The Truth About Paula’s Choice Skin Care: My Honest Review

This video is about PaulasChoice.

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I am NOT Sponsored to do this review! I just ordered her products after hearing amazing things and decided to try it for myself:)!



planetlexicon says:

I hope the products work well for you.
My esthetician in Houston of many years suggested Revive for me.  It’s created by a reconstructive surgeon and the products are phenomenal for creating healthy, smooth, luminous, and youthful skin. She also stated that all the products in a skincare line work synergistically to benefit your skin, so it’s better to stick to one line. I didn’t know that.
I used to never use SPF, but the Revive oil-free lotion has that, so I’m good. And the monthly facials help a lot. I know Massage Envy uses the Murad skincare line. I don’t really care for it, but I don’t mind it for a monthly facial. 
Great video, by the way.

Ashley Vidal says:

this title of the video is extremely misleading. you’re literally not giving a review or talking about how the products have helped you. you’re just talking about what you bought lol this was a waste of my time

jacobandcharlie says:

These are all wonderful. Love PC. But don’t forget her main advice Sunscreen always

Carl Benson says:

If you don’t use sunscreen there is no point to use any skincare products at all.

Morgan S says:

Just so your aware , that Keihls eye cream is full of parabens .

T.J. Ino says:

Have you tried watching the Q and A sessions that Paulas choice does on their youtube channel? They have really great info for the types of skin concerns that you might have. From what I’m seeing, your should start with researching some info about vitamin c serums and packaging. they usually don’t last very long and they need to be packaged in a certain type of container. if they get brown, it has oxidized and it is time to throw it out. another thing, vitamin c is very irritating, and will not help with your redness and sensitivity. I as well, use the Paulas choice bha lotion, that you have, and really haven’t seen too much results, with brown spots or redness reduction. I would look into using skincare made for sensitive skin, your redness really needs to be controlled before anything else, because inflammation will cause all the other problems that you deal with, from dark spots, to acne, etc.

Tim Taylor says:

Damn… who’s this girl??? So beautiful.

Bless This Mess says:

Great information. Thank you

Sue P says:

Bought the Paula’s choice kit for normal skin, and I would have to say it’s probably the worst skin care line I’ve ever tried. no exfoliation from the daily treatment with Glycolic acid, my face feels scummy after using the face wash, the same moisturiser you show here -moisturiser with retinol just leaves my face dry and tight. Deeper wrinkles and no improvement to discolouration. Fail.

Sharon Mitchel says:

I’m a long time Paula’s Choice user. Love it. In case it hasn’t been said.. please don’t forget your sunscreen! That bha, retinol and vita C will make your skin more sensitive to sun damage. Sunscreen is crucial!

Ophelia's Fall says:

Some of the high end stuff is crap, too. Products with a lot of fragrance, alcohol, certain oils can really jack up your skin. Cerave is really good and inexpensive. I like Paula’s Choice. What caught my attention with her line is she provided proof, research of what she was claiming. And her products don’t appear to contain things that are deliberately irritating (I mean, some times people are just allergic to certain chemicals no matter what). And her prices are not ridiculous, either. No $200 creams here!!
Did you ever do an update vid?

Skeptical Idealist says:

Cheap isn’t always bad 🙂 CeraVe products are very inexpensive and have really great gentle formulas.
I love Paula’s Choice- I’ve used her products for years now.

Alexandra Balogh says:

Really good, but sunscreen is really important, especially if you are using vitamin C serums and stuffs like that. it makes your skin more sensitive to sun so please don’t skip it 🙂

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