Benefit Brow Collection Review + Demo | Hits & Misses

AT LAST, my Benefit Brow Collection Review + Demo video is here. Benefit put out a 9 product brow collection and it’s got something for everyone. I’m showing you which ones were hits and misses for my fluffy af brows and hopefully it helps you decided what you want to try. Love you people! xo

Benefit Brow Collection:
Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel
ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow
Goof Proof Brow Pencil Easy Shape & Fill
BROWVO! Conditioning Primer Nutrient Rich Eyebrow Primer
High Brow Highlight & Lift Pencil
Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra Fine Shape & Define
3D BROWtones Instant Color Highlights
Brow Zings Tame & Shape Kit

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the.creativehouse says:

I had to rewatch this several times because I found myself watching the cute puppy in the background! Adorable!

Nicole Enneking says:

I have a brow gel that works great! You should try Essence lash & brow gel – you can find it at Ulta for $3.

Fernanda Vergara says:

Finally!!! someone did a review of all the new products in one video
thanks. i dont have the money to buy them all and now i feel like i can choose wisly

Shannon Barnhill says:

I purchased ka brow a few days ago and it’s my favorite!!! So worth it

Marilyn Godwin Smith says:

I’ve heard of using hairspray on a spoolie to tame brows. 🙂

Emma Olioxenfree says:

A trick to use on bushie eyebrows is chapstick. I know it sounds strange but it works.

Amanda Mock says:

your so pretty

Wendy Ferguson says:

One of the ladies at Sephora *strong willfully* used one of these to give me a ~natural fill in~ to my brows. Poor lady, those things came out Like dark sad catipillars… Italian hair problems lol

Inne Helders says:

i think your brows are stunning!

Mastermind says:

giirrll you are gorgeous :)) ,,, can i be in ur snapchat story please
luv u

Bella Luna says:

aww I could see luna in back. ..

Rachel Cameron says:

I’m loving the packaging! (good job getting my money, benefit) I’ve only used Lorac’s Take a Brow for the last 6 years so this was big time branching out for me. I got Gimme Brow, Goof Proof, Precisely My Brow and the matte High Brow. I’m very impressed so far! Especially with Gimme Brow for my quick, no-makeup-makeup days. Ulta sent me a coupon to try a deluxe sample of Browvo so I’ll snag that soon too! Love you Leighann ❤️ #snapchatfam #yourpeople

Patricia M says:

I’m very struggling between Ka-Brow and the Brow Zings kit.
I always use powder so I think the Kit would be the best for me but the Ka-brow gel really got my attention. I also like dramatic brows so I thought maybe Kabrow would be good for me but I dunno the texture and how to work with it.
Is there anyone with experience who can help?

Olivia Peltonen says:

Have you announced the winner for the giveaway that ended 6/13?

Kaitlin Woodrow says:

I have tried the goof proof brow pencil and I love it loads!!

Aga S says:

What eyebrow product do you currently use? especially in this video, they look amazing! I have the same exact eyebrows you are describing, and not many products help. And just to let you know, the Got2b glued spiking wax helps at taming my crazy brows, however, if not careful it can leave a slight whitish cast.

Calie Cline says:

hey leighann! so i was just wondering…i know my brows are super curly and kinda wild. are there any products you would recommend to help me tame my crazy brows?! 🙂 Much appreciated! 😀 love your videos and vlogs!! 🙂

CevanahJestine2015 says:

I had no clue that the ka brow brush snapped back in to make it longer and it has been a struggle, you literally just changed my life.

Mace B says:

just bought tbe gift set so i can finally try them!

rhea arorra says:

you’re like Lauren Graham ❤❤❤

Alley Mozeb says:

Awesome vid! Great job Leighann ! ❤

Marcellaxox says:

When do we find out the giveaway winners?

Natalia Papadaki says:

I love your brows!

totalxretard says:

Your brows look so good tho

therealgizemgueven says:

11:39 hahaha Luna <3

Trena karl says:

Love your makeup in this tutorial!

Tori Carrillo says:

I looooove the L’Oreal tinted fiber brow gel.

Nida Munir says:

Whats the shade number of ka brow?

Brenda Wise says:

Thanks for the video; I struggle with my eyebrows and I’m trying to learn how to improve them. Your video was very informative!

Amy Sether says:

I love your downstairs filming area & Luna in the background!

Lassy089 says:

Your eyebrows look phenominal

About Hannah says:

Please do a tutorial on how you did your hair it looks so natural!

HeadOfRoses says:

You are an instagram brow goddess! ^_^

Veronica Tristan says:

Haha yay for finger guns intro. I received a goof proof mini and I think that’s best for brows like yours because I made a mess of my brows lol.  Thanks for the review!

Alisha Guild says:

I wish you posted the makeup your wearing in your tab below 🙂 I always seem to be wondering you look 😉 lol

Molly J says:

Do you trim your brows? That helps me!

Maddy Covell says:

Is it just me or does she look like Emma Roberts

Tess von K says:

I’m quite intrigued by this collection, I think I’d like to try the Goofproof pencil and the Kabrow pomade, also maybe the gel. But am I the only one who doesn’t fancy the packaging?

sabrina kayy says:

your eyes matched with your top.. so cute!

Meagan Hiller says:

I totally agree with everything you said. I use the same products you use! that goof proof is awesome!

liMonkaimiętka says:

love you so much

Lori Brooks says:

I absolutely LOVE the precision liner! It is perfection! I have very fine hair, and like a more natural look. I may try the Ka-Brow soon. I hear great things about it. I have the Setting stuff too, and that seems to do a decent job as a finishing touch. I bet I could have used clear mascara though, and saved some $ but whatever, I enjoying the splurge. This is the pencil:

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