Review and demo of Philips NT3160/10 Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer

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Unboxing and trying out the Philips NT3160 Nose Hair, Ear Hair and Eyebrow Trimmer.


skfjhsdjklfhsdjlfhsd says:

Glad someone took the leap of faith by plugging the short adapter 🙂 thanks for your video!

NickVegas says:

I think you need a moustache trimmer for eyebrows like that.

WinterTime says:

Nahhh dude needs a clipper for eyebrows

dolev meir says:

Buy It Now –

Hermes Mercure says:

Thank you for this vidéo !! (from France).

Luna Gamer says:

Great demonstration! Thank you.

Emmy Elijah says:

Did you ever wonder if it was a good idea to pull your hair back and get them out of your eyebrow’s way before trimming your eyebrows? You almost trimmed your hair on your forehead!

Steve Russell says:

Nice demo and, for some reason, it made me laugh out loud seeing it in action. Funnier than a lot of stuff on TV!

GM Dela Cruz says:

I’m waiting for you to stop mid trim and say: ” BLOODY FUCKING HELL THIS IS NOT WORKING…!”

marion barber says:

I think it is rubbish and wish i hadn’t bought it.

Юрий Иванов says:


John Livingstone says:

I got this to trim my eyebrows. Oh heck I forgot to read the manual. OMFG now it tells me to use the attachment after I’ve trimmed the brows off.

MissionSparta says:

You were better off with a weed whacker for those things.

het boeit niemand says:

hello I bought it in the Netherlands but 2 times there is no protective cap for it to put on the trimer is that normal?
I see a protective cap everywhere
thank you for your response

Kevin Fogarty says:

You’re a brave man. Those glasses fit your face well.

Raheem .A says:

I’ve bought this. I’m scared to use the 5mm on my eyebrows as it might cut too much off could I get larger combs

T Gles says:

I used this thing once and it stopped working.

phif7507 says:

Did anyone cringe when he’s shaving his brows?

Ron Stewart says:

Thanks for showing me how to use the eyebrow trimmer. They don’t have any instructions and I tried looking on their website… they have no directions there either. So, you should send them an invoice for the great service you have provided with your video!

tarik los says:

what a sweeet man 😀 i fall in love with you

9Firmino says:

Surely this will eventually make your eyebrow hair more thicker and more unsightly

Stephen McMillan says:

If you had moved the trimmer more slowly across your brow, I think you would have gotten better results.

Zied BENFREDJ says:

C est trop null je viens de l acheter Elle n’enleve pas vraiment les polis ! C est du vol

gio gio says:

thanks for your video!

hippo potamus says:

Using a fine tooth comb and then the trimmer on what protrudes thought the comb is faster and better on the eyebrows.

mike brian says:

Hopeless product. Don’t buy

The White Cuckoo Agency says:

No Pulling on the package. Which is accurate … once the birds have seen this video.

Manu Alvarce says:

Thanks for the demo, pal. Greetings from Costa Rica.

gaurav suyal says:

u r gay


very good – thankx

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