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13th Just Stock Up is here! Can’t believe that already a year has passed since we started our very first Just Stock Up! As the very first Just Stock Up for 2018, we have brought the perfect gentle daily exfoliator that all skin types will fall in love with, evene acne prone sensitive skin type! Find out why this will be your holy grail and that you can’t help yourself but to stock them up for healthy & glowing skin!

▶13th JUST STOCK UP! (Until 21st of Jan,10 Days Only)
***This deal has ended, but you can still make the purchase through the link below***

▶HOW TO USE MANDELIC ACID 5% SKIN PREP WATER (according to skin types)
1) Oily Skin: 15:30
2) Sensitive Skin: 16:03
3) Dry Skin: 16:49
4 )Acne Prone Skin: 17:20


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Jayzee Cool says:

I am using the Vitamin C 21.5 serum. Am I able to use Mandela acid?

Seda says:

15:35 he just dead ass washed his face with a cap on lmaooo

Minh Trang says:

How many times a week should I use it for acne prone skin? Thank you.

nam ween says:

does it can make your skin breakout after using it?

Seda says:

I just wish their shipping would be better cause i read some pretty bad stuff from people who bought from their website 🙁

Zentson says:

It’s very tricky to choose an exfoliator. You either choose the mildest exfoliator and barely see the result or you use a stronger AHA that penetrates deeper and see more visibly results in only short period. It’s a risk and trust me mandelic acid doesn’t do much for your skin in such low percentage. It’s absolutely fine and perfect for those who wants to start their first exfoliating product. After that just get a stronger AHA instead.

For me personally mandelic acid doesn’t work for me even I’ve tried the 18% one and it doesn’t do much for my skin due to its characteristic which is the largest molecules among all the AHA family. So there’s a big question, does mandelic acid really reduce the production of sebum as it can’t get through your epidermis layer ?

KarEve van says:

Could you guys make a video for chest and back acne? Please.

Ajungla Jamir says:

Sis, I had my hair bleached on december and then I did permanent straightening yesterday, however the part where I bleached is very burnt and its breaks me to see it that way,i cannot cut it either .Please help me

Denny Kadu says:

Are you seriously Korean…
Coz your English too good..

Wishtrend TV says:

Hey guys! Did you enjoy the video and excited to try it? Let us know in the comment what product you wish to see in our next 14th Just Stock Up! 😀

john julius agapay says:

What’s serum is for acne red marks & acne scars?

roxana cardenas says:

How i can buy cause the pag. Don’t let me. I add my stuff and go check out my cart and ask me for info and put it. And then nothing happen. Help me!!

Rita Gurung says:

hi there …. do you ship this product to Bhutan? I am really curious about this product

sertaç türk says:

hello dears; thanks for the beautiful video, I’m male 35 y.o. very sensitive and acne prone skin; how frequent should I use the mandelic acid? and do I need to pay attention an ingredient in my creams aftershaves etc afterwards?

Liquor Me Up says:

Hi everybody great video but if I may I wanted to share a link my cousin gave me about a product that is especially for people with sensitive skin like ME! To soaps from washing clothes and the chemicals in it that are not good for us. I have not bought Landry soap in a good minute now(time) thanks to this God sent product! That is a Magnet! crazy I no check out the link he sent me AWESOME money saver 2018 it’s the least I can do people bless

heyitsrosie says:

Can I use this together with benzoyl peroxide?

최보라 says:

Yess !!! ❤️❤️

wimbletone says:

I’m tempted to try that mandelic toner!

Nina says:

I just bought this! I’ve been using physical exfoliators so hopefully switching to this will improve my skin

Ethel Adauto says:

Dear Eunice I have a really big problem with my skin, I had a big acne problem…now my skin is better and it was because I was using some korean products, my skin now have some scars so I want to know if there are products for help my skin and dellete scars on my face…

minniemouseluv100 says:

For the how to… should it be used for combination skin? My skin is dry, acne prone, and a bit sensitive.

氷上雪奈 says:

Could you make a video about how to deal with acne scar

Nimra Abid says:


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