The Difference between an AHA and BHA | Skincare Shorts on The Beauty Breakdown

This a new series I call “Skincare Shorts” where I explain a different skincare topic in 3 minutes or less. Today, I talk about the difference between an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and a BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). Let me know what you’d like me to do one on next and if you like this series 🙂


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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share this new series with you guys 🙂 I’ve been planning and researching for this series for a while so I hope you like it! I’ve got plenty more coming up so be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you’ll be notified when I upload!



The Amirah Rais says:

So helpful!! Now i get itttt

Kimberly Butler says:

I love these shorts! I learn so much from you. I am currently using Drunk Elephant’s Subaru Baby Facial 25% AHA/2% BHA and love it! Your skin feels like glass afterwards

Jasmine Vitali says:

i love this new series!

begevt says:

Thank yiu for tye short, straight to the point video! Some times youtubers just do too much and talk even more!

Sarah says:

I’m kinda confused right now. You can read everywhere that BHA is better for treating whiteheads, but why is cosrx’s AHA power liquid called WHITEHEAD power liquid? I bought it because I thought it was good for fighting my whiteheads but seems like I should have bought the BHA liquid instead?

weiwei says:

Love your makeup.So pretty

lindaelisee says:

Just a little suggestion: you could maybe add to your filming room some soundproof thingies or maybe some other kind of microphone that’s closer to you as you speak. 🙂 Your videos are already great but your voice just echoes a little bit.

ちゃんねるマ says:

is bha and aha are safe for pregnant?

mrssoekamto says:

What foundation were you using in this video? Your face is flawless and glowy!! 🙂

Erica Grimaldi says:

Love this new series: what is the difference between retinol, retin-a and retinoids??

Roxanne Deguito says:

Can you do a review on Mizon products? 🙂

Neelambara Malik says:

Oh i would kill to get your skin. absolutely gorgeous :*

Zeal Chheda says:

This video really did help me in learning about AHA & BHA! Thanks a ton xx ❤️

booklvrxo says:

Where can i get those types of earrings?

花に嵐 says:

Butul Hydrixytoluene (BHT) and Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

BHT and BHA are controversial ingredients often used in acne creams. Used for their anti-oxidant properties, BHT is a synthetic ingredient primarily used as a preservative but also used as a supplement to reduce free radical damage.

While BHA have been considered safe to use in studies published by Pubmed. The American National Toxicology Program confirms that BHA “is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.”

BHA and BHT are a double-edged sword because they may also contain anti-cancer properties. But the debate lies on whether this is at the cost of causing cancer elsewhere in the body. BHT and BHA have been banned as skincare ingredients in Canada and the EU based on the fact that nobody really knows the long-term effects, and those countries aren’t prepared to risk the consequences.

Are you?

nutkraker1212 says:

I love all your videos!! Could you do a video on like supplements/vitamins etc that you use in your daily life especially when you’re traveling or life just gets a bit hectic??? That would be amazing!!!

Patricia says:

Love you Morgan! You really have grown as a youtuber/beauty youtuber. Keep them ideas going they are really helpful!

InaR1019 says:

your makeups really good in this video

Renna O says:

So close to 400k !!

Rulla AnnLeigh Pajel says:

I want to know the time interval in using these products with others especially with vit. C serums/ampoules. Help please. Thanks.

Shauna Long says:

I was actually intending to look into the differences between AHA and BHA. Your video couldn’t have been more timely! Thanks for the information!

Jennifer Ha says:

Good Video. Can you do something related to pores? :p

minn88ful says:

Can you review the Tattoo cover cushion. Please and thanks

Manda Lynns Paradise says:

Should I still use hyaluronic acid with these or should I choose one?

James Taggert says:

man she use alot, alot of makeup!

HeadOfRoses says:

This is such a helpful video! 🙂

michie taylor says:

love this!!

hoveringwild says:

hi Morgan. i miss ur earlier type of video. not just u talking explaining without any illustration. those video is more interesting to watch n to catch rather than u being an anchor..

Arielle Callista says:

A video on how to treat milia please 🙁 I found very little video based on that topic. Maybe Morgan don’t even have milias to start off

Hala Saad says:

thanks for this!

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