Top 10: Masks and Exfoliators

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Hey pandas!

Who doesn’t love a clear and healthy face? These products have been in my skincare routine rotation for quite some time now and I can honestly say that they have dramatically improved the condition of my skin! Obviously not a TOP 10 ladies.. but I think that might be quite excessive! Haha! Imagine?!

Exfoliators Mentioned:
♥ LUSH Ocean Salt – $36
Unfortunately, this never goes on sale.

♥ Kate Sommerville Exfolikate – $22 – $175
Purchase during Sephora’s F&F sale for 20% off OR wait until black Friday or after Christmas sale to get 3 for the price of one (almost haha)! It lasts me almost all year!

♥ Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System – $23
USE MFR coupons + Ulta In Store coupon OR
USE MFR coupons + Target printable coupon for the BEST deal!

Masks Mentioned:
♥Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque – $4
Use Ulta In Store coupon or online code for $3.50 off

♥Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask – $17
Origins ALWAYS has an online sale, sign up for their emails or purchase during Sephora’s F&F sale for 20% off.

♥GLAMGLOW SuperMUD – $69

♥GLAMGLOW BrightMUD – $69

Thanks! Stay beautiful!

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Abigail Danielle says:

“Sometimes I feel like I need to eat it” xD ??

TheZen2580 says:

Charcoal will always draw out everything! That is also why emergency rooms use it with drug overdoses and/or alcohol poisoning in young people that cant control their liquor because it makes you throw up all of the poisons in your body, same goes for external use for charcoal.  Any Masks, Cleansers or scrubs that contain charcoal will automatically take out impurities, make-up and excess sebum because it reconizes it as a threat so therefore soaks it all up.

jesseeyoung says:

Hey dani, what do you think about Philosophy resurface the microdelivery dual phase peel?


this really good omg

Sydnee Stanley says:

Charcoal is a magnet to extract toxins. So does clay. Clay cleanses. Charcoal extracts. Activated charcoal is what you want for the best reasults

escopeland says:

Hi Dani! Great video! I used to use ExfoliKate and last summer switched to a scrub by Acure which is an organic brand.. it’s called Brightening Facial Scrub and it has “argan stem cell and chlorella growth factor”.. Not sure what that means exactly but it feels exactly the same as ExfoliKate but is much more gentle! And much more affordable – and organic! 

Nanette says:

FIRMx Peeling Gel. I recently tried it and there’s nothing like it. I tested a small amount on my husband’s arm. He has dry skin and KP. Holy moly, that area looked amazing. I just purchased it at sephora. It’s $48 but it’s truly worth it. I hope you try it, for coffee break research purposes and do a review on it! 🙂

Tara Rainone says:

I have the glam glow mask and I didn’t know I was suppose to massage it into the skin. So, thank you. 

Mscupcakers says:

Try boots no 7 clay mask. It’s the best 🙂

Anna Skoda says:

What drug store brand masks and exfoliants can we use as dupes for these products?

sparkly38 says:

Hi Dani. Where did you see those directions for the Glamglow mask? When I first watched this last week I couldn’t believe I missed those directions. Today I read the jar and the insert and there were no real directions other then the basic stuff, nothing about stirring it?? I did though, it makes sense. Just curious, thanks girlie! – Jen

bind malhot says:

Hi Dani, I love your video. I’m in my 40. I use clarosonic brush for face wash. I never tried any exfoliator and Masks. This is my first time. I have combination skin and kind of little oily too. Sometime I get acne as well. I’ll buy this Neutrogena Microdermabrasion tool I like this. Thanks for that. Please advise if I need to buy only one Mask right now which one should I go for?. Origins Vs Glam glow?..Thanks.

Nathan Vongie says:

it means your skin is dried

JackyK says:

I wish I had rhino butt skin too :'(

Sarah Ali says:

I like this dark smokey eye pared with the orange-coral blush! You are so beautiful! 🙂

M.A.I Harahap says:

I am glad i found your videos. I like your reviews and the comments are so helpful. I am now convinced on buying origin masks. Thank you.

shopondiva says:

I got the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System because of your recommendation and I’m so happy I did. I have sensitive skin, but no breakouts. This has made my skin smooth and the little redness around my cheeks is almost gone. Love it! Thanks Dani!

bertkesurf says:

Have you tried Freeman’s charcoal black sugar scrub? I love that one, as well as LUSH’s Ocean Salt, and I’ve recently discovered Andalou Naturals ( Their pumpkin brightening mask looks & smells like pumpkin pie filling, and really works well. I use that once a week after exfoliating, & my complexion absolutely glows!

KPsBeautyBuzz says:

Along with the glamglow mask I’ve been eyeing that Origins charcoal mask! Great video girl 🙂 xoKP

Epictemptation7 says:

Dear god you’re so beautiful…

Johanny Taveras says:

Loved this video , very helpful because Im in need of masks & exfoliators lol btw What blush are u wearing in this video?

Kristina Heath says:

I love your reviews soo much and you got me hooked on ipsy! I’m in love! Thank you for making amazing, helpful videos!

cynthia lynn says:

I cant wait to get the glam glo…I use mask a lot..maybe to much!

Kaitlyn Hlavacek says:

Just subscribed 🙂 I loved this video so much

Mona Desai says:

Dani! You rock! Just ordered the supermud product using your coupon code! I have the hydrating glam glow product also…works well but not sure worth the price tag also. Thanks for the savings on the supermud though! And free samples 🙂

glittermaven5 says:

I want to try that Origins Charcoal mask, i just looked on the Origins website, and they have 2 size options, the small is $17, id probably try that first….i dont even know what to look for as pores go.. idk if i have them or not… also on the Origins website i saw this “drink up” OVERNIGHT MASK, it also looked like a GREAT product for dry skin to hyrdrate 🙂

Marge Burkell says:

Hi Dani!  As I mentioned I bought the SuperMUD last week using your link and code. Today I used it myself and reviewed it for my site and linked my viewers to it too so they can get your great deal!  I also featured YOUR video in my article!  Thanks for turning me on to SuperMUD! 

TheZen2580 says:

Do you go to the Dallas Galleria LUSH store? I am in there a lot! I am suprised we haven’t crossed paths yet girly! Great video and love ya!! XO, TheZen2580-

Karla Mata says:

I try the coupon code for the glam glow mask and it said its invalid 🙁

Priscilla Nieto says:

That ExfoliKate scrub sounds so dangerous!! It should be on callback. No one should be doing that to their face. How can you get burned by not using it right? It’s a damn face scrub! There is really only one way to use scrubs for the face.

faith123 says:

if Kate Somerville products burns your fingers how do you apply it?

M.A.I Harahap says:

I am glad i found your videos. I like your reviews and the comments are so helpful. I am now convinced on buying origin masks. Thank you.

Nathanielz Anaya says:

when she said “SOO ITCHY” while bending her back :)) i thought she was scratching her Butt <3 :)) nice video btw :)))

Harsha Punjabi says:

i wish u did this video without makeup for us to see how these masks help you.

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