In this episode of Tina Tries It, I try the Clio Professional Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Pen. This product tints your eyebrows making the colour waterproof and long lasting. Is this product worth trying? Watch to find out!

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Product Used:

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Call Me Emi says:

I love when she says, “let’s give it a go”, haha. Idk she’s just so sweet

HìtzaBêrllé Lacôüth says:

oh honey very nice video and product .. where could I to buy?

sabrina rose nelson says:

Is it just me or is that the same picture but darker eyebrows? 4:37

Tyronda says:

It’s okay it looks nice but every time I do my brows I’m always having one bigger than the other or one higher than the other and it’s just so hard for me

Bx Chiquita says:

I really like this
My color of choose would be dark brown

kylie sturzaker says:

I’m too late for the competition but I’m Kylie and I live in Australia, in Tasmania actually :))

around the house with cheryl says:

Thanks for sharing I need this. From US like dark brown.

Erlinda Rios says:

Hi my name is erlinda from Albuquerque new Mexico I would love this product please send one

kimberly nguyen says:

HI Tina, I love to try this product (dark brown) after I watched your show. Look like a great product :)). I really get tired every morning by trying draw my eyebrow . This one I can do the sharp I want to be, I love it, love it.!!. Like you said, I am also subscribe for a dark brown Tattoo pen. Thank you Tina for sharing with us.

Mariam Abbasi says:

such a waste of time and money

A Grotta says:

Can the pen be used on eyelashes, or will it cause the lashes to break? And how about using it as a semi permanent eyeliner?

Jasmain Nkwocha says:

That is so cool. I’m loving it.

Hjørdis Kulseng says:

My name is Hjordis Ylfa Kulseng and i live in Iceland. I would prefer the soft brown.

Misty Hatico says:

Hey Tina I really loved your eyebrow tattoo pen ! I want try on my eyebrow my eyebrow color is Medium light brow . My name is Misty Ann Hatico and I am in Ewa Gentry

Micheyl Tan says:

Hi may I know where can I buy this at Malaysia? Or which online store sell this which ships to Sarawak, Malaysia?

Jessica Smith says:

Dark brown

Disa Jardine says:

God’s Grace, Miss Tina! This looks like the ideal solution to mum’s sparse brows! Cheers!

Lisa Garza says:

That does look like a really good product. I am blonde so it is more difficult for me to find something that doesn’t look too dark. I would probably need the lightest shade of this pen. Also, I do really enjoy your videos. Very informative and I like the products you choose to try.

S. Irwin says:

You look great with the browser mascara! Thanks for the demo!

kartika sari says:

Who watched this at 2017 ? Like this comment if you do

CA Health says:

If it looks like a sharpie and smells like a sharpie and acts like a sharpie then it’s probably a …tinted tattoo eyebrow pen!

Heaven Name says:

Tina looks amazing eyebrow. I can wait to tried out eyebrow totally. I love light brown.

Toni Hazley says:

I would love to try this pen in dark brown!! I’m from San Diego CA

Alice Gomes says:

i like the brow without mascara

Nur Lela says:

brp hargany

Ni Surni says:

I’m no 4 live in darwin Australia

Denise Matthews says:

Great video. I want one in Earth Brown. Denise Matthews

777gailzy says:


Konnie Salas says:

Natural looks so much better then the one with gel.

Jennifer Dukes says:

awesome video.

Sherry Cook says:

Love it medium

Jeni제니 says:

I hate how the product turns green though! I swatched the marker side on my hand and an hour later, the dark brown became green. Uhhh.

rommel Emilio says:

How to remov the eybrow

rachel mantecon says:

Please pick me I did it all plus I think it’s awesome plus you give good video my name is Rachel and I’m in the United States Arizona

DJs Life says:

Hi I’m David and I’m from Puerto Rico and I want ome for my mom and is earth brown I think it is so yeah and I love your videos

Len Tabanao says:

hindi na ba yan mabora parang tattoo nb tlga yn

Carie D Spencer says:

how to order that tattoo eye brow

Trisha Chua says:

Okay you’ve convinced me to try this. Thanks!

Irene Bulang says:

how much and what brand

Judi Stall says:

Tina i love your videos im from Florida USA i would be dark brown

1maddyb says:

Hi I’m Maddy from Ft.Lauderdale, Florida and,I would love the Medium Tattoo Pen.

Lu Martinez says:

Love your kill brow dark brown

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