OMG!!! New Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Gel | Review

Hi beauties!!!
Today I bring you another new product straight from the drugstore. I always have such an issue with finding good brow products, which is why I was super excited to try this one. A brow product that doesn’t budge?! Count me IN! Hope that you all enjoy todays video review.

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Here’s where you can find this product:
I grabbed mine in the shade Medium Brown

Makeup worn in this video:
*Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation in MN3:
*Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette:
*Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper:
House of Lashes Temptress Wispy lashes:
*Benefit Hoola Bronzer:
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso:
*Ofra Cosmetics Highlighter in Rodeo Drive:
*BH Cosmetics lip liner in Nude:
*Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lipstick in Sugar Mama:

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Brushes used in this, and in most of my videos, are from Sigma Beauty. Extremely affordable and extremely durable! Have been using them for years and they’re still going strong!
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april martinez says:

but your brows are twins!

Tigress says:

I got this in deep brown and have dark black eyebrows. I have thicke brows but needed this to fill in where missing hair is from plucking too much and I have since grown my eyebrows back to a thicker and fuller shape. I washed my face after using this in the shower and it did come off a little bit. I used everyone soap to wash my face this is when it came off. I also use evan healy to wash my face. It only stayed on part of the way after washing. Overall its a good product but it did not stay on all the way when I washed it. If you dont scrub at it when washing face it should stay on pretty good. I was just testing it to see how easy it would come off when washing my face. I usually use Anastasia and this is product better. I also use elf for a cheaper product. But this works super great. I do wonder how toxic this is though since it stays on longer. So Id only use this when in extreme heat or swimming. I try to use all organic products but they dont have a product out like this in organic products.

Katherinerobinson Robinson Katherine says:

Let’s what I like about it don’t come off I have you so many eyebrow pencils and I views song that I bought out as Sally’s beauty supply eyes were they come right off as soon as you’re sweating and you look at yourself and it’s smeared so this product to me is very good

Desiree Vargas says:

SC?! I’m in Charleston! I just found this product (and your channel) and am definitely testing this in the humidity when I can! So far I love it! Doesn’t last 2 days but is really great the first 24 hours!

Jc131 says:

I have a night mare right now. I filled my brows and it went on really well on one brow but I messed up on the other and it was so thick, but I got it to a point where it looks okay and like I normally filled my brow with my old product. Just saying use this with a glam look, it definitely stays on. It is really bold, my nightmare is I’m having a party tomorrow and I am hoping it is not to much. So be careful, and watch videos first.

Navegando por internet says:

What colour are you using?

Christina Knapp says:

Are use the same Clinique take the day off bomb and I get a one of those really soft make up removing towels from Sephora that supposedly you don’t need any type of cleanser with but I use that to remove the bomb and the first thing I do is wipe around my eyebrow and I’m careful not to get it into that and then I wipe it all off with the rest of the towel.

Maria Ramirez says:

You’re so gorgeous! You look like Nathalie Kelley

Minekov * says:

Thanks, very useful video

Netterz says:

What brush were you using to fill in your brows? I know it was from sigma but do u know the number? I really need a a small angled brushed like that and cant find it anywhere

C Palami says:

I tried with the applicator but it came of with my eye makeup remover

Tam Tamm says:

Thank You!

Reid Liimatainen says:

You were very helpful with the brow test and how to apply it!! Thank u!

jeanette c says:

I need to see what it does in a swimming pool

for real says:

1k yr old man would be better off investing in better TEETH!

Jen Lee says:

I tried that stuff it never worked

Merinés Figueroa Hernández says:

I think you used the product wrong, you have to put a lot of product and then peel off the excess. This is not a brow pencil… You tried it all wrong

Bev Rush says:

I bought the Maybelline wuth the spoon applicator. Hated it. I am going to use a brush like you did on your second brow and see if it works better

Katherinerobinson Robinson Katherine says:

I think I think you picked out a good color It looks great on you it looks good use it give yourself a chance got a

Christina Knapp says:

Beautiful brows… It’s so nice to see someone with pretty dark hair not have these dark black eyebrows, they are so harsh. Yours look beautiful, I just thought I would let you know. New subscriber here…

Patricia Ibanez says:

Totally agree about the applicator. Wish i would watched this before. I’m over here feeling like chewbacca

Shel Anne says:

Love your lip color!! What is it?

Flutter Bize says:

Can I ask a serious question? Why do you make up you tubers all sound the same? It’s an immediate turn off and I go on to another tutorial where I hope the individual will speak like a normal person. I do not mean any disrespect, the topic came up yesterday at the hair salon and ladies were rolling!

renee reyes says:

Is it sweat proof?

Audrey P says:

I love it ! But like you say, it is better to use a brush.

Tiff Tom says:

Why didn’t they just make it with the angle brush? Works so much better!!

Lacemaker427, OH says:

Will someone please clue me in on what a “subbie” is? I’ve never come across that word before. I tried googling it, and don’t think y’all are referring to subcontractors in your comments. (I wouldn’t consider hiring a subcontractor to do my brows, because I doubt a plumber or electrician would be terribly adept at it – hahaha!)

Self-love235 says:

What lip color are you wearing?

shannon wylie says:

This is so hilarious. Is this the one that is supposed to peel off. I just put it on and I was going to try to peel it off. I see other people are trying to peel it off. Which one is the peel off kind. Almay has one too. Maybe you have to put it on really really thick to be able to peel it off. That’s what I didn’t do. But it looks okay. We’ll see. Thanks for the video.

nevaeh's world says:

Perfect i have the same one thank you so much

Ncole says:

I love this product also

Tricia Coggshall says:

LOVE LOVE your eyeliner.

Brittany W says:

Is medium brown better than the soft brown? I have medium dark hair and wondered which would be best? Xx

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