Removing Dead Skin With Peeling Pads! | Tina Tries It

In this episode of Tina Tries It, I try out the Scinic Feel So Good Peeling Pad. It’s a facial pad that contains AHAs which help to exfoliate dead skin and removes excess sebum.

Product Used:

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Equipment Used:
Microphone: Rodelink Wireless
Lighting: Ring Light
Soft Boxes
Camera: Canon 70D
Canon G97X Mark II
Canon 24-70mm Lens 2.8
Editing Program: Adobe Premier Pro CC

Music: Jahzzar- Sea of Mars

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Rosella's Penguins says:


Cameron Duong says:

I literally cringe so hard when she points at her self in the into like no shit it’s u

Perksofbeingchloe Ivers says:

It is not the dead skin it is the residue from the pad

Jamie Miller says:

Presenting the Tati and James of Australia haha

Abigail Carsten says:

i want to see the BB product please!

rachel hornung says:


Ruby M says:

I have really dry skin and have tons of around my lip area. Would this product be of good use? Even with all the moisturizer I put on my face the dead skin cells still appear and my face gets dry. Any recommendations?

La'Deja Williams says:

Peeling starts at 2:03

Erin Marie says:

Others have tried this product, it’s not dead skin. It’s just product residue

Jaime LouLou says:

TINA please try Dermalogica daily micro exfloiant, so many people have said its a miracle product and others have said it does nothing. I don’t want to buy the $80 product if it doesn’t work. xx

Illyana Rayna says:

where can buy it?

Mubaraka Ali Asghar says:

her plz try that lace mask ehich tati also tried

J Town says:

i think those white thing are from that pad not from the skin

Kimberley Moraa says:


Quincy van den Bergh says:

the whole upper layer of the skin is dead

Fauziah Harun says:

Izit good

Hannah Rhee Kim says:

It’s dead skin

Renault Espace says:

They had the chance to write “PEEL so good” but didn’t do it.

rachel hornung says:


Faith Heer says:

You look so pretty without makeup!!! Maybe drawing your brows and eye makeup is all u need. Possibly lip tint, but you don’t need it.

sujala mathema says:

poor alfred..he is so adorable and tries whatever tina does to him without complaints

Jade AssassinWolf says:

He looks like he is enjoying it

Crucified Heart says:

their faces look brighter

Nini Dinh says:

There is another brand with exfoliant pads called Neogen you should check it out

rainbowloveyh says:

how do u maintain ur skin, look so fresh n smooth n most importantly u don’t have dark circles, any tutorial please. ☺

Veronica Jessie says:

how ironic I have that one friend who looks like alfred and his name is also Alfred

I am number Four says:

is it just me or does she look like mina myoung from the thumbnail????

Bahçe Cücesi says:

i used the same product a few days ago, it is not dead skin it had a paper-ish look and it was coming from product and i woke up with lots of acne :@

Ashley Collins says:

You sound like a playschool actor

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