Maybelline Brow Gel Review | TWO Day Wear Test

Maybelline brow gel review! I originally thought this was the peel off brow tint gel that has been so highly requested (oops), turns out it’s just the waterproof gel version that is supposed to last for two days straight. Ah well! I put it to the test anyway and I’ll show you an up close application with it, first impressions and a two day wear test. Is this one you’ve tried? Is it worth getting? I’ll let you know!
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Mary Wilson says:

Lol. Ya didn’t do it correctly. Apply thick, wait 20 min, then peel off. Do not brush while applying.

Nydia Arana says:

Next product you should review is the salon perfect microblading marker!!!!

Liv Phom says:

It works a lot better when using an eyebrow brush with it rather than the spoolie applicator it comes with

mariah says:

So I use it, unfortunately it doesn’t last for two days. But I got my exact color and use it everyday and it hAs great coverage. And I use concealer around it to correct it ( I believe that’s the term) or to shape and it looks great. It does last all day until you take it off. So over all it’s a decent product

angeline maldonado says:

I tried it last night an it definitely dont last for one day let alone 2 days

Shawna Smith says:

I made the same mistake about 2 days before you posted this! I thought it was the tint too!

ticklishoctopus says:

Thanks for the review! I was wondering about getting this product, and now I know I’ll give it a pass.

meka C says:

Beautiful eyes

HeyyitzAlyssa says:

My dip brow from Anastasia lasts longer than that and it doesn’t advertise a 2 day wear lol. That stuff is amazing. Lasts forever and worth every penny. You don’t even have to use a lot of product

Steph Velez says:

I am disappointed as well. It’s just like another brow tint and holds up decent for one day.

Siham El Agri says:

Maybe you should try and apply it on clean skin no Makeup nor cream on until it dries ?!

Jared Werley says:

Zabrena, I just purchased this today..and it comes with a Spoolie on the side..Did you not get that?

Izzy C says:

Girl, what lashes are you wearing?! I love them!!

jasmine mobley says:

I love love love this product! It’s been a great brow product for me. It lasts the 2 days , but even better way better I have an oily water line and have never been able to wear any type of liner. No mattter if it was a pencil , a gel or liquid they all slide off within a hour or 2. This product is so tacky I thought it might stick to my water line and it did!. Stays all day and I can put other products on top of it, whether pencil, gel, liquid or eye shadow. I love you Maybelline!

Bette Hernandez says:

Did not wotk i returned do not buy its a joke

Hilda DeBord says:

Hi Zabrena, good to see you out here, know you’ve had some srtessors. How are you doing? Is Dad doing better? Love watching your videos. I could easily be your grandma by age. Love you.

Briskofsunshine says:

Thank you for always keeping it honest

Rita Gray says:

Love your honest reviews!

Katie LaaLaa says:

I got it and tried it. It does not stay on. The fact they claim all that is laughable with how easy it did come off. That said though. A lot of others I’ve tried feel heavy and itchy. This was light and didn’t itch. So as nice as it would be for it to do all that it says it’s suppose to, for the price compared to others I’ve tried, it’s not a total fail for me.

Jessa Nae says:

*Zabrina, I’d LOVE to see you with really light blonde hair!! Also, I believe the product was supposed to come with a little spooly?! I have this, but I can’t remember if it did! If you use an angeled brow brush. With this and apply a decent amount, it’s not bad, but then it can be kind of stiff! I can def say, if you have brows that only need attention at the tail, this would be great bc you want a thicker look at the tail!*

lizZLupin says:

Love your makeup in this video!

KewpieGirl says:

I think its good for only flying long flight with no makeup look or natural looking. So that I dont have to worry about brow-less looking.

Joni says:

I’m trying it. I only have half brows naturally. Pencils and powders don’t work on me. Thanks for your video!

BellaJeanify YT says:

I think the product should be used with zero makeup or moisturizers so that it can stick to the skin better.

Jesus Quezada says:

Thanks. Ill skip this product

Deborah Allen says:

Everyone that I have seen use this product peel it off after it dries. Maybe that’s why it moved. I am going to try it that way and see what happens. You look gorgeous as alway in that top.

Anne MacLellan says:

I really like this product but my reasons for trying are different than most (1 day wear is fine for me.) I’m 62 and noticing white hairs in my eyebrows (personally I think I look in my fifties but not with these white hairs) . Unlike other brow products out there, this product covers/hides grey/white hairs in the eyebrows.

GK Sosa says:

It doenst hold up to sweat.. The Wunderbrow 2 holds up better.. But if your not gonna be doing any hard work then this is the stuff for you. I use this on the wknds in between my wunderbrow applications.

Natalie Grames says:

Can you test out Nyx “Worth the Hype” mascara please? Glad you’re back and everyone is doing better!!!

bea rose sanchez says:

Hi Zabrena! Please do an update of your ‘best of’ drugstore foundations, concealers, powders and etc. I would reeaaally love that <3

Nancy Reyes says:

Hello! Just a quick question. What are your thoughts on “Jergens all purpose face cream”? Thank you.
I love your videos and the energy you project in all of them.
God bless you!

jackie garcia says:

It is good for one day use but second day 90% was gone.

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