3 Second Brow Eyebrow Stamp Review | Testing As Seen on Tv Products

3 Second Brow Eyebrow Stamp Review | Testing As Seen on Tv Products

Here’s my review of the 3 second brow stamp. Want to create perfect, evenly-shaped eyebrows in 3 seconds? Now you can! The “As Seen on TV” 3 Second Brow is an easy to use eyebrow stamp that creates natural, evenly shaped eyebrows like you would never imagine!

How To Use Your 3 Second Brow:
Align the stamps with your eyebrows to determine which brow shape most closely resembles your own. Without applying powder, practice stamping on your eyebrow by guiding the sponge along the shape of your eyebrow.

Open the compact. The compact includes brow powder and a mirror. In a small circular motion, gently rub the stamp into the powder until the sponge is sufficiently coated with brow powder.

While looking in the mirror, align the stamp with your eyebrow and press firmly with even pressure for 3 seconds. The harder you press, the darker your eyebrow will be. Pull the stamp away to reveal your eyebrows. If there is any excess powder around your eyebrows, you may need to touch up.

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3 Second Brow Eyebrow Stamp – Perfect, Natural-Looking Eye Brows in Seconds | Water Resistant, Long Lasting
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Michele DeRusha/Morgan says:

have you seen the Ad for “Eggletts”

Samantha Rodgers says:

Okay, so I’ve seen this on TV a few times. There’s 2 out there from the same company. It’s called Finishing Touch Flawless. One looks like a lipstick for your face and the other is for your legs and such. Just an idea if you haven’t heard of it yet.

Stevew443 says:

This video just gave me the push to start selling my Staple-On eyebrows which comes with its own staple gun to temporally staple on your eyebrows.  It will be a companion product with my permanent Iron-On tattoos.  🙂

michael white says:

If you join the middle you could do a Groucho Mark routine. I shot an elephant in my pajamas last night, whet he was doing in my pajamas I’ll neve know. Gotta get the eybrows going to do that routine though

Kitty Kats says:

ty Viv for trying the brow out I feel it’s a fail

stargirl12387 says:

Lol, oh wow!

katherine nieves says:

How many likes????!!!

Melissa Crowley says:

That was so funny! I’m thinking to myself , I’m glad she’s doing that and not me.  I love your videos.

Amber Mercado says:

Oh my. Girl you never cease to amaze me! This is more like 10 minute brow

Lora Miller says:

Glad I’m not the only one who had trouble with this, lol

Becky K says:

Before you try the magnetic lashes, you should watch Kandee Johnson’s tutorial

Dorothy Sellers says:

What about us older ladies? We don’t have very much in the eyebrow dept. hoping this would work.

Mr wrbgrizzman says:

Love your videos!

Jack Hopper says:

They’r great for the 80’s look ! BTW , I Love your “cleavage” !!!

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Some of those stamps do work and there is also an eyeliner stamp to get a wing. The eyeliner stamp has been tested and been a yes for anyone who has tested it and so has the eyebrow stamp.

Candace Cherry says:

Oh dare it dident work sorrey tew hae re that

East coast And love it says:

Doesn’t matter what the content is i still watch your videos . I know all the bad stuff going on with YouTube and would hate to see it start happening to you!. All the best in 2018

Secret Life of Vivian says:

3 Second Brow Eyebrow Stamp Review | Testing As Seen on Tv Products #viviantries #brows #eyebrows #asseenontv #3second

ThePrelude976 says:

Vivian, we want to see your mom in a video. Can we see her reaction to the brow stamper?

Stacy Gillespie says:

Oh my goodness I am dying laughing…GIRL…You are a hoot! Keep the videos coming xoxo

Katrina Schmidt says:

Still don’t understand why woman wear makeup god gave you your face.

Mandi Holder says:

You crack me up! ❤

Sam Cro says:

In before Viv losses half her face! J/K love ya momma!

Bonnie Fanning says:

I bought this eyebrow makeup set for my Aunt who had lost her eyebrows due to chemo and she loved it, so it is great for that purpose if nothing else.

Patricia Winters says:

Crazy Joan Crawford look, hahaha. It doesn’t look bad when you futz with it but then why would you need a stamp?

RSQER inVT says:

Girl! That diamond ring! Gorgeous!

Bridgeitta1 says:

OMG hilarious

Mandy says:

I think I can work with those. Perfect color. 2 heads are good for your experience. Nothing takes 3 seconds when it come to us women doing make up. Our brows are not twins, so it’s always going to take work. Thanks for this, I will definitely try the stamp. Muchos Gracias Senora Vivian!!!!!! As always u crack me up!

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