TINTING MY OWN LASHES & BROWS – DIY Eyelash & Eyebrow Dye Review

*don’t forget to join the notification squad to enter this videos giveaway!* UMMM, I cannot believe I was brave enough to try this at home! I dyed my eyebrows and eyelashes with 1000 hour lash and brow tint kit in this weeks review and it didn’t exactly go as planned… I don’t normally DIY my own lashes and brows but wanted to see if this kit works!

products mentioned in today’s video:

1000 HOUR KIT: http://bit.ly/2yvbcy4 (also you can buy it in priceline pharmacy stores) I used the shade ‘blue-black’!
FACE HALO: http://www.facehalo.com

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It’s always risky trying beauty treatments at home and I just wanna say BE CAREFUL and follow the instructions if you attempt this!


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Louise Nich says:

What person in their right mind would put blue black on their eyebrows…….. and a ‘beauty guru’ at that haha this is for views, 100%

marie-elena Waldrip says:

Thanks for the great video- You really can’t go wrong with that beautiful face! Love to give this a try! Definitely a time saver!

BeautybyKelli says:

Loved this video!

myra bonazza says:

haha! my niece still gives me grief about the time i accidentally used my blue black on my eyebrows instead of my light brown……..

ale alexandra says:

I have to try this kit now

Jess Cameron says:

I can’t believe you put blue black on your brows!!!!! I thought you must’ve skipped the bit where you mixed brown…but no hahaha…you are so so lucky that turned out as well as it did

V M says:

Can you do a one that you can lighter the eyebrows??????????? please please please

Cindy Tesoro says:

I thought your brows would be too dark with the blue black…but they’re beautiful!!!

Bae Marie says:

Does it last long or?

Betty Napoli says:

Would you recommend thr eyelash dye ! I can’t afford to get it professionally done. Have a day ; z)

Claudia Squire says:

just a heads up to anyone wanting to tint using this product, just keep in mind that blue/black is generally for eyelashes only and then you can choose colours like brown or blonde for your brows! ive been tinting my own brows and lashes for years and couldn’t recommend enough 🙂

Echoeve Finch says:

*gets a tiny bit of it on skin next to eyebrow* AAHHH I GOT IT ALL OVER MY FACE

John S says:

You were so hot and pretty when you were younger.

Mooney//Magic says:

I got the exact same box except my colour was natural black, followed all the steps. Except when I was making the up the dye it was all clumpy!!! I thought it might have been out of date but I couldn’t find the expiration date on it! I was only doing my eyebrows and when I put it on it legit just looked like I was putting goo on my face! Waited 10 minutes, washed it off and didn’t see any improvement whatsoever!!! What did I do wrong?!??! :'(

Yasmina Memet says:


Zahra Miss says:

Does it come off when u wash ur face ?

girdarby says:

She’s using the same color for her lashes as her eyebrows???? “MY EYEBROWS ARE BLUE?!?!?!” OH NO

none name says:

Love yourself:-) stop asian-washing!

Alyssa Brooke says:

That was awesome. Could you maybe try an eyelash curling kit?

november132 says:

lol with this 1000hour dye you don’t have to worry about making the perfect eyebrow shape with the dye!!! you can be messy! it then makes it easier to thread/wax your brows

Prabha Vasishta says:

Hey chloe❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


love her

kimberly moran says:

I love how u say shit all the time

Ashley Brook says:

i used that two months after cataract surgery… it got in the eye that had the cataract. never again, not fucking worth it

Nazreen Bhamjee says:

You’re so funny and cute!

Janina Baronda says:

Candice Swanepoel



Πριγκίπισσα της ερήμου says:

You r so cute big kiss

Tracey Glenc says:

I always tend to apply a couple of applications on the lashes just to give a bolder look, works and doesn’t seem to cause any issues on my lashes

Alison Mizly says:

Her lips <3

Selena Hem says:

I panicked when you said you were tinting your own lashes! As a beauty therapist here in Australia I know how tedious it can be to do lashes and usually you have your eyes closed and it’s important to keep them closed so no product gets in your eye.. but the way you did it… looked so easy! But it looks alot better when you get it done in a salon because we can smother your lashes in the tint while your eyes are closed. 🙂 I’m actually amazed at how well it worked! With your brows, you can use tint to essentially “dye” your skin and the hairs to give a more defined shape. Using an angled liner brush can really help get them soo precise! Definitely needed a lighter colour for your brows and don’t pack the tint on so much, and make sure it’s all even across the brows, not a bit thicker in different areas. Go you Chloe! That was awesome <3

sue falzon says:

I love this video, just reminds me of myself, good info and funny too 🙂

Denise says:


Ana says:

hahahahhhahaha my eyebrows are blue haha so funny <3

Mary Coy says:

Hahahahaha!! I laughed until I cried Chloe!!! Your initial reaction to brow dye when taking off was priceless! It works though!

Rimsha Khalid says:

I’m rolled up as a armadillo while watching this

grumpymuggles says:

Where did you get your velcro head wrap from? Been looking for one like that

Jessica Slorah says:

It’s DIY’s like this that keep me in business.

sriha suvha says:

Soo Lucky u r

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