Updated Eyebrow Routine + Wunderbrow Review

I was recently sent a new brow product that I am totally obsessed with! It is not well known, and I havent seen anyone talk about it, so I just HAD to show you guys how amazing it is! The product is wunderbrow and you can find it here: http://www.wunder2.com/

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Flyer Aerospace says:

Great job demonstrating the product. I just subbed. Thanks.

Lys Love says:

it starts 5:48 your welcome

Lynn Downey says:

What eyebrow brush are you using in this tutorial?

Najma M. says:

Could i still use castor oil to grow out my eyebrows while using the wunderbrow?

krista gray says:

I love this girl !!!!!!

nataly alexandra says:

Whats the color been used

Pauline Buchan says:

I have my hair as near white as can get it now, one of my brows is patchy where I had an op. I have just ordered it in the blonde. I hope it looks half as good as yours.

Senia Rasmussen says:

if you had to compare, which one would you prefer? anastasia dip brow or wunder brow? 🙂

Macy Ayres says:

The fact that I had to skip 6 minutes into the video to see the actual product is ridiculous. I definitely won’t be following you, considering you talked about absolutely nothing for half the video

be happy says:

wich color plzzz

Amy Miller says:

Disheartening how cruel and ignorent some people can be with their rediculous comments. That was a great tutorial and review. thank you. I love what you do with your eye makeup and would love to see a tutorial on that if you don’t already have one. I just subscribed so will check your other videos. Take care <3

J Promenade says:

wow so much hate on your comments. People are so racist against pretty white girls these days. Geez…

Fia says:

Your teeth color distracts from your tutorial. You might wanna try teeth whitener tutorial.

Monica Giannella says:

This really irritates me! When you click on someone’s video, you’re essentially entering their home and begin to listen to what they have to say. Is that how you guys (the ones complaining she talks too much) treat people when you walk into their homes? Just plain rude man! This is her home! If you don’t like what she has to say, simply move on to the next home (video) or simply fast forward to when she begins to say what interest you. Internet etiquette that’s all! Love your eyebrows by the way! Beautiful!

Nicki Madden says:

Great job! This is exactly how I use the product and LOVE it!

Tamina Khalid says:

how do you take it off if you make a mistake ? does it come off with makeup remover ?

Jessica Libby says:

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation of this product, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! I haven’t been able to find anyone say that they’ve actually tested by sleeping in it (which is what I need). I’ve also been on the fence about the right shade to purchase, and you cleared that up, as well. Great video!

cierra kain says:

pom-made. POM. MADE.

Alyssa Mathews says:

I agree too much talking. I almost couldn’t watch it. pretty girl my same complexion but next time id keep the talking to a minimum

Believe says:

you said you have no brows, but I have about 1/4 what you have (or they are very light

frenchi ii says:

hardly “bald up there” you have brows moron

NELLY R says:

like not everyone wants to know what’s going on in your life we all have problems my goodness….

Jenna Sullivan says:

girl we are in the EXACT same boat. The curse of being a fair-skinned blonde.

Lily Boe says:

am I the only one who thinks she has the same exact voice as Mika Kunis??? Pls tell me it’s not just me

lovelycharley 410 says:

so if I wash my face will this product come off? is there a special solution I need to use?
can I keep this on for like 5 days? lol
if I do keep this on my eyebrow for days at a time will this affect the health of my natural brows and cause alopecia?
is this product mainly for those of us with less brow thickness?

Keni Vrataric says:

Skip all the talking and go to 5:50

Lilya Stepanian says:

Why are you guys being so mean to her? If you don’t like her talking or complaining about her life DON’T WATCH. Unsubscribe! There are plenty videos on YouTube. It’s very simple.
Great tutorial. Thank you so much!

NELLY R says:

well then volg about it most of us just want to see the tutorial

Cassandra Garza says:

Yasssss! Sold!

Catherine Rhodes says:

Your skin is gorgeous! Can you please tell me which foundation/powder you use?!

Zbychu D says:

How color you have?

Zbychu D says:

Sorry i cant english ;p

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