The BEST exfoliating tool that is CHEAP and EFFECTIVE

Okay, so there’s the thing. I am well aware that there are facial tools, specifically ones that exfoliate the skin that are high end and much better quality then an exfoliating glove. But I also am well aware that not everyone has hundreds of dollars lying around to spend on something like that and we’re all looking for ways to cut costs where ever possible. So that’s why when I kept getting questions about skin care, I couldn’t help but keep going back to my exfoliating mitt because I truly use it Every. Single. Day. And on top of that, I have seen MAJOR results with something so simple. And cheap. That’s when I realized everyone needed to know that a thing like this exists. As mentioned in the video, you can pretty much get these anywhere. The Dollar store, Walmart, any place that has cosmetics/facial items you are bound to find a little exfoliating glove hanging up right in there. Another amazing thing about them is they are quick to use. I have found that its personally most convenient and easiest when I wash my face at night time to just apply my face wash to my face and use my glove in small, circular motions to clean everything off as well as exfoliate at the same time. Multi-tasking is what that’s called- and everyone loves killing two birds with one stone. (Umm what an awful saying. My apologies) But seriously..its takes less than 5 minutes and you come out with not only clean skin, but fresh, smooth skin on top of that and after applying a wonderful moisturizer it can allow everything to settle in for the night. Something I really struggled with was my skin flaking whenever I used any type of cream makeup (foundation and concealer) and whenever it settled into my dry skin it immediately looked awful. I tried every single moisturizer I could find but nothing was able to get rid of the dryness until I started using my exfoliating glove. After using it daily I saw results within a week. And the more I continued the healthier my skin looked. Our skin is sensitive so make sure you have a light hand and are being gentle while using it. Remember its not how hard you push but the consistency of using it. Obviously there are other things that can help our skin such as drinking enough water and watching what we eat- but you guys I’m telling you- If you have been looking for something quick, cheap and easy to help with dryness, dullness, and just wanted to overall help with the appearance of your skin, THIS is the tool to get. I mean really what do you have to lose by trying it?? So get on out there, grab yourself a glove the next time your at the store, and sing me your praises when you realize you love yours just as much as I do mine! 💁🏼

Sarah Nicole 💋


bag ofhammers says:

even a washcloth is the best thing for cleansing skin. you can buy 7 and have a clean one for every night of the week for cleansing/makeup removal. I use Ponds Cold Cream as my first cleanse it’s really gentle on my really sensitive skin and with a washcloth it is great for removing makeup even waterproof. I then go in for a second cleanse with Dove Soap for sensitive skin, tone with Witch Hazel, moisturise with a fragrance free lotion and that’s it. in the mornings I just rinse my face with lukewarm water.

ann l says:

Why on earth would you use such a abrasive item?? Even using crushed aspirine is better. Gloves you want to use for your legs.

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