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In today’s episode of Tina Tries It, I’ll be testing out the a new Maybelline Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Pen. Does it work? Watch to find out!

Products Used:
– Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen
– Lashes I’m wearing

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Microphone: Rodelink Wireless
Lighting: Aputure Lightstorm 120D
Soft Box: Aputure Light Dome
Camera: Canon 80D
Canon G97X Mark II
Canon 24-70mm Lens 2.8
Editing Program: Adobe Premier Pro CC

Jahzzar Sea of Mars

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Joana Ortega says:

well I have bushy eyebrows so I don’t really need it but if I had thin eyebrows maybe

Roaa Asa says:

you talk too mmmmmmmuch

Mariamii Akeel says:

I think you should go really low even if u went outside the line , then conceal the bottom part so they would be even

Dyah Perwitasari says:

need this!!!!!

ranysya latavia says:

post a make up tutorial of your make up for this video! <3

RedneckSpaceMan says:

Miss Tina, you little lady are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Estelle Marie says:

perfect skin

Puk de Lange says:

Does anyone know when they will have these in the netherlands ?

kimberly floyd says:

I really like your video and will definitely buy this product. I have to say, in all due respect because you are so sweet, that I almost stopped the video in the 1st few minutes of watching because you seemed so scared to try it & it was taking forever to see what the product did…it washes off so there was nothing to seem so worried about. This video would’ve been better if you had tried it before you shot the video & had more confidence to tell us what worked best as you were applying. It took too long…but thank you so much for educating us with this!!

Amy Ashley says:

I must have this

Ng Shu Yu says:

Long-lasting & waterproof?

Fatima Golz says:

I need this pen

Анна Зайцева says:

Wow, so natural. I want it

LHP74D3 says:

What size and brand is your faux lashes, Tina?

Arianne Loyola says:

I tried this out and I’m wondering, did yours turn green ? Once I put them on my brows after about 10 minutes it started turning this dark green and after about 2 hours about my whole brow was this dark green color, was that a defect or did that happen with yours ?

Purple pants Lady says:

Isn’t microblading done with s blade?

Re Na says:

Thank you the video! You need to make a line as a gide.

stereo base says:

Tina, i love your videos. You are very beautiful) Can i ask you, what a hair dye you use?

Alannah Le says:

This product is what’s gna make me late every morning. Though I love it on Tina 😉

Bryan Digitol says:

I just love the cruelty! Such a lovely shade

R Rodrigo says:

Nice I hope Maybelline or an American Co. makes something like that I would never trust anything out of Sygapore!!

Ananda Ramartha says:

Holding my breath with you

Rica GS says:

Want!! Omg

Angelica Andrade says:

Your eyes are so pretty Tina

Ruby R says:

These wud b good to draw freckles and make dem look natural

Taiye Lawal says:

Guys get the salon pro tri tip marker from Walmart literally 5 dollars

Avianti Dwi Antari says:

tina here’s the link i just saw it on instagram

Patricia MčCutcheon says:

No no no….. Have someone that does this for a living do it for you.

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