First Time Eyebrow Threading: Vlog & Experience

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Jacelen David says:

So scared to get mine done, but I got tattoos so I think maybe I should be fine

luiissaa mariaa says:

Does threading hurt really bad 1/10 ??

Emily's World says:

Threading is better! You eyebrows are more precise and it hurts less!

Baby lmao says:

did it hurt

julian X says:

fetus liya

lauren davison says:

where did you get them done at?

Bae Jae says:

Do u tell them how u want them or do they just start plz answer

Jenna Bader says:

the music in the back
Arabic song
Mustafa kamar

D Money says:

Your forehead is stupidddd fat
That shit is like a car windshield

Jazz M says:

where you go because I live in Nashville I need my eyebrows threaded

HeyItsIzz says:


ChocolateHeartz says:

i regretted doing my eyebrows i prefer the messy look for some reason but i just dont like how it conects in the middle so i would remove that

majaglitter says:

You get a like for playing Lana <3 😛

Frozen videostar says:

New subscriber

christine kiroloss says:

i noticed that you got your brows done in an egyptian placeeand you live in nashville where was it?

Elle says:

ahhh tmr i’m getting my brows shaped and threaded and i’m super scared, any advice on the whole entire experience?


.you name is leah too

Tyra Olivia says:

Hey um.. I am really scared to get my eyebrows threaded but I want to can any help me what hurts more waxing or threading I’ve done waxing

cress says:

258,000 subs exactly now lol

Grimey Belle says:

I might be getting my eyebrows done in 2 weeks or less and I’m really nervous about getting them done any advice?

D Money says:

Look at that damn forhead

Tayyaba Rajgarah says:

People think that eyebrow threading is new. Yes it is painful depends how thick your hair is and how much you decided to let it grow.
Shit hurts the first time you get it done.
Second time, not so much.
Third time, not at all and so on…

But if you put a gap or a month or two in between, it hurts again like a bitch. ( Again depending how thick your hair is)

I get my eyebrows threaded each time.
Never do wax. Wax creates an uneven look.

P.S. You tear a bit each time. But don’t worry, that is normal but damn it looks so good in the end.

NEVER QUESTION OR GET WORRIED. They know what they are doing. Chinese people suck at eyebrows.

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