TATTOOING MY EYEBROWS?! First Impressions ♥ Etude House Tint My Brows Gel Review


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I thought this was going to be a really fun Korean Beauty First Impressions of the Etude House Tint My Brows Gel…and it definitely was! I think it’s like henna / tattooing your eyebrows on since it’s supposed to last for a couple days. This was a super interesting product and I hope you guys enjoyed watching my pain! lol. For more Korean / Asian Beauty Reviews, Tutorials, and Favorites, don’t forget to rate, comment, subscribe and share with your friends and family! It helps me out a ton 🙂

FTC: This is not a sponsored video. I purchased the product myself!



pacounda troupe says:

Omg you’re so pretty i like how your features are not fully asian it’s hard to explain..but yeah you’re gorgeous ✌️️

Jezzica World says:

How long does it last?

catastrfy123 says:

It doesn’t pull out your hairs if you start peeling from the tail.

Bethanytiger Singer says:

it looks great

cris tina says:

you are beautiful

Vanessa Patry says:

Just bought this. The trick is right before you take them off just dab some water on them. This will turn it back into a glue like consistency which wont pull out your hairs.

Trina says:

Damn I just ordered this but now I’m scared it’s gonna pull my brows out!! Lol

Nisa Sarıhan says:

How long does it last after applying? And how much was it? 🙂

A'lone o-o says:

Actually which color did u get?

Lady Martel says:

what # number is the tattoo eyebrow? o what colour omg !!!

Angela Shin says:

It’s cause it didn’t dry completely it hurts

TheAA Gaming says:

I liked it after thoo

Kewl Kaila says:

I have it on right now…

shaila pilota says:

It looks like putting a nail polish on your eyebrows.

Nisha Dhiresh says:

hi- cant this be washed out!….y pull them off?

FoveDesan says:

how long color stays on skin!

A Khan says:



Are there any cruelty free products like this? D: I cant find any results.

Shona Vincent says:

I tried this and it turned them green

Karla says:

What’s the color?

erika madrid says:

do this twice and your eyebrow is gone…

princessvalerie khong says:

balamo,eya sapak haha

Jay Aahliyzah Julès Strong says:

2:40 she starts

Abigail Wintterle says:

I love your natural eyebrow, I think you look awesome with your brows painted and with them filled in. You are just gorgeous!

DavidAddison9653 says:

At 4:25 she looks like an Angry Bird

misspada says:

What camera do you use??

bnlouie says:

Have you tried putting your finger down to hold the hairs as you’re pulling the strip off? would that help to not pull out the hairs?

Whit S says:

Complain much

Christine Cortes says:

I use this often and I love it. Only problem is that it washes off 🙁

MrsGunsoul says:

How long did these last on you?

Nnananahh says:

I think they look great on you! I had no problems peeling the product off. It didn’t even pull a little! Great product in my opinion!

angela says:

robbie rotten

Deborah Loh says:

I love your eyebrows before and after ❤️

Melanie Wilson says:

Use coconut oil to remove it next time.

Gamer Girl says:

i love your channel

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