BENEFIT KA-BROW! | Worth The Hype? Honest Review

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Benefit Ka-Brow #6

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Rebecca Juarez says:

I am so glad that this happens to someone other than myself, the clumping after a couple uses. I honestly don’t care for the ka brow at all!

Carlos Shook says:

I have oily skin and use this one over ABH
I just use the elf $2 eyebrow gel and it will last me all day

august ken says:

thank you for being honest!!!!!

Victoria Blair says:

I have it the shade 2 it’s perfect for me i find it really easy to use i love it

Faranak Peart says:

God! There is no pleasing you!!!!

Xiaoqian Lily Xu says:

Honest review!!!Thank you!

good15423 says:


Gabriella van Diemen says:

YES <3 I love honest reviews.

jasmine robledo says:

Shit I just bought it 🙁

Leticia Camarillo says:

great video. I’ve used mine several times and never had a problem with it crumbling. But not sure why??

Emily Gortz says:

I have small hands so the shaft is easy for me!

Selene Jones says:

Am I the only person that LOVES Ka-brow? Literally love it! (Don’t think it’s waterproof though)

LL says:

I hate it. Waste of money.

Claudia Cabrera says:

Good video! what type of oil you add to ABH to keep working? Im usually I just buy me another one when I feel is begin feeling a little drying.

Lynda Weber says:

mine dried out incredibly quick too. in fact it’s like the product shrank so much from being dry it falls out of the little glass container. it’s like the product got no good quick so I didn’t get my money worth.
But this product, I agree was perfect first few uses.
I use it literally everyday, I need to try Anastasia

Dancing Charlottex says:


Erina Rose says:

I’m so glad that you had the same experience as me. Like the exact same.
Benefit Ka Brow is AWFUL. Crumbly shit. The brush is shit quality & short.
Last time I’m listening to sephora employee 😐

Amanda Nielsen says:

Wow great video! x 🙂

Al Quds says:

love your bow necklace!

Shantae Latrese says:

New subbie!! Your gorgeous. Loving this eye shadow

Cottoncandy says:

Can u do eyeshadow looks for your cross eyes

Hi Gianne says:

For an oily face, abh lasts much longer than benefit. Whenever my ka-brow gets dry, i just apply coconut oil.

Pilly Pie says:

Mine crumbles so badly when I apply it on my brows, my brows are so spares and thin and I’m growing them out so doing my brows thick and full is a must, but when applying it was SO crumbly like I can’t even! What’s annoying too i can’t even buy the abh pomade because in the UK they don’t sell it ANYWHERE, any advice on other pomades?

SupertTeddyBear123 says:

I was super excited about the kabrow (mainly bc of all the hype). I regret buying it SO badly. I used the freedom pomade before which is much cheaper and the difference is crazy. The brush sinks in the pen, it’s dry af and pigment is so weak. I somehow make it work with some oil but still regret it 🙁 glad it worked out for other people tho !

simon simpson says:

The reason why it dried out so quick was because you have to put the lid on really tight ,that’s what the lady at benefit told me when I bought it no hate love your vids just some advice

München München says:

Good Video Girl Love it ❤️

Queen J says:

But I am a little confused bc she said she liked the Anastasia brush but likes the other one ?

Fiskgyrl2 says:

I’ve tried twice with ABH and can’t find a color that doesn’t look ashen. I do like the shade 5 Kabrow

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