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My HONEST microblading eyebrow review. I had this done in August 2016, and I think it’s time I give you all an update 🙂 Hope this is helpful!
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Darren Paris says:

Damn, I wish I knew this before I got mine done! Double whammy for me as well! Oily skin and anemic! Ugh!

LJ J says:

Is this generally for people with thin eyebrows? I don’t understand why you would do this instead of just plucking or waxing…

Ashlyn Morrison says:

You’re eyebrows still look good to me though regardless of the patchiness I don’t think anyone would notice.

Shina Williams says:

Very good information thanks so much and I feels the same way and I’m not quite happy with mine ☹️ wish I see this video before I got it done

Kathy Tran says:

This is really an honest review and i went through the same problem, i thought it was just me! Everyone one had so much positive things to say about it, i thought maybe im just overly picky. I have oily skin and low iron too. At first, the microblade results came out picture perfect, but after a few weeks, theres no definite lines anymore and looks milkly/powdery. The color also faded significantly. It didnt even hit a year yet maybe 5-6 months, and I had to get it redone.I thought maybe its the artist style since i asked for natural , but I went to 2 really known artists with really high # of followers and reviews. If i mention them, you would know right away if you been following brow artists. but im not here to ruin anybodys business- maybe its just my skin. I am from LA but i waited for a vancouver microblade artist to fly over, thats how picky I am. But the results both times from the vancouver artist and LA artist are the same. They both looked great at first but faded more toward red, powdery, and blotchy looking. I was sold by the before and after photos and it wish it stayed that way but after a few weeks, not sure if its worth the money. I wish it lasted or maybe have to try another method. Also, no one ever talks about how painful it actually is.

Amani S. says:

Thank you so much for your honest & informative review!

Anceli Peguero says:

“Your Thinking” should have been discussed with your eyebrow artist before assuming skin gets to a point were you cant not do this anymore…THAT statement is so freaking SCARY… I had microblading last week SO FAR, SO VERY GOOD 🙂 the “touch up” in a month, wishing me luck!! Sorry it did not workout for you, your eyebrows look pretty without the makeup, dont be that self-conscious. Thanks for posting.

RiktorSkale says:

I’ve never had a tatoo but used to get henna tatoos for fun. The fading process you describe reminds me of henna. Thanks for the video I’ve been considering it.

Mayalin Rivas says:

my sister in law had the same reaction to it and she’s said it wasn’t worth the money, & thank you for being so honest girl!!

The Taco says:

And they probably went blue because the artist used a dye with a much more black base, not necessarily the artist’s fault, but they could have used a synthetic dye which has a black base and red and yellow tones fade quicker than the black. And, iron based ink does not fade blue it fades red because it oxidizes

Shayoshow says:

I was super interested in this procedure until your video. I have anemia and the scarring!!! I scar so easily. Thank you so much again for this video.

Attilia Hellion says:

My sasquach ass aint even doin this but I appreciate your honesty

Maya Sanchez says:

Thanks for your honest review, I too have really oily skin and was thinking of getting my brow microbladed but I may reconsider.

Why am I sticky says:

I’m glad you mentioned the thing about being anemic. I am anemic, and I’ve been planning on getting microblading. So, I’ll look more into it.

Thatglam Tam says:

Am I the only one that thinks they look much better than before?

HeartsHairNBeauty17 says:

This was very helpful! Thank you.

Traci Reber says:

You are so articulate but why do you have to use the F word? I’m so tired of hearing it

Таня Кулова says:

I just done mine yesterday tho. Dammm.. not sure how its gonna look like after few weeks

Lisa Jennings says:

If your color blurred and did not remain crisp it is because it was improperly done. There is a technique involved and unless it is used there will be problems like what you encountered. The lines are not meant to be deep, they should never cross and you should never angle your wrist to make a curve. If pressure is even, the hand is held straight up and down and short straight strokes are used to mimic a curve instead of trying to create one you get the best possible results. As a girl with mini brows myself I hope you try again and ask questions including seeing before and after shots of the brows they have done. Any reputable artist will welcome that.

Winnie L says:

Love this video!!! Learned so much 🙂

i rd says:

i dont understand why you let your eyebrows “peal”.. or why your arist told you this is normal..
I do microblading and i always tell my clients as part of their aftercare; you have to keep your eyebrows moisturized, apply the aftercare cream 5 times a day for a week after your procedure to stop the tattoo from flaking.. as flaking (pealing) pulls pigment out.

but for anyone thinking about getting microblading done, please listen when she talks about oily skin types.. if i client comes to me with oily skin i usually advise her not to get it done.

Jacqui Jewett says:

Your brows looked patchy because of your aftercare process. Your brows should not peel or scab! Scabbing removes pigment! You should be wiping applying aquaphor every two hours for the first day and twice a day for the next nine days. No scabbing !!! If your brows turned grey that’s a mistake with color pigment. I also don’t numb until the second pass (layer) as numbing too soon can prevent pigment retention. I would give it another try!

mendlering says:

I like her black top/dress at the neck part. where did she get it!

MommyAndMe says:

The microblading tech just had to much excuses. Cause some of that information is bullshit. Truth is you should of just done more research and find someone who was more experience and look for other reviews on artists.

Happily Ever After - Daphne Ann says:

Thank you for sharing your experience and honest review!!

MsSweetPuppy says:

I was enjoying your review until you said the f word. I am out of here. it went from a great review to the worst one I’ve seen. There was no need to use language like that!

Moni iii says:

I offer microblading services. I listened to your opinion and respect it. The aftercare instructions you received are incorrect. After getting your eyebrows microbladed, you should not blot your eyebrows twice a day.. you should not blot them at all. You have to keep your eyebrows dry and apply a aftercare ointment (Hustle Bitter) to help with the healing process. Don’t use vasoline, etc on your new tatted brows as it will pull out pigmentation. Hustle butter is made specifically to keep pigments in tacked and have a smooth recovery. You stated your eyebrows are slightly blue, the girl that did your eyebrows should of color corrected them with orange pigmentation at the end so it cancels out the blue and purple tones. I would totally love to offer free brows to you JUST TO SEE WHY I LOVE MICROBLADING!

The Taco says:

You’re not supposed to get the brows wet at all actually, you’re supposed to put on vaseline or a protective coating to keep them from getting wet

Jesse says:

Tattoo machine* It’s not a gun

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