating your AHA and BHA products is something I do too, but my rotation schedule involves other goodies too so it is not AHA every other night. By using both these products you are encouraging the production of collagen! That’s a fabulous thing in the world of anti-aging. Good choice for a combination skin! I use the PC 2%bha Liquid on my oily nose twice daily and the AHA on the dryer skin as needed.

Linni Snupp says:

Hey,i was wondering if you could do an rewiew on Oil Free Makeup Products not just Foundation but general ,i am sure i talk for us all, i see that many struggle with Acne and other Skinproblems.
Big Thanks and a huge hug to you♥♥♥

rebecca dao says:

Now im using BHA 2% and thay are great, they did work, my skin look for smoother than before.!

Tara D says:

Just ordered a bundle of samples from the Paula’s Choice Website – each sample cost 0.70p here in the UK. I like companies who are willing to send samples, esp as I don’t live anywhere near a store that stocks this brand and my skin can be rather odd – as in it reacts after a couple days use rather than straight away. Love the fact that this company does not test on animals either.

Alice Depaul says:

A week ago I started using Alpha Hydrox – 10% AHA Enhanced Lotion. I got here in US in Marshalls for $7.99 and it’s a 177 ml bottle. It’s very liquidy and haven’t broke me out and my skin improved so much just after a week of using it. I also mix it with my body lotion. The Alpha Hydrox products can be also found in ULTA, I don’t know where you can wind in UK and if you can try it out.

nsbhater says:

Thanks, I’ve never thought abt ph-level before (!), but I see on the product that I’m using, it’s not even mentioned. I use Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant….

UsernameUnkwn21 says:

Wayne…I thought you had recommended the Clinique Turnaround Concentrate..I think it was in you blackhead video..That’s what prompted me to pick it up…so what’s the verdict good or no good on the Clinique

Makeupgalore1 says:

can you use AHA if you use retin A (tretinoin)?

cori2you says:

Great info. Luv u always. Very helpful to understand and helps me to make a better informed decision. 🙂

maternalheart66 says:

You’re right about Clinique’s Turnaround Cream, however, the Turnaround Concentrate (the one in the cylinder, not the jar), is within the correct Ph range for exfoliation, plus it has antioxidants and such for healthier skin. That’s why I prefer it over the Paula’s choice, because while it’s pricier it provides both exfoliation and healthy skin ingredients, saving me from having to buy two products.

Katie Baillargeon says:

Hey, lov, lot, lot your channel.!!!!!!!!!..PS I have used PC skin care line for years and it is awesome……..the BHA is also awesome…the new Vit C Boost..well, add a couple of drops to the Resist Intensive Wrinkle….,my 60 year old skin looks much younger, least according to all the great comments I get, nearly every day…yahoo  PC!

Siroj Sirozh says:

ive been using it for a week no and my skin started peeling is that normal?

china33ful says:

I’ve been using this thanks to your previous video on skincare products that really work. Since then I have incorporated a lot of Paula’s Resist line & they have been working famously thank you so much for the intro into Paula’s line! Much more effective products for way less $. -333

bashkowa says:

Goss, can one use both AHA and BHA products? thanks

susan1326 says:

I saw your previous AHA and BHA video and ordered the AHA and some of the PC Resist line of skin care. I cannot thank you enough! I have wasted hundreds (if not more) of dollars on department store brands that did nothing. The AHA and the other PC products have made my skin look at least 5 years younger-and when you’re pushing 50, that’s a major feat! Having great skin has given this gal back some of her confidence, which had been dwindling with every “miracle” product I used. I thought nothing

betamosquito says:

I was going to get Neo Strata 10% AHA for my Keratosis Pilaris, but considering this is half the price, I may get both, test each on a separate area of skin and use the most effective one long term.
Thanks for putting me on to another option Goss 🙂

Gamms2003 says:

Just found Paula’s Choice – BHA 2% cleared up my milia on my eyes!!! Had them for years…they are gone!

Brent Klassen says:

Go to the paula’s choice website… fill in the “FIND THE BEST PAULA’S CHOICE products for your skin” and it will suggest the correct ones.

emoosemoose says:

I just discovered (and subscribed to) your channel. Love your videos and your accent. Keep up the great work. 🙂

Fuchsinrot says:

i don’t have sensitive skin, just a cranky one … if i don’t keep up with a routine that i’ve got going on … it will go all Tourette’s one me! thanks 🙂

Kathy Fussell says:

I’ve been wanting to trying some of Paula’s Choice products, I think it’s time.

Patricia Johnson says:

Can you use bha and aha together?

Dante Hart says:

Can you tell me which items you bought exactly? I have the same skin!

moxiegirl37 says:

I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and I use this daily. PC products got my skin out of a horrible dry skin rash kind cycle that no doctor even knew what to do with. This product is perhaps my favorite thus far. I will say though, the first time it was quite uncomfortable at first and then settled down, but I have used Retin-A before and know sometimes it just takes a few tries, perhaps a day apart even. But I used it the second day and it was a bit tingly, itchy kind of uncomfortable maybe at first, then the third day barely a reaction, and now I never have a problem with it. So, if you get the samples, perhaps I would recommend getting a few, but then it’s not an expensive product so I just got the whole thing. 

Petite Curly says:

I don’t use this particular product, but I love loooooove AHA !
I had very dry skin which can also be quite sensitive. I started with a (very) low % of AHA and worked my way up to 20%.
In the summer times I also used to have breakouts in the front and jaw line area, 4 months later, my skin feels and looks amazing. I don’t even need a foundation.
Currently I use the Enhanced Cream from Meme and Moy (15%) and Glycolix 20% (bought it from skinstore).
I highly recommend AHA, they changed my life.

jinksie1 says:

I love your reviews and tutorials! I have been using Paula’s Choice products for years and really like them. Thanks for your videos!

Izzy I says:

Could you please review the Alpha H liquid Gold? p.s Love all your videos!

KnowledgeNerd says:

After being a loyal watcher and hearing you highly recommend Paula’s Choice, I did more research. The site and products are amazing. Of course I’m adding them one by one slowly so I know what works. This product was the first I grabbed and it is LIFE CHANGING!! My skin texture is so good, sometimes I have to take a day or two off and give it a nice scrub to get those layers off. I also moisturize with CereVe and jojoba. The best!! Thank you with all my heart for you in depth skin videos!

debbie wilson says:

Thankyou Wayne, tried Turnaround and it didnt do anything noticable? I will check out her BHA line, for nml-oily skin. Apprciate the affordable product reviews!! <3 NY

yaiza145 says:

Haha yeah the struggle seems formiliar 🙂 Havent been totally clear after using Paula, but definitelly better ^^ Can be a bit on the drying side sometimes, so just dab a bit of extra moisturizer when i need it. If you by any chance know a perfect foundation for our skintype let me know xD Good luck 🙂 xxx

mimagenta says:

i have oily skin, but thanks for the information!!!

Jesse Cole says:

I have acne scars that I’d like to fade,

Alsou Fortunate says:

Thanks. I like MD Formulations cleanser with AHA. I have acne prone skin + dry, but its amazing for me. 

E P says:

Paula offers a BHA for oily skin. In fact she recommends the BHA for oily skin or enlarged pores or blackheads.

Shyying Hu says:

I use NeoStrata AHA 15 gel plus. It really helps to minimize pores and winkles. I use it for my back as well. Can see the result very fast. That’s why I love it so much.

PandaBaby51 says:

For some reason the BHA like salycilic does nothing for my acne but the AHA clears it up immediately. Anybody experience this?

Minjee says:

i just found out about this website and this brand. i really want to try it.

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