OMG!!! NEW Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow TINT! | Review

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Hi loves!
So, as some of you know, I had to stop my postpone my “15 Days Of Makeup Series” due to some technical issues that I was having with my computer. I have so many products to review though, that I figured I would just pick the series back up at a later time. Perhaps just throw in some looks here and there 🙂
Anyway, today I bring you a product review! One that I have been asked about ever since I posted the Maybelline Brow Gel review. Which was six months ago! So I figured that it was time for me to purchase this product and put it to the test for you all. Hope you all like it!

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Chrystal Mitchell says:

Your eye shadow looks so pretty.

Htike Yadana says:

I try exact product , I left it dry and give . atime 3hrs

Paper Folds says:

they sale that one at cvs

Kyla Lachinette says:

Me too, my eyebrows are so light..pretty much like yours… I need to know which brow would help me? Dip brow, tattoo tint?

HSN Forever says:

Helpful review, thank you



619to253 says:

Sarah, what happened to the check-ins. We wanted to see how it lasts.

Brandi Mattias says:

I’ve bought this product twice and it was crap.. did not go on as sooth as yours did nor did it come off like yours did.. I think mine was old or faulty or something

Love Home says:

to black

J ZIM says:

This product ripped my brow hairs out. I would not use and cannot recommend it. It also doesn’t work as it says. The tint only lasts a day, maybe 2…most of it comes off when you wash your face

C Palami says:

It doesn’t look brown at all … which is ok

Heavenly Organic Beauty says:

It looks amazing! I will definitely have to try it!!!

raineynight says:

When you pealed it off, did it pull out any eyebrow hairs?

Queen Rose says:

I use this a blueprint for my eyebrow makeup as i have no brow hair lmao

Tina Mercuri says:

I dont have a steady hand what then

Debra J. Cherif says:

Ty so much for sampling the Maybelline tattoo studio brow kit! I have such light , light eyebrows… even lighter and harder to see than your natural brows so yeah this looks like something that I could handle and enjoy using better than trying to draw on brows freehanded every morning. My hands shake too much for freehand.
Right now I’ve been using L’oreal brow stylist frame & set pomade in #214 shade of warm brunette using a dip brush with spoolie …. which in itself may be part of my problem ? I never wore make up my entire life because I never learned the right application techniques and so if I wore make up I looked “clownish” … now that I’ll be 52 its mostlly out of necessity that I am eager to learn some basic application skills … minimally how to have decent looking eyebrows is my top priority.
For me, if I have pretty eyebrows on the only other makeup I need is a nice shade of lipstick, some eyeliner, mascara and blush. Thats about it. Although my 22 year old daughter taught me a quick couple trick application techniques practicing at applying..

RandomNest says:

I was so nervous for you, at the edge of my seat with fingers crossed. Lol.. Your brows turned out lovely.

huskyfluffy says:

Why would they not offer it in the biggest country in the world?

victoriakapshaw says:

your suppose to peel them from the tail end instead

Mahalia Jackson says:

The tint looks good, the color looks a little green though…but I wouldn’t mind trying it…btw your makeup looks great, please do a tutorial on it…love your channel…

Sofia Karlsson says:

I tried it last week and it was so good! The colour lasted really good where I had hairs but after a day it was gone from my skin.
I used a brush to apply to get cleaner lines.
How long did it last for you?

Tianna Ouellette says:

I get mine done once a month but I was thinking on doing them myself, how long does this last you? Just trying to see if it’s worth it to do them myself or get them done once a month

Zahraa C. says:

Thank you for the review! I buy this tint from Etude House in South Korea so I’m glad to see Maybelline came out with one. For future reference, you bought your tint a little too dark. My eyebrows are black and I buy the dark brown.

Dream Girl says:

Whatta great product! Thnx for the demo. Wish they sold it in the US.

Shorty watts Shorty says:

Sorry girl friend ur eyebrows are not light u just don’t got none they are to thin I know cuz mine are just like urs lol

brownperrita says:

Make up tutorial look stunning!!

Alessa Ramirez says:

Those it pull the eyebrow hairs??

MOMG06 says:

Interesting. Too much talk for my liking

Ayesha Shaikh says:

How much

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