Anastasia Brow Wiz Dupe + Brow Routine

NYX Micro Pencil in Espresso

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NYX Micro Pencil in Espresso
NYX Tinted Brow Mascara Brunette
Anastasia Brow Whiz Brunette
Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel

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Vine: WhatWouldLizzyDo
lips: stila bellissima
Lashes; Kiss #11 equivalent to demi whispies Ardell
top: fabletics
nails: pinking of you essie, acrylics

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lourdesdj50 says:

to much talking!

Ria Hawkins says:

I agree people need to stop criticizing people about their eyebrows. Let people wear them how they want to!

Annalisa Nunez says:

super simple but beautiful results.

Corrie Main says:

This is great cause I’m about to run out of my ABH brow wiz and I can’t believe how little it lasted, where I live the pencil retails for 30€ which in my opinion is crazy money to be spending especially being in college and everything so thanks girl!!! xo

Shon w says:

I love the NYX….

Jennifer DeLaRosa says:

Omgawd. Best eyebrow tut by far!!! Thanks girl

Egg says:

the only problem i have with the nyx… warm toned!! aghhhhhhh!

marlene quintanilla says:

Bh cosmetics -brunette from studio line is also a dupe!!

Panic! It's me smexy dan Howell ;D says:

Girl if ur brows are cousins my brows are strangers that were born 1,000 years a part

Michelle Jones says:

Saved me ten bucks. Thank you!!

xoxolyssa says:

Starts at 4:44

HayleyDaily says:

thank you for this !!

Irene Petride says:

You are so beautiful

Im a Shrub says:

okay I’ve literaly looked every where what anastasia brow wiz shade should I go with when I have a medium skintone and very dark brown hair

Kendra Enriquez says:

honestly I have been watching eyebrow tutorials for a few years , and I think this video is the bestest one lol.. this is very helpful and I am pretty sure that EVERY girl who has eyebrow problems and hasn’t seen this , should see it.. oh and I have a question , I have 2 really dark brown eyebrow pencils , but they are heeeeelllaa dark 0.o I can’t apply that to my eyebrows when it’s super smudgy and dark , how do I fix this ? because I seen girls use fire to darken their makeup pencils , there should be a way to lighten them cx

LeeLee says:

Do you have nose contour or just contour videos?

nany ortiz says:

are you sure theyre cousins now they look like strangers

Tuva Vetrhus says:

Demo starts at 4:45

Liciny Lopes says:

Litzy has the best personality, so bubbly and spunky

kim young says:

yes im going today!!!

thecosmogirl171 says:

“Will we ever get em?! ….I’m not sure….” HAHAHAHA dying

Diana R says:

thanks for sharing I have been doing my eyebrows all wrong this whole time !! trip to Ulta + practice practice lol ♡♡

Alayna C says:

what’s the name of the product?

Flower child says:


Fit_me_up says:

Awesome video thank you so much!

Reannah K says:

This video saved my life and my paycheck. This girl is so fire! You’re gorgeous 🙂

Alexandria Morrison says:

I’m new to eyebrows and this video is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I subscribed. Thank you a million!!!!!

Melissa Dale says:

I work at sally beauty they have a palladio brow definer identical to the abh brow wiz. Check it out. Its amazing. Palladio also has a tinted brow gel and a fiber brow mousse.

Alex Arnold says:

I wear Ebony in the ABH brow wiz, what shade should i use for the nyx brow product?

Ali Thompson says:

I go through the brow wiz so so so fast

refinefangirls says:

I love this! Thanks for saving me some money haha. Also love your personality, I subscribed 🙂

Emily Collinsworth says:

I wish I could do that but every time I try it doesn’t look good also for a eyebrow pincle do I go for a darker color or lighter?


My brow wiz has lasted a couple months and I use it everyday and I still have plenty left:)

Valerie sweetheart says:

so cute the way details product

Skating Canuck says:

Really love this comparison. Your instruction was easy to follow and helpful. Thanks for posting!

sophia nguyen says:

The Anastasia pencil is on sale today for 10.50! 4/8/17 ulta sale

Lauren Allen says:

You brows are bosss

C'Anna Hope says:

Does anyone else like the NYC one better??

Celest Cabello says:

They look great!!!

Mir Mir says:

talk to much

Madison Watson says:

this video helped me so much! thank you 🙂

Fee SL. says:

if I have dark hair, black basically, and tan skin, which color should I purchase for my brows?

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