MAYBELLINE Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara, Eyebrow Gel Review

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Amanda Nicole says:

Good video. Right to the point. I agree. The ball on the top is too big. They should make it over without it.

Michele Blood says:

I was about to chuck this in the trash until I saw your clever idea to lop that ridiculous ball off the end. Brilliant!

lindseys lifeNstyle says:

You have beautiful eyebrows without makeup! I need something to fix the fact I don’t have much hair at the ends of my brows. :/

emjay luda says:

lol. ya genius girl!

irina weird says:

I actually didn’t cut the ball off, I cut it on the side and it’s longer which means that I can just do my brows in two seconds

Clemmo says:

I use clear eyebrow gel to flatten the flyaways on my head when I tie my hair back in a man bun. It works very well. I find nothing else works as good as eyebrow gel.

Megan Bleakney says:

I had to cut the end off mine as well ☺

Rinoa Heartilly says:

Thanks so much.

D Nince says:

great idea I’m going to cut mine off too now

Queen Rait says:

Somehow, I like the bulb! hahaha it works well for me. I use it mainly for the beginning of my brow so it won’t be too dark, then tilt a bit and use the skinny part for the middle to end of the brow. Works great that way 🙂

Brandy Abdelaziz says:

I bought that last night and pulled out the wand and thought I’m cutting that ball off and I just watched your video and you did that exact thing. Love it! Awesome! Thanks! Happy Easter!

Isabel Loveband says:

Best tip in cutting the end off … Thank you soo much

Tee H says:

You were SOOO right! After watching your video, I cut the ball off too. Now I really love this product!

Ela Hatun says:

Your eyebrows are beautiful without this mascara, you just made them artificial looking!  I do not understand how can you like it so much, are you paid to say that?  I just paid $12 for it and made me look like a circus clown, had to wash and wash, and scrape, to get out only part of it!

Shanzi Lawrence says:

they have a clear one

C Ross says:

Cutting off the end is smart!!!

The Leasphere says:

You had such a great idea I want to buy it now

Sthefanie V says:

I am not sure if a should buy this product or the Brow satin :/

Bianca Rose says:

This is super random but your voice reminds me so much of Jennifer Garner.

Char says:

OMG that’s what was off about the product! you’re so right i never understood that ball thingy!

Roxiee DeRay says:

I’m so glad I found this review!! Will definitely be cutting the ball off! Thank you thank you so much!!

rebekah mikhailov says:


Korinne Guthrie says:

I don’t know why I didn’t think of cutting that ball things off, but thank you so much for the amazing idea. I really like the formula, but hate the wand thing. great solution!

thepywacket says:

Excellent idea! Thank you!

M C says:

LOL trying to make my whole head one giant forehead..

chelsea funk says:

I was thinking the same thing I was searching for someone that cut the ball off before I did it. I love your blanket BTW 🙂

walaa kabha says:


Beth Thompson says:

i’ve just bought this in dark brown and i love it!

Autumn Belle says:

Thank you!!

Ricetiem says:

Omg you’re lovely

TheBIGOliveSoapCo says:

I LOVE your bed spread!!

Mabel Santiago says:

love that idea of cutting the end off nice tip thanks

Isabelle Hag says:

I love your humour. Hahahaha. You’re so witty!!

Elle Brook Mckenzie says:

maybe if you applied it correctly as per instruction on the box, the ball might make more sense 🙂

Sheila Russell says:

thank you for that great idea of cutting off the was useless

Kiiro Whei says:

I had Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper (Auburn) and it didnt have that silly ball in the end of the wand. I searched for something cheaper and imagine my surprise when i saw Maybelline’s version. That ball was hilarious. Didn’t buy it. Lol.

Damilola Idowu says:

You may get better results when it’s used correctly. It’s supposed to be swept from the outer to inner corner first (against direction of growth), then swept in the correct direction to shape your brows (as directed in the commercial and on the back of the package).

Sarah Mossad says:

Not sure either I should get soft brown or dark

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