Ombré Brows With A PEN?!! | Benefit Brow Contour Pro Review | Shonagh Scott

This week I’m showing you how to fill in your eyebrows to create an Ombre brow using the new Benefit Brow Contour Pro. It’s like filling in your eyebrows with those pens we used as kids! What I like about this product is that you get 4-in-1 which gives you everything you need to create natural brows, Instagram brows, Ombre brows and more…

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Products used:

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Contour Pro

Benefit Brow Blender

Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel


Olympus E-PL9 – Click here to register your interest for the new camera and receive a (rare) 10% discount code!

Aputure Amaran AL-M9

Camera – Panasonic GH5
Lens – Panasonic 14-140mm
Lighting – Soft Boxes
Dimmable Ring Light with mirror & stand

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Kathi says:

It looks cool – I would have a problem with the colors though because I am super pale but I have black brows and lashes.

Amy DeLeon says:

I love mine – wasn’t 100% how to use it, so thanks for the tutorial! (also found some on the benefit site). Now I just need to get a soft tip blender brush!

eyez2c says:

Thankyou. Perfect closeup to show how this pen works – think it’s worth it for the number of shades you get plus the convenience factor. Great for travel.

Leviane Gaia says:

Uauuuu…vou procurar se tem na sephora pra vender.bjo obrigada

ChaoticDoll says:

I think I’ll stick to my abh brow definer, considering not only does the shape of the product allow me to shape and fill in my already big but sparse brows quickly and easily, plus the spoolie brush it comes with on the other side is excellent at blending the product if it gets too heavy looking. This would require me to carry a separate spoolie with it.

Aksana LUKASHENKA says:

How do you get your nails so healthy?

jojo iraqia says:

It’s very cool and I like it but it’s way too expensive there is way too many eyebrow products out there they are way cheaper even Mac I love my Mac crayon and it’s only $18 and it works amazing

Sherrelyn N says:

Wonderful idea. How much useable product comes in the pen and how does each color advance? Looks like there is some product in each of the plastic cylinders but wondering how that’s accessed.

Christine Thomas says:

Looks really good just might give this one a try thanks x

Karen Iracheta says:

I really want to try this, thanks for your honest opinion love yoyu!

Terrance TV says:


Stephanie Farrah says:

Looks interesting!

Ruthcristy says:

I SWEAR, I saw the brows on the pic, I KNEW it was you!!!! yippee!!!!!

Josie Tucker says:

Your brows look perfect! I’m need that pen in my life!!!

jmtw290 says:

Please do a skin care video. Yours is flawless ❤️

ethridges86 says:

It’s no longer called Ready, Set Brow…it’s just the 24Hr Brow Setter

Sandy Moyer says:

That’s amazing… funny I never thought much about my brows until youtube. I plucked them for years!!! They slowly have grown back but they do need a little help. It makes a huge difference to have nicely groomed brows for sure!

Zeena .187 says:

Love it♥

Nina Cubana says:

Im waiting for the drugstore dupe. I use my eyebrow products so often that i dont think this will last long.

antonija70 says:

Is it waterproof??anyone knows??

Tea Pot says:

Great video thank you..Was recommended by someone to your channel after I watched Tati’s review and as much as I like her couldn’t see any of her review as she was to far away from the camera. Your review was perfect
I will be subscribing to your channel.

Carmen Hansen says:

I’m getting this for Christmas, can’t wait!

Melissa Pellegrin says:

That is a very nifty pencil. I need to look into getting that. It would cost a good bit to get the same from ABH. ABH has great brow products, but can be a bit pricey. Thanks for demoing this – it has peaked my interest! ❤️

A M says:

Wao very easy ye kaha sy mily ga or kya kah kar kharida jay ga plz tell me

rina aniraz says:

I’m kind of confused. Are you using the Brown/Medium or Brown/Light? My skin tone is not too medium, I’m kind of light medium and I’m not sure which one is the brown/medium. I’m not sure of the shade to pick for my skin tone. Could you please help to clarify if you are using brown/light or brown/medium for the highlight and contour? Your skin tone is kind of light medium like mine. So I just want to get the right shade. Please help. Thank you in advance. 🙂

Lauren's Lip Glossary says:

AH so cool!!! totally reminds me of a pen I would use in elementary school hahah!

MyLuxury1st Hair, Pigments, and Apparel says:

I just bought one

Amalia Vet says:

Great review, thanks! I’m wondering if the amount of product is enough or minor. I’m sceptical about new packagings, because they are often accompanied by a corresponding reduction in the product. I was never fan of dark, solid brows, they reminds me of the Angry Birds! I always brush the first inner half to remove some color, to achieve natural eyebrows.

Athenas Roehrig says:

Lmao where is black!? I have black brows lol

Julie Archibald says:

Omg I so love this, and as also a beautiful job x

Dee White says:

Just found your channel! Love your tutorials! Who cares I’m 51!

Dawn Jones says:

I love Benefit brow products I’ve used them for a long time. I’ve watched some great reviews about it so I’m going to give it a whirl. xoxo

CeeCee Nunya says:

It’s a B.I.C. pen for brows!!

huskyfluffy says:

But how long did it last?

aic nin says:

thats sooo cool!!

Katie Baby says:

Definitely a must have for traveling

Sharalees Box Of Chocolates says:

I am so intrigued by this that I ordered it today!☺️ Thank you, as always, for the perfect demo!

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