Microblading your eyebrows in minutes – thanks to this awesome marker!
I was so excited to film this because this is honestly one of the most innovative eyebrow markers I’ve seen!

UPDATE: I tried it again at night with clear skin and found it works a lot better if you don’t have any moisturises or makeup on your face.

Etude House Tint 4 Tip Brow in Grey Brow
Purchased from MD RANKING 225 Swanston st melbourne

Where you can get it online:

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette
Ardell false lashes in #113


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I am a freelance makeup artist.

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I am based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Emilie Marie says:

rocket own natural twenty create king label slap.

rosaline gurung says:

My God it luks real eyebrows nice product .How much it’s price and in India it is available?

Cathy Rucker says:

Omg I love that.

Tracey Hurrey says:

My sister plucked my brows in 1979, and did them basically in a thin line. I always plucked them underneath as they used to advise, and ended up looking permanently surprised lol, I’ve been trying to lower them, but they are pretty sparse, this product will change my whole face and I’ won’t have to cover my brows anymore yaaay. Thanks for the review.

Marie says:

wow this is fantastic, I live in France where in France I can buy this ??????

What's For Din'? says:

You are so gorgeous! My brows are naturally uneven and I have been struggling to find something that will help. I might try this!

nics says:

it suit u so well u should use that for everyday!!!!

Shane Grace Salazar says:

Your name reminds me of Jenn Im haha

deb tasker says:

I’ve been thinking about microblading. This is a great video. Thanks.

leellen erturk says:

Where can I purchase it?

tiny tee says:

You’re gorgeous:))

Aisha b. says:

Where we can buy that product?

dalirista Zamora says:

Can you please tell me what is the name of this product? Thanks!

ash new32 says:

Have to hold it upward. Holding it downward ink goes to end of pen .

Marcelina says:

I bought this and it was a major fail for me. My pen was very watery so the liquid settled into all the tiny lines and pores on my skin where I have bald patches. The color bled through a bit and it just looked like I painted in my eyebrows with a brown watercolor paint. Yours looked a lot dryer and more subtle. I put zero pressure on the pen but the lines just looked patchy, watery and fake. I wish it worked though. I’m going to try and put it on top of a pencil next time, not on completely bare brows

Kate White says:

dude, this stuff looks legit, thanks for sharing!

Aro Nk says:

Ur lipstick is so beautiful..which brand is that and wich shade plz?

wednesday addams says:

wait, is it semi permanent ? orrr

Edneusa Santos says:

Hello, Jenifer!
Congrats on the video. I loved!
I am creating a video of a product. Do you authorize using a piece (4 seconds) of your video?

Carla Frazer says:

Did you say which store you bought it from? ☹️

Amber Laughter says:

Your so pretty!!! I love your brows!!

Rei Lea says:

Ridiculous, it’s just a marker with 3 prongs instead of one like they sell at Ulta. The one prong pen makes eyebrows look more natural.

missdmisty says:

I saw this thing in my beauty supply store and I just kept it moving. I will be going back to that beauty supply to see if I can find it. BTW you did an awesome job!!!

Mrs Walker says:

Looks good

Sarri Hampton says:

Your dimples are cute

Dollar Travelers says:

Cool Video, Keep up the good work!

Irene Rondina says:

Where can i buy this??


It turned out really good on you!But is it waterproof?

Kelly Lee says:

Hi, Where did you buy it please? Thanks.

Veronica Morales says:

I don’t like how she’s using it. The point is to make hair looking strokes. She’s using like we all do it, making it more like using it as a pencil and not microblading way.

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