Maybelline Peel Off Brow Tint First Impression Review/Primark Haul

Testing the brow tint for 5 days and what it looks like when left over night,LINK BELOW:

Excuse me for the terrible editing. Hahaha

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Cristina Lynn says:

Suggest using a brow brush and do them as if your using a pomade but put a good thick layer

Niloufer Nawaz says:

It’s like Chinese hinna that is mehendi. We use it in hands and maybline made a product out of it. Lol

BabyT says:

I’m totally getting this.

Ailie Robertson says:

Came for the review, stayed for the eyebrow wiggles

Danielle Denise Mamites says:

How much is this?

Reshmi khan WhatsApp status says:

You’re so cute

Kimberly Cañaveral says:

Where do you buy vanity case

Pema lovesyoongi says:

Wow… this saves so much time

Rosalie Stephson says:


Tana Aspin says:

For me it only stayed in for like 1 day

Sungai Emas says:

So scary i will never use even i just get free from someone

Jams you got no Jimin says:

I have a question, does it rip out any of your eyebrow hairs?

Jenny Deleon says:

7:24 is the actual peel off

Mercy says:

Those look incredible! I’d be so nervous putting them on, what if I mess up?

Koury Brown says:

Your eyes look super red, lmao!! That stuff seems pretty great ! I love their products.

Black Ginger says:

It same like henna dear

Doll Princess says:


s k says:

This product is a complete waste of money

Tahmina Akter says:

Hmm vlo hoysa

qveenissac says:

Idk if anyone else said this but it’s easier if you take product from the tube with your own angled brush! You can also you chapstick or concealer to create a barrier around your brows first so you don’t get dye outside your browline (just as you would with a regular brow dye/tint).

Vidhyamalar Vannan says:

Wer did u get that

Tanaya Payat says:

ata kothai paoa jabe

Rosalie Stephson says:

Ang gulo mo!

aa says:

I was having a conversation with someone about eyebrow makeup. She said that she uses Wunderbrow. It looks good, but sort of like it has a look of a tint before it’s been removed. It’s a little harsh (not necessarily in a bad way), but it could be because of her application of it.
I told her I mostly use Anastasia brow pomade or maybe just a soft and quick brushing of eyeshadow or brow hard powder on my brows. She said she doesn’t like the Anastasia pomade because it smudges. I would probably put on some Shelaq by Benefit to set it when I use it, but I don’t even think they make it any more. Are there any other similar type items like the Shelaq? I really liked it when I would use it. It’s one of the items I found that would come in very handy. I’ve gone shopping for it but I think they stopped making it. Are there any setting tools that are similar to it?

Sm3A GoL3 says:

wwwaaawwwwww I love it

dominique agni says:

Hm po yang TATTOO BROW?

kambo Lee says:

Which lipstick did you use…. And the shade… ??? So gorgeous… I would love to get one.

Raheeema Quaderi says:

U are so sweet and funny

Poppy Shilling says:

Put powder over it

Faliya Alfacia says:

Indonesia available????????

Amandine Fnt says:

Hello , what is the color please

Eve Pemberton-Hodgson says:

Anyone know how long this lasts?

April Ann Colonia says:

How much?

_ Sofia.the.repressed.yeemo_ says:

Certain words definitely sounded Filipino and others totally sounded Irish

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