WATERPROOF Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel VS Maybelline Tattoo Eyebrow Gel Test!

Hey Beautiful! Todays Video Ill Be Testing Out The Wonderbrow Eyebrow Gel VS Mayebelline Tattoo Eyebrow Gel! I Mentioned In My Previous Video On The Maybelline Tattoo Eyebrow Gel That It Reminded Me Of The Wunderbrow! So I Thought Hey Lets Put It To The Test! 🙂 Did You See A Difference?

BTW I Did Notice The Wunderbrow Eyebrow Was Harder To Remove Then The Maybelline Tattoo Eyebrow Gel. I Personally Think Wunderbrow Would Probably Last A Little Longer Then Maybelline. And Maybelline Does Claim A Two Day Wear. Wonderbrow Claims To Last Up To Three Days. So It Really Depends On What YOU Prefer 🙂 XO! Hope The Comparison Helped.

Review Maybelline Tattoo Eyebrow Gel

Review Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel

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LiveThroughHope says:


Misha Wesley says:

Great review, thank you!

Deanna Rippetoe says:

What eyebrow brush do you use honey? As always love watching your videos!

Inkphiendee says:

I still recommend the wunderbrow..

I have tried the maybelline tattoo studio gel and it’s horrible… The first time I left it for an hour to dry an wiped with a dry and wet finger and it came off.. Second time I wore for 8 hrs lightly wet my face and it started running down my face… It’s horrible I don’t recommend it at all

Pee Tuazon says:

Now i know what to buy hehe.. tnx

The Temporary Vegan says:

Lol you are so funny

Bev Rush says:

Maybelline is much better and way cheaper

j w says:


Marie Livingston says:

Swim pool chemicals may take off the color.

No1 Nicechick says:

Go to bed in them lol.
I bought the wundabrow stuff.
I wanted to be able to go to bed.. Wash all of my face bt still have perfect brows..
Wundabrow came off over night.

Molly Petto says:

thanks girl!!

my Happiness says:

U r sooo pretty

jerrey n says:

The one eyebrow higher than the other just bothered me

Genesis Compres says:

Both look awesome. The wunderbrow looks darker than the Maybelline now. I’ve been trying to find this and it’s awesome to know they both work. Did you have to peel it off or leave it on?

Molly Petto says:

omg this is so helpful because i did not want to pay extra money for the wonderbrow!!

Nique Cherry says:

Maybelline at it again, doing their thang

Ebony Harris says:

For me, I liked the Maybelline Tatoo much better than the Wunderbrow. I have oily skin and seem to have issues with Wunderbrow staying put.

Jac Cruick says:

I have used Wonderbrow for a while and do not like their brush… But will now use a brush as you do… Wonderbrow does come off with cleansers / makeup remover

Kira Thomas says:

ok but what am i supposed to do with a 2 day wear eyebrow gel? do my brows the night before? jump into a waterfall?

Christina Lamau says:

The minute I watch this video I love you and subscribe !!!!! I’m gonna get my wunder Brown now!!!! Thank you.

Yang Rachel says:

Been using Wunderbrows for around a year and switched to Maybelline two months ago. Wunderbrows is definitely superior because it says on all day even if I go swimming in the pool or sea. But for everyday use (rain/sweat resistant) Maybelline is enough.

Alyssa Reyes says:

i love the one with the wunderbrow

Bavitha Bavi says:

How much maybeline in Indian rupees

cherchmouse says:

Hi! What brand eyebrow brush did you use (#762)?

Marianne McManus says:

Baby oil and a Q tip removes and touches up mistakes

Lucy Jones says:

The Madeline brow looks better too!

Beauty Obsessed says:

Your so precise with your brush, very good

Brandy Peralez says:

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but if i wipe my brow it comes off. This was using the maybelline tattoo product. Should i apply anything under the product??

Praise P says:

Oh my gosh!!!

Epiphanny Taylor says:

Lmao @4:30

Jasmine S says:

where can i buy wunderbrow?

Me Mea says:

Aren’t you supposed to peel it off though? And do you recommend one over the other?

namastayhere says:

Where do I get the brush?

Ginji- san says:

Me: *Uses waterproof make up products* BITCH ALL N A T U R A L *wets mah face* BITCH SEEE

Kelsey Suleman says:

I think I’m gonna have to use wonder brow I can’t find the black tatto brow anywhere

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