MAYBELLINE TATTOO BROW GEL TINT! Does It Work? First Impressions & Review

Hi guys, today I’m trying out the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Tint which is meant to last 3 days! I give you my first impressions and review on the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Get Tint, watch this video to find out my thoughts and if the product works. Have you tried the Maybelline Tattoo Brow? Let me know what you think of the product. I have very sparse brows and I’ve only seen people with great brows use this product, so I was excited to try the Maybelline Tattoo Brow on my hairless brows.

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Product Used: Maybelline Tattoo Brow, Medium Brown.

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Naasibah Majal says:

I LOVE THE SONG IN THE BACKROUND!!!!! Ahhhh make me move by karra

Liliana Condratov says:

Holy shit…. when i saw her with all makeup on… damn… such a beauty…. i love love love it

Kai Hisui says:

No lo venden en México, cierto??Where can I buy it in Mexico? I can not find a place to sell it.

Amanda Andrews says:

Please do not wear this much make up. You are an attractive woman but this makes you look like a 12 yr old drag artist

J H says:

what color is on your nails? so pretty

Louise Anna says:

defo going to try this product

Essylia says:

You look so much better without the make up, that’s incredible!

xoxo xoxo says:

She looks so much like Cece drake from pll???

jaydey1987 says:

Looks amazing on you! I just purchased medium brown & I have blonde hair…thinking this won’t work for me. Wish they had a lighter colour.

bbygirltia says:

totally thinking of buying this now! thanks for the video lol. btw your make up in on point b♡

nadia bartolone says:

Le frère n’a que

Josephine C. R. says:

I gotta try new product….i still growing fixing my eyebrows so it will help me get ready faster

terina terina says:

Why do you change your face so much by using all this make up? Honestly, you’re beautiful without it. Which definetely means you’re so ungly with it.

Ml Ml says:

Too much makeup bad bad bad

ADELE says:

This brow product saved my life also ahah

Kimberly West says:

I want this so bad, but for some reason they do not sell it in the United States. I have tried contacting Maybelline to find out how I can purchase it but I was not able to get in touch with them. Do you have any ideas on how I can get my hands on this?

Lovelyn Detta says:

I have sparse brows too! Dang, I need this ASAP! Thank you for this video, hun! Very helpful!

Fuaci Yang says:

Thanks for the review I enjoyed it and love your makeup!

Pepe Artz says:

You talk too much

Krissy K says:

Thanks for this review! On one side of my brows I have no hair due to a little scar from when I fell as a 2 year old! And when I get my brows tinted at a salon it doesn’t work my hair doesn’t hold the dye! Def gonna try this.

Весёлая Raduga says:

Не ну оч круто


What colour did you use?x

barbisdc says:

i use this yesterday…. it´s amazing! i recomended also to color the skin under the eyebrows, not just the hairs.. LOVE IT ♥

Chantelle Clayton says:

What colour did you use? 🙂

Natalie Filokyprou says:

You look more beautiful without makeup!❤

debora grynh says:

You should get microblading

Lucia says:

Looks pretty! Have you tried different brands and colors?

Amber Rodriguez says:

how come i can’t find this product on the maybelline site or in stores?

Aby Koukoutsi says:

Does it work on completelyl shaved eyebrows?

Bjørg Navestad says:


snoopsie says:

you have beautiful hands

Riley Summers says:

Woah awesome, gonna buy it but I cant find it anywhere.

Margaret Hollins says:

I tried this one of medium brown, and it washes off within a couple of days as I wash my face avbout twice a day usually! Wont continue to use it!

Sharon Morales says:

ohhh shit

xXDollCandyXx says:

How much does it cost?

The Jiff says:

Where can I find this stuff? I work in the drug store and the biggest one as far as beauty. I really want this and can’t find it! Has it been discontinued or maybe never released?

Janine Schäfer says:

Without make up you are more Pretty.

Looks too much for me like dolly or clown.

i m sorry..

angie curran says:

Im hoping Drag queen makeup look gets the boot eventually !

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