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Hey guys. So this is my updated skincare routine. Some of the products are the same. Those are my ride or dies that will never leave me and some are new, which i can see me using for a long time. If you have hyper pigmentation or acne, this is for you! love you guys xoxoxo 10% off GLOSSIER
So it never hurts to try new products. This product claims to be gentle yet effective and I’m sure thats what we all want in products that we are slathering on our beautiful faces. Have you tried this glossier product? Let me know in the comments. I hope 2018 is treating you well. Love you all! xoxoxo

face wash:
Exfoliating mask:
Glossier Solution: 10% off glossier
persa gel:
Glossier Solution:

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Kimberly Crayola 击 says:

You have one of the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen.

Matt says:

Next time just write exfoliate and put 10 kg of moisturizer.

Halima Yusuf says:

DON’T USE THE CETAPHIL FACE WASH. It absolutely DESTROYS your body’s natural moisture barrier, which makes it harder for your face to retain moisture making your face more prone to dryness and speeding up the aging process (meaning you’ll get wrinkles sooner). Try the CeraVe Hydrating Face Cleanser, Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin. It’s super cheap, doesn’t strip your face (so it won’t make your face feel dry after), and it helps strengthen your moisture barrier too.

eni_lux beauty says:

Venez apprendre les compositions pour vos cremes savons lait… 00228 99502702

Leyla Rustamova says:

4:49 i thought the main reason why you have so much melanin was because humans living closer to the equator, living in hotter climates evolved to having darker skin tones in order to be protected from the sun since birth, since humans never really created sun blocks, just like people living closer to either of the poles got whiter skin, to take in as much vitamin d from the sun as possible

alician starr says:

The ordinary products are cheap but that shipping….listen lol

Shine baby shine says:

Guys, please don’t wipe the acid off with a towel and thoroughly wash it off with water instead. Be gentle, especially after such an intense product ✴️

Ma. Alster Chamae Campado says:

Stop putting moisturizer near your eyes

liz henson says:

You have the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen ❤

Zara Dittu says:

Do you think we’re fucking stupid? You used a filter so obviously here. One can clearly see the parts of the video where there isnt one

chiquita wims says:

Glad this routine works for you but AHA&BHA should never be used in unison of benzoyl peroxide that will cause your skin to dry out alone with causes more break outs

Kat Odd says:

Your skin looks absolutely beautiful

Miss Adventure says:

That cleanser you are using contains parabens so I would not use it

Ha Mac says:

Youre damaging your skin while overexfoliating omg too much

krystle says:

i LOVE how this goes straight to the routine off the bat, no bs talking about sponserships for the first 5 mins like most routines

Caroline Granados says:

Beautiful skin!!

Shanelle Mason says:

You are so beautiful I hope u don’t use make up you are beautiful without it

Nancy I says:

The Ordinary AHA/BHA peeling mask is a chemical peel; do not use this 4x a week. And definitely do not follow it up with Glossier’s acid toner. Your skin will cry out for help.

S Price says:

Your skin is beautiful.

Ami Herrera says:

Girl don’t be so rough on your skin! All that tugging and pulling ahhh

A Swindle says:

wow your skin looks amazing !!

Aerglo Dennard says:

why are u using filters on a skin video????? and sis ur moisture barrier when u turn 40 is gonna have u lookin like baby powder and chicken feet.

the biggest lie on the internet goes to u, congrats dummy

Jennifer N says:

Honey skin…yes!

Shayyy says:

Take this fraudulent video down

Az Lania says:

No offence but I needs some before and after pics or something girl cause your skin seems naturally flawless , that’s not my skin type at all lol ..

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