Peel Off Lip & Eyebrow Tattoo Review | TINA TRIES IT

Here I try some new peel off lip and eyebrow tints products. Subscribe for more “Tina Tries It” videos! Remember to leave any suggestions or votes for the next episode below!

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Melissa More says:

u should do a gummy vs real food challenge

Yana Layno says:

Hi Ms. Tina, Please do make a review vlog on using the April Skin Water tint. <3

Fatom Kassem says:

Pleaze if you can do slime

Jason O'Halleran says:

You are very pretty

ralph dizon says:

I’m using an earphone and I feel vibrations like a sound of an aircon. 🙂

Happy Ringia says:

Pls try the Balut!

H M says:

She sounds Australian

nimco qali says:

Today is my birthday can I have 10likes

Laura _ says:

I’m so into food I read “Tina fries it” instead of “tries it” fml

Fritzie Fernandez says:

Does anyone know what shade she purchased for the eyebrow tint?!

Jenna Culshaw says:

Her poor brows remind when as a kid when you made a mi character on the Wii and made everything out of proportion

Annu Mehra says:

i really like ur vedio …keep it up

Crystal K says:

I have the lip tint and the same one she used

Eddie Reed says:

you look cute with it on

Dalilah Rocha says:

Try to make ice cream rolls

ej1angel says:

the lip peel was way too thick use less product it will give you a way better result 🙂

ItsmeAlchen says:

Try the balut! I’m a filipino.

Ngọc Anh Nguyễn says:

“for da lovee of a youtube ” haha <3 love Tina <3

Miss Eleven says:

She looks like someone from one million dance studio

Kelly Cha says:

U pronounce it the second way u said it “ehh-tude”

vanquy nguyen says:


Rida Zehra says:

If u used a brush to apply the lip tint it could be better

Diamond Rainbowz says:

The product makes your lips dry anyways

Mustafa Itimat says:

Who’s just scrolling through the comments

Guian Aban says:

try balut!im from Philippines!

Kassiebunnie channel says:

u looked like CL from 2NE1 girls

YourpalMimi says:

Balut is a Philippine food that is a semi developed chicken or duck egg that is boiled that you eat. I know this because my dad is Filipino and had it when he was in the Philippines and did not know what it was sense he was five until he fount a feather on his lip

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