THIS GLOW THO. Pixi Glow Tonic First Impressions!

My first time using Pixi SkinTreats. Ahhhh!!!!


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Franchesca Pierre says:

lmfaoooo from 7:23 on i was cracking my ass UP you are something else

Nysheka Martin says:

I love your personality. I wonder what is your astrological sign?

Cristiane Carla says:

Oii quero saber o que passo por Meu cabelo crescer rápido ja tentei de tudo aqui no Brasil não Deu muito certo . Socorro

Geezeimhungry says:

Make sure you give us an update video!

AKPoetry67 says:

I love the glow that you skin had with the first three products. I might have to pick this one up, except the mud mask, lol. Thanks for the warning Tierra. 🙂

Michelle Griffin says:

Thanks so much for the review. You are Hilarious!!! Pull your face from your skeleton… LOL. I’ve been watching you for quite some time now (since the salon) and you truly remind me of my silly daughter. Keep em’ coming!

Elisa Berna says:

You can not use two different acids on the same day.

Sherry Brown says:

Face shining like butta

Mrs. Kay says:

Love you!! New sub 🙂

Prathima Poominathan says:

I just came across your channel for the first time. LOVE your down to earth personality! Keep it up :))

Shaquan Foster says:

U are so funny
What did u say 6:56 lol

Julie Graham says:

Taking care of your skin helps you stay looking younger so yeah I like the product you using on your face

Josette Collins says:

Yes girl…Im trying these for sure!

Samuel Lopez says:

Love it hun. Ig @touchbyglamazondiva

Menna M.g says:

Could you please do a clinique review?

fallon taiwo says:

what editing app do u use??

keonnie richardson says:

lol @ the skeleton joke

Kay Jay says:

I love that review the products but let me say that I think you use way too much of that mud mask. I have not ever used it but from the people that I know that have you use a really really thin thin layer and leave it off for about 10 minutes. But thanks for the video I was really interested in that hydrating spray.

mmp5959 says:

Perfect skin… #lowkeyhating 🙂

Rarelov 3 says:

So I just came to your channel because of the Pixi glow review and lo and behold you are using the elf facial cleanser which I have just started using so that is so funny. I’m about to subscribe LOL can’t wait to finish watching this video!

MalaysiaMarie says:

Target has the best lil bundles, that’s where I get my Shea moisture set

trinesha sanders says:

Any tips for glowing skin?

jessy44 says:

Great video! Ur skin looks nice before and after

Aida Natasha says:

i LOVE your skin

Jarielle Nettles says:

6:53-6:57 I am crying laughinggggg lmao awwww that happened to me before with a mint julep mask by Queen Helene but now its my go-to! Idk what changed lol and lmaooooo at “ripped my skin off my skeleton” ! I <3 you!


Cute baby

Angel jones 1 says:

Great video

S Mac says:

I was just looking into some facial wash care system… You are always on time girl!!

Diana Martinez says:

Awww such natural beauty

foreign princess lula says:

How do you get your wig flat

Venterria Green says:

I do have one question if I have a lil section of heat damage that’s experiencing is having breakage. What would you recommend? Cutting it and protective styling maybe?

Rarelov 3 says:

Where did you get the applicator to apply the mud mask?

Tsubaki Mirach says:

You’re so prettyyyy

Leteria B says:

Lmao when you said owwww

moyashisoba says:

I’ve just stopped by for a review of the glow tonic (thanks), and I have to say: You are such a beautiful woman and your little one is pure cuteness. Just wanted to leave this here.

Lacinda Turner says:

You do have beautiful skin! And I don’t wear makeup at all and use water, cetaphil maybe once or twice a month and a scrub and I get lots of compliments as well!

Kierra Malone says:

Your face always looks like it glows. Great video.

kcmy5 says:

Your complexion is insanely stunning

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