Best & Worst Drugstore Brow Pomades

A review & comparison of a variety of brow pomades/gels. Please don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if this was helpful. Thank you so much for watching!! All products will be listed below.

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Products (in order of appearance):

Salon Perfect Brow Pomade, 3.2g, $4.88, “Dark Brown”

Ardell Brow Pomade, 3.2g, $8.49, “Dark Brown”,default,pd.html

NYX Eyebrow Gel, 0.34 oz, $6.99, “Brunette”

Milani Stay Put Brow Color, 2.6g, $7.49, “Dark Brown”

NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade, 5.0g, $6.99, “Brunette”


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judy mercado says:

ughh i hate the background so much

Tiffany Torres says:

Very informative review.

Claribella says:

Nathalie your eyebrows always look great! I would love to see a video on how you do them (if you haven’t already)

AwkwardFX says:

Thanks for making this video.

Jasmine Beaver says:

the shimmer in the Ardell one doesn’t really quite show on me, and the product actually dries out pretty quickly.

Roxana Andreea says:

I got an ardell pro brow pomade in dark brown but mine doesn’t have any shimmer in it

Ebonyyy Macneilll says:

With the Milani brush, do you have to clean it and if so how?

Patricia Muñoz says:

I have always bought the salon pompade n mine doesn’t have shimmer I’ve been buying that pompade for a while now n I have recommended it to everyone who asks me bout ma eyebrows .. so girls I highly recommend it it’s the best dupe of the Anastasia pompade !!☺

Kaelyn Cruz says:

Personally I prefer the Milani dipbrow, it was the better buy, NYX was too creamy for me.

Attilia Hellion says:

Im all about micro pencils lately until i realize it barely lasts me a month ☹️ its about time i try nyx

Debbythings says:

I have black eyebrows and idk if the black would be too harsh so I’m looking at the dark brown but I’m scared it would be too light. what should I get??

PlusModel Latisha Bethel says:

My salon perfect dark brown doesn’t have a shimmer in it. I do find however that it tends to dry out quicker.

Chloe Mackay says:

why in the world would they put SHIMMER in a brow gel??? considering how creamy it is + the shimmer it seems like it should be an eyeliner

imagine 25 says:

I’m getting the salon perfect dipbrow but I’m not sure what shade too get , I feel like the dark brown is too harsh even tho I have dark brown hair well light brown still look good on me ,help!?

CarmenDee Almonte says:

I love the Ardel brow pomade. I have fallen asleep & it don’t budge. One of my favorites. I get the dark brown one.

Nadia says:

Amazing channel!!! im a new youtuber and I just stated posting again I would love for you to check out my channel and videos and get feedback you can comment letting me know your thoughts, Thanks!

Vanessa Thammarath says:

I want to try a pomade but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on one. I’ve heard good things about elf brow cream and BH cosmetics pomade are u thinking about reviewing those? Also is it easier to use a pomade with a wet formula or a drier formula?

xbitcl _ says:

does the salon perfect one fade throughout the day? because the ardell one just gets messy and ew especially cause I’m oily

Jenna Smith says:

I have the ardell one in blonde and i love it. it does not have simmer in it.

baylee t says:

I just the salon perfect brow pomade, and it works amazing.

Maria Ahmed says:

I think you are so pretty and I found your information very informative

Kristen R says:

I buy ardell in medium brown and there’s no shimmer. might just be because you buy dark

Madison Syverson says:

I think the milani one is an amazing dupe for ABH dipbrow pomade. When I first got the Milani one it immediately reminded me of ABH

Kaelyn Calma says:

Its getting really close to swimming season and I have sparse eyebrows. I usually fill them in but I don’t have water resistant eyebrow makeup. Which of the ones shown in the video would you recommend???

nasrah vinarti says:

I like to rub my eyebrow unconsciously, which product is the best for me? Thanks

Kendall Holland says:

How many shades are in the perfect salon pomade

life is sweet!!! says:

whats better the milani or the salon perfect?

marianasucks says:

I didnt like the salon perfect at all. It was hard and chunky to use on my eyebrows. I just got the Anastasia Pomade yesterday and its alot better!

Sam S says:

The salon perfect is too creamy for you? That’s weird, mine is really hard

Megin Cook says:


trivicika says:

maybe you can write the conclusion which one is the best


The first product you showed what was the name and where did you get it at

Taiice Morris says:

I have an Ardell brow pomade in the shade medium brown which I got accidentally not paying attention. I absolutely do not like it. it is very chalky and has a streaky finish, but I do use for the front of my brows since it is light. but for the full brow never. the brush it comes with was too big for an eyebrow brush for my liking. I do not recommend Ardell eyebrow pomade.

Sami Ray says:

The blonde doesn’t have shimmer

August Bisson says:

The acoustics are tinny sounding and make it uncomfortable for listening. I like your info, though.

Setting Yourself Apart says:

my hair is black so should I get black to do my brows or should I get a dark brown?

sweetfrown says:

Such a clear and organized video. Extremely helpful, I am happy to subscribe and watch your other videos.

Marisol Ventura says:

i have the salon perfect in shade dark brown and mine doesn’t have shimmer in it and also she is right about it being creamy but what i do is put a little bit of cocunut oil and put a lighter and heat it up for 2-3 seconds and mix it with a cotton swab and it becomes more thick and a little bit dry, hope this helps

Justine Claypoole says:

My SP pomade didn’t have any shimmer… :/ I use it every day and I love it. I just use a different brush and spoolie.

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