FINALLY I can talk about this absolute beauty! Brow contour pro is a 4 in 1 eyebrow product which fills, sculpts and defines your brows to perfection. It’s bloody brilliant & here, I tell you all about it and show you how to use it on my friend, Carrie. Enjoy & Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE. Love Lisa xx
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Nationwide 25th August


Kathleen Mcdermott says:

I have red hair and none of these shades would go, either too light or too dark I like a hint of red still in my brows not brown

Claire Jeffery says:

My daughter is soooooo excited after seeing this new product on your you tube video. No doubt she will end up getting this eyebrow product. I too used to have those pens when I was younger xx

Rebekah Wynne says:

Hey Lisa, how much product do you get in each part of the pen?

Lilx Riku says:

I don’t know why but when she was putting on that eyebrow on her, it made me feel sleepy lol not because it was boring or anything but it gave that feeling of …? Comfort? Like when someone is brushing your hair.

Doinita Ionescu says:

Anyone else feel she was being super aggressive with her eye/eyebrow area?

Promotioncode says:

Love Benefit❤️

Brandi Pascual says:

“black skin people” are really serious? That’s so wrong to say! But I also know ppl in the UK are very racist even though there is many People of color in the UK and all over the world.. I thought what you said was utterly disgusting!

ImMintyKittenZ says:

I thought benefit was a independent company however revolution already had this idea and it will trick people into thinking revolution is a dupe brand for all products. Personally I love benefit all their products are amazing but the fact that they didn’t have their own idea for this launch really disappoints me. Also £28.50 for a brow product is quite pricey comparing to other high end brands. For you people who are interested in this product I would recommend that you buy the revolution 4 in 1 for £5 to see if you like the product and once you are fully confident in it you could buy the benefit one if you’d like. This is my opinion on this no hate.

Kirsty Mcrae says:

I thought this was just total hype until i watched this. Now i want! But what does concern me is that i am going to go through the brown colour much much faster than i would the concealer/highlighter?? Also is the pen recyclable if there are no refills available?

Laura Galek says:

To be brutally honest this product looks very gimmicky & quite impractical. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Benefit fan and I use many products from the range such as the boxed blushes, bronzers & highlighters as well as the mascaras and a couple of the existing brow products but the application of this product looked hard work and the price point is up there.

Alexa Cannon says:

I’m really excited to try this, but I feel like you’d run out of product really quickly

Allie Beth says:

I can’t believe how long you talk. I can’t wait 10 minutes for you to do your demo!!!!

sosaharbeauty says:

Surely for people with Asian skin tones (medium) 90% of them have dark, almost black hair and there is no brown/black shade for medium skin tones? Bit rubbish from Benefit especially since I’m obsessed with them

Claire Jeffery says:

My daughter is soooooo excited after seeing this new product on your you tube video. No doubt she will end up getting this eyebrow product. I too used to have those pens when I was younger xx

Samantha Meredith says:

OMG! Need you to do my brows!

אפרת כהן says:

you’re so funny together.
love this new product, it’s so smart! ♥

Allie Beth says:

Also looks terribly unnatural as well!!

sanjidah kalam says:

When will benefit stop going on about brows constantly ? What about some decent eyeshadows ? MOre concealer shades? This is such a gimmick and for the price what a joke.

Sana S says:

BLACK skin, nobody has BLACK skin lol.

Laura Redpath says:

I think it looks a bit gimmicky, it seemed like it was harder for you to work with vs other benefit products, the pen looks a little chunky and it feels quite expensive for benefit.

MonkeyFunny101 says:

Don’t say black skin say deeper complexion. You didn’t say white people so don’t say black skin. We are all shades of brown


An amazing product !!! All in one !

TheCoccix says:

No brown black medium ? :/

ggg hhh says:


Miss Veganista says:

Love your videos but did I hear correctly £28.50 for a brow pencil!? even some high end brands are cheaper than this

Sheila King says:

Seems like a cool concept, but once again, Benefit has missed the mark on offering a balanced shade range. 3 of 5 of these are for Light skin tones. If a Light person can have a Brown/Black Hair, wouldn’t it make sense that a Med person can also have a Brown/Black hair? Med & Dark skin tones are lumped together to get 1 shade/pencil each. How sad….

Mosleydoll78 says:

9 min in and still waiting …… sorry Hun xx

Emma Soden says:

Will you be able to purchase refills?

Liz Donnelly says:

Maybe the worst video l have seen and the pen looks really thick

Hannahwannah says:

If anyone is familiar with makeup revolution, they did an eyeliner and lip liner thing with the same packaging for literally £3!

Lynn Mclean says:

Love the look of this but will it work on eyebrows that are sparse….I have one more sparse than the other x

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