Hi my loves!
Today I bring you a product that I really could not wait to try! I have been seeing these types of markers all over social media and decided that, since I will never get microblading done, I should give this a try 🙂
Let me know what you all think and if you would/have tried this before. What are your thoughts on this product?

Here’s where you can find it:
Salon Perfect Brow Marker in Dark Brown

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Usha Bhakta says:


Brittany M says:

If I had this product I would use the marker for just the beginning part of the brow so it still has that hair stroke look but I would use my powder for the middle/end part! But that’s because I like the very light eyebrow look and not to harsh. Your brows look great!

Been Redeemed says:

this is a super tutorial…and she made it look great her very 1st time…Im running to Walmart to buy one tomorrow……

Corliss Scott says:

Thanks I’m ABSOLUTELY going to walmart to purchase this product yesss thanks& it looks GREAT!!!

Kathy DiOrio says:

that liquid goes on much too dark all at once. the maybelline lets you gradually go darker with layering it comes out much lighter so you can control the color you want but that one looks good on you after you were finished

Naughty Hotdog says:

I love my microbladed brows I am on my second year and they still look flawless I am going to get a touch up at he end of the year though because I want to go bigger and more dramatic. If anyone lives in Minnesota and needs a person google Permanent Makeup by Shannon and look at her reviews.

Choosenickey says:

Omg!!! This is sold out everywhere!! Grrrr

Sparkle Kiins says:

Curious if this can withstand getting caught in the rain or would I be walking into class with eyebrow streaks down my face lol

LucretziaB says:

I just got that product myself & was very impressed, as you were, at how natural the beginning strokes of the brow looked. I liked your video because you were showing us this product as a first time user yourself. I’m excited, now that I’ve seen the results & can’t wait to try it myself!. Also, you didn’t refer to your viewers as “you guys”, which is so prevalent in the majority of tutorials. We are not “you guys”. We are “you gals”, ladies, or “you folks”. Thank you. I’ve enjoyed your tutorial the most.

Lisa Augustin says:

Girl your eyebrows are great !!!! Your true eyebrows !!!

sanfran dartgun says:

Tatbrow used your video in an ad , don’t know if you saw it, they took several youtube videos including yours, it looks like they pulled it, but a clip from your video was on there.

Laura Barber says:

Everything is hard the first time! So it’s not really fair to base of judgement on a product that you’ve only used once! Maybe you should have practice is 5 6 or 7 times and shown us your first attempt your second attempt Etc and just that there’s a learning curve!

Tracy Salazar says:

I like it!

Drumcat Fano says:

That looked good.You did a good job.What kind of lashes are you wearing?I was looking for finer lashes like yours Thanks

Lydia Smith says:

Omg! I love her lipstick! Hard to find a good color for skin with a yellow/red undertone. Please share with me the name of your lipstick color and what liner you’re wearing. You look gorgeous!!

Belinda Pitt says:

Thanks for this product tip and the tutorial! I ordered one online from Wal-Mart and I love it. Much better than the Maybeline Brow Drama wand that I was using before. Good for makeup newbies like me 🙂

CutZy McCall says:

They look good on you! Microblading doesn’t work. Lost $500 trying it. As Iram below says, it ends up looking like a blob of color. My best thing is to use a thin, angled eyebrow brush/eye liner. (A makeup artist once told me to always use a brush, never a pencil.) And I use eye shadow in my color (dark brown). With this I have more control. When Im finished I I take my mascara wand and lightly pass it over my brows to give it more of a natural brow with slight strokes. And if that’s too dark, I take a medium soft eye shadow brush and swish it from my upper lids into my brow. That makes my brows very natural looking. I guess everyone has different makeup needs based on their skin tone and texture, the size of their upper lids, etc.

Abigail Focht says:

This brand seems better than the maybeline one(don’t recommend the maybeline one) I will have to try this one !thank you and also you have a new subscriber!!

Lisa Augustin says:

The marker looks good !!!!

Helen Fong says:

Looks very natural. You did a great job for using it the first time! From what I’ve noticed from other videos, the dark brown looks black. So brushing it with the spoolie lightens it & makes it look dark brown. My hair is dark brown. I’m going to order the taupe & dark brown from Walmart. Most likely, I’ll just use this at the beginning of my brows. Thanks for the review! I’m a new subscriber! 🙂

TVC15 says:

I had microblading done at KD Brows in LA and I am so thankful I did it! It completely changes your look and now I NEVER have to apply brow makeup! The only downfall is the recovery…it took me 14 days to fully recover (most people recover in 7 days). This meant I could not wet my brows for 14 days. It’s absolutely worth it if you can endure the recovery time. I am so thankful I am free from worrying about my brows rubbing off of running off if I get wet! 🙂

dre dre says:

Looks good but when u sweat or anything it turns grey

1ellecat23 says:

I bought the maybelline version last summer in the airport(bc i realised i forgot any brow products, bc i generally don’t bring makeup on holidays just mascara lip balm&brow) but OMG DON’T BUY THE MAYBELLINE 1 IT’S AWFUL, 1stly the maker works on your hands but when you try hold it tip up to do ur brows no colour comes out &if it does its so fake obvious looking &you only hv a sec to take it off as it stains ur brows. Such a waste of money seriously don’t buy it. There’s a reason you don’t see ytbrs using it.

Tatrice Flowers says:

you bloogers are irritating as fuck you do so much talking ewwww!

Amina Yusuf says:

Gorgeous brows and eyelashes. Are your eye lashes real?

Virginia Holliday says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! I have even less brow hairs than you. I’m definitely getting this product.

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