NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade Demo + Review

Hey yaaaaaa. So I’m SUPER HAPPY to say this product is AMAZING. For it only costing $7 its a pretty damn good product for your brows! It really does last long hours and the consistency of it is so easy to work with. There are a few more shades out there as well which is great if you have lighter brows. Ill post a link down below of the product. Also I can safely say it is a good dupe for the infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow which I’m OBSESSED over and you guys know this already! Thank you for watching! Please like,comment & subscribe 🙂 xoxoxo.

! M0RE iNF0 D0WN BEL0W !

NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade

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Asher Perez says:

does it dry or stay wet? does it smudge at all when you touch it?

Kija Too says:

Omg you’re Beautyfulllll

Toony Gami says:

i think ur natural eye brows moee beutiful without all this because u look so fake thats not nice

aurelia liu says:

this is so helping! thank you so much

Stine Veidal Hansen says:

I use my abh in the color dark brown and I’m going to buy the nyx ones. but what shade should I buy?

jewelzofthasea says:

Should the brow brush to do your brows be stiff or soft? I cant seem to find the right brush for my brows.

rina m says:

but your eyebrows look amazing already with out doing all that … looks good both ways

مغربية برشلونه says:

انت عربية

Ma Isabelle Acosta says:

I like your eyeliner! What do you use?

PUPAY says:

wow. i love your makeup. looks so charming. please do a tutorial of this look.

Amy Piggott says:

for gingery/blonde is hair what colour should I get from nyx?

LadyMeilin says:

Your natural eyebrows are so much nicer than when I take my time to perfect mine ;( you’re so beautiful. I personally think your natural eyebrows looked a lot better but you look pretty both ways!

Ismah Ishfaq says:

I don’t like the Nyx one because when you want to build it up it takes product away

Vintage Veshka says:

I love your video lol it almost looks like you were going to cry tears of joy after you tested it out all day !! Just bought mines today, hopefully I will be as happy as you were when you first tried it !

Savannah Langley says:

I usually get dark brown in the salon perfect pomade . So should I get espresso in this nyx pomade?

Laura Stappers says:

Does anybody know what the color dupe is for ash brown from abh?

Tasnima Ahmed says:

What colour do u use for the nyx pomade and for the Anastasia pomade pls help me out my hair colour is dark and I need to buy a suitable colour for my eyebrows

El if says:

Witch shade did you use?

Teodora Stojkovic says:

i use that brow promade alllllll the time and its amazing……i think its better then anastasia ….whatever its called….soo…btw your perfect and your eybrows are sooo perfectttttttt lov u

Adriana Ramirez says:

I love your eyebrows, on fleek!!

DA Putri says:

Hi Danna, what lipstick brand and kind of shade did u use on this video? Plz reply ^^

Asvea says:

You without your eyebrows done is perfection! Me without my eyebrows done…is a ..um…well A MESS!

LupeeTv says:

what shade is the nyx pomade?

Alexandria Felix says:

how do they do with smudging ? obviously if you rub them all crazy they’re bound to smudge but like if you accidentally rub it or something does it smudge very easily ?

trish nguyen says:

your make up skill is professional. if you think I’m one of your fan, I gonna share my thought. your voice and the way you talk is off. it’s honestly boring. I feel bored half way through your video. only
I want to watch is how you did you makeup. your review on products are blame. fix it !

Shelby Boado says:

What shade do you use

Yasemin Dilara says:

Which Color is the nyx eyebrowngel?

jennifer phung says:

What is the brand of the brush or is it just ipsy?

lovelove Herrera says:

is it waterproof

Jessi N says:

i love this!! i have extremly oily skin and everthing would just melt my brows off not this it last all day i tried their eyebrow gel but it was too dry and hard to put on this is creamy and drys perfect

burcu says:

what’s your shade?

Maria Maria says:

the nyx have red undertones?

Polish Meow says:

I see that in your recent videos, you’ve been using abh pomade more usual than the nyx pomade. Does that mean you prefer abh better? Abh is better? Longevity-wise?

Melina says:

what foundation do you have? your skin looked so beautiful and luminous and the beginning!

kumquats says:

she looks like maritza from OINTB (its a compliment cos maritza is so pretty)

Sueane B says:

What color of the nyx pomade did you get?

natasha mohammed says:

you look like nikki minaj

marlene quintanilla says:

U are so pretty! i just bought this product

Joana St Juste says:

Hey.. Which brand black eye liner did you use please? I love how it’s so dark x

brenda cortes says:

what eyeliner are you wearing itss soo black @dannaselene

Jazminnutella says:

What color is your anastasia dipbrow?

Sharmaine Blnds says:

you are so pretty..

Stefania mata says:

If my hair is dark brown what color should I use??? Can someone help me please ?.

swtNsour92 says:

What color is your abh one?

Hannah Cowley says:

If your eyebrows are already black should I get the expresso or the black pomade?

Sarah Faith says:

You are perfect omg

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