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My eyebrows are naturally invisible so I’m a BIG fan of semi-permanent brow tattoo/dye products and I’m very excited about this new release from Maybelline. While they’re not the first brand to release a product like this (some Asian brands have had them for a while), Maybelline is very accessible, affordable widely available – Asian products can be a bit hard to find in some places. This product was sent to me by Maybelline but this video is NOT sponsored, I’m under no obligation to review or say positive things. Everything I say is as always, my own honest opinion.


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Sharon xx


Amanda Bahlman says:

Where do i get this

barbisdc says:

i use this yesterday…. it´s amazing! i recomended also to color the skin under the eyebrows, not just the hairs.. LOVE IT ♥

KazzieBot says:

Cant find it in Canada 🙁

Shar Roon says:

She did a good job but I was so distracted by her eye makeup. So pretty but so many colours.

apettway12 says:

I have been trying to find this product!! I live in California help!!!

Rin Rivani says:

is that waterproof?

sendes abdulmajeed says:

I bought this product today it was $22 i tried it, left it on for 2 hours and as soon as I washed my face with ONLY WATER it all came OFF. I’m so annoyed right now

Bleh Bleh says:

I live in California and can’t seem to find it anywhere :/

cosmicnights says:

I’m buying this ASAP!

Jules Rainbird says:

I bought this product this afternoon when I spotted it while in Big W. Testing applying it a few different ways on the back of my hand and found it looks like realistic brush strokes if I apply it with a zoeva angled liner brush in fine strokes. I got Dark Brown and if left for 20 mins its very dark but almost with a green/olivish brown tone at least on my pale skin so I won’t be leaving it on 20mins but really glad to have got it. It’s going to be great for my sparse areas.

OCharluvsmusic says:

Good review

Jessie Rae says:

Could this be used as an eyeliner temp tattoo?

Laura Whitehead says:

Would this work with bushy eyebrows?

Y Haych says:

Is it waterproof?

Paula Holmes says:

Thankyou so much for this review! I have the similar colouring and barely there brows so this is so helpful! I’m going to need to try this!

Ruby Andrews says:

How do you get the beauty companies to send to products??

Anitha Sreekant says:

Utter failure product from maybelline. ..i put it and waited for two hours..after peeling off its ok..but when i wash my face after 24 hours it had gone completely. …waste of time and money..i bought it from Max…Deira city centre ..Dubai

MakeMeBlush says:

Im in Alabama and i can’t find it nowhere. Where do you purchase this?

Susan Davis says:

Where is this product available in the states?

Peta Tang says:

Lo veo igual

Thats Just Karin says:


Kimberly West says:

I want this so bad, but for some reason they do not sell it in the United States. I have tried contacting Maybelline to find out how I can purchase it but I was not able to get in touch with them. Do you have any ideas on how I can get my hands on this?

Sheela Shines says:

Nice!! I’m gonna give this a try!!

Hélène Louise says:

I love it!

Becca Loves you says:

For everyone that lives in the us a very very similar product is coming to the us in November

Brigit Kwok says:

if you leave it on for two hours then it probably can last for five days, that’sfrom my experience. Everytime I shower it fades a little, I still need to use a brow pencil after using this, but it would be fairly quick, save my time in the morning. dont like the smell of it though. anyway it’s cheap. love yr vids as always, hello from China

Ni Lo Pienses says:

I have to try this!!!

Alexandria Guerrero says:

It’s November right now is it here in the U.S yet?

sezjp81 says:

I love this product… I left mine on over night and it was fab… 3 days or not it’s easy so who cares xx

Miralda Pitman says:

TNTING your brows only tints the brow hair, but it does not give you the shape you want, and for people that have irregular hair brow growth , this gives you the shape you want.

Linda Royal says:

Does it wash off in the shower? Does it was off with soap and water? Is it really a stain and doesn’t wash off at all and only fades off? What about with any kind of oil, does it rub off? Does it rub off on clothing or the pillow case? Curious minds want to know. Thank you…

Kelly Rose Pwilson says:

Scared ?? And you’re smiling??

Ami Vose says:

Try the light brown next time!

Lee Gary says:

I love this stuff.

Sisse Zoutman says:

Can you use these for black brows as well?

Shobha Rani says:

Wil b get in India where.

Miss Tina says:

What in heavens did you use that lasted 4 weeks. I must know

Jacqueline Güntzel says:

Eyebrows are siblings, no twins 😉

Cherry ganzer says:

I just saw this today in the Priceline catalogue for 1/2 price and wondered what it was like. Thanks for the review

Jadey Rai says:

Your brows are tinted already and they look like that? Lol you should get a refund mate

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