Lana Dutcher says:

Have you tried the Buffet? How would you use it in conjunction with the retinold?

Sarah Wagner says:

Hey Wayne, love the videos. Do you prefer Paula’s Choice 1% retinol over The Ordinary’s 1% retinol? If so, why or why not? Thank you.

Sam S says:

Which product from this line is the one that’s supposed to be the Paula’s choice 2% bha of this brand?

Peter Kloosterman says:

The lactic acid products contain an allergenic fragrance unfortunately: Ethyl 2,2-Dimethylhydrocinnamal

Marta Salinas says:

love how u say focus goddammit u sounded like a cowboy

Kristina Nova says:

do you wash it off after a certain amount of time or apply and keep it on until the next morning?

susan moore says:

I ordered five bottles of different products, I received them all. Now, even with delivery to the US I paid less then 60 bucks. So if anyone is wanting to try any of their products, they are really inexpensive compared to other serums with the same ingredients. So far I like them very much. I will be able to tell more about them after continued use. They feel very nice in the skin, and no complaints so far. For this price, more women can take advantage of good skin care. Thanks so much Wayne for bringing these to us….love you my dear…xoxo

לידיה רויזמן says:

Can I use it for sensetive skin ? Its also combination and acne prone

Mytia Elliott says:

Would really love more of these reviews, you give perfect examples of what they are exactly and how they should be used with other products!!

Camille Castro says:

are their products in oil or gel form?

niso aly says:

I have acne prone skin and I ordered the 5% lactic Is It good or I will need the 10%

DreamerForever says:

do you rinse it off? im confused please help lol

Shamsun Nahar Ferdous says:

@gossmakeupchat Hello I am a big fan of you…Can you please d a review of The Ordinary’s “7%glycolic toner” and Can I use it together with the 10%lactic Acid? Thank you

A. T. says:

Do I leave it on or do I wash it off?

Thats the question that still remains…and I can’t find the answer online anywhere

Ursula MacDonald says:

you use toner first though, right?

Wendi 307 says:

Of course you are one of the reasons the product sold out so fast! I have never heard of the ordinary skincare until I saw your chanel. I LOVE them! My skin is so so soft. I can’t wait to get more of their products!

Rl Jeep13 says:

I love watching your videos but watch your language please.

phoenix says:

I bought Apha Arbuten and my God it is gluey. I can’t put anything else on top. 2% of retinoid is not the same as 0.5 of prescription strength retin A. So I think I will stick with my more expensive Medik8 tr8 retinol. Anyone else had trouble with the stickiness of The Ordinay???

Sherrelyn N says:

Got the 5% for myself and thought it was okay or even too gentle for my sensitive skin so I got the 10% for my daughter and she woke up with red face and bumps all over her face. She uses a 7% from another brand without irritation. Guess it was worth trying but be careful of going for the 10% if your skin is sensitive.

aditi dawar says:

hi I love your videos. I was hoping if you could do a complete skin care routine video and include ordinary products in that video.

Marie J says:

Wayne, do a video on the Nu Skin line please…
I have been using their peels etc…
I’m 53yrs.

Sheila Divone says:

Thank You ! Thank You! Thank You !
Just spent $112.00
and got 11 PRODUCTS
FANTASTIC Skin game changing products.
Hair & Body products,
supplements, shampoo.
I am so very pleased.
Love & Light

Deepika Chaubey says:

Hi Wayne… I have sensitive and acne prone oily skin… how can I fit The ordinary in my skincare. I m in my late 30s

MSL5 says:

YouTubers nor the brand are providing any clear & concise info on how to use all of these chemicals together (or not) & I’m just imagining a bunch of Fucked Up faces in the world. The most redundant YouTube comment read (in my own search to find more info) about The Ordinary products is, “I’ve ordered a bunch of things (great prices, everyone says such great things) but I have no idea how to use them all. Can you help?” Response is always, *crickets*. Wayne, you gotta tell them to pump out a few videos & HELP THE PEOPLE FORKING OVER THEIR MONEY-PLEASE♥

Sheila Folan says:

How long should it take for you to see results!?

S McGee says:

Hey Wayne! HELP!With all the anti-aging options I am so confused. But so happy to hv found ur info videos about The Ordinary!Can I use allthis or NEED all of this for results? retinoids, AHA’s, hyaluronic acid & recently I learned about “buffet” from The Ordinary which has matryxil (sp?) & other things I think I “need”. I hv sun damage & some fine lines/wrinkles. Thank you for your input! Stephanie

Sheila Divone says:

Just got another e-mail mentioning you !! They sold out again. Your rockin in the free world !

Kathleen Coomans says:

I am using prescription Tretinoin every night. Can I or should I use this Ordinary 10% as well please Wayne???

juliagulia says:

The Rose Hip Seed Oil is CRAZY GOOD! It’s absorbs unlike any oil I have ever used.

Kamila Wright says:

Hi!!! Somebody know which is better between this and the Sunday Riley Good genes? I want to save some money but I want to get something good too.

75vasso says:

does anyone know, if it is safe to use for women who are trying to conceive? like tretinoin causing teratogenesis.

rosalia6119 says:

Can you use these products while your using a retin a cream like refessia

Mikeila Biddle says:

Not going to order just yet because I have a habit of spending way too much money when I’m barely through the last products I purchased. But I did put what I feel would be my core skincare routine in the basket to calculate how much it would all be, including one of the more expensive products from one of the other lines….and it’s all about the same as one serum from Sephora. Seriously, 5 products for the price of 1. I also really like the fact I can do everything from skincare to body care to hair care from one site, plus get free shipping, which was 60% of Sephoras appeal. The Parent site Deciem is fantastic, allowing you to mix and match products from all lines and I can see using a lot of those products in the future. Thanks for the great recommendation!

Rach Williams says:

Hi Wayne. Will you be making a video about the ordinarys hyaluronic acid 2% + B5. ? I’m using Retinol reface and was considering adding it the Hyaluronic acid serum to my routine as I’ve heard it can help with deeper wrinkles… is this true ??

Madeline Valley says:

would this product come before your hyaluronic acid?

100daysatatime says:

They’re fantastic. I ordered from the site you linked to. They emailed me back saying no, order it from my home country. They refunded me and gave me the right link (Canada-Deciem). Saved me money. I got the lactic acid and it’s amazing. My skin didn’t react to it at all. I can now use it every day. My skin is so soft now. I hope they can restock soon! Total loyalty over here.

Anna Desadier says:

Wayne! I just bought a bunch from this line and then saw you had many reviews praising their products. Thank god.

icy123able says:

How do you like their “Buffet”, Wayne?

Amara Akhtar says:

So should I use lactic acid or benzoyl peroxide?
Both are AHAs

kat An. says:

can you please explain how to use them together please!

Najla Harbi says:

does it work for old acne scars?

fat862 says:

This over DE TLC?

aznboys37 says:

For Skin scar?

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