$60 EYELINER WTF? | First Impressions

Today we JUMP OFF the deep end with THREE PRODUCTS testing Luxury Makeup from Tom Ford. We’ve got a $60 eyeliner (with Tax), an $80 eyeshadow palette and a $52 lipstick! Please Thumbs-up, like and share if you enjoyed and let me know in the comments what you’d like to see next. xo’s ~ Tati

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Tom Ford Eye Defining Liquid Liner Pen
Tom Ford Eye Color Quad – 20 Disco Dust
Tom Ford Lip Color – Indian Rose

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Kristine Legarde says:

i love the way your face looks here. so fresh and young

Rachelizabeth MarsMom says:

I like Tati but it’s kinda weird that her makeup always looks the same!! every product she tries….she always looks the same…browny shadow, highlight in the corner…pinky lips..highlight..

• Chloe Faith • says:

So pretty without makeup! Goals!

Lea Hong says:

how come my TOM FORD eyeliner smudged in an hour????ughhh!!! I just bought it but it didn’t even last for an hour.

Maya M says:

btw you were in glendale?! it is right next to my college!

Natabee19 says:

Lol, who else was waiting for her to say, “I’ll see you next Wednesday with Liza” at 8:58?

SHarper SHops says:

Would really love to know what hair color you use (assuming it is colored ;o) – so lovely!

Tessa Liggins says:

I love james!!

Ana Vrancheva says:

OMG Gavin DeGraw is playing in the car <3 I LOVE IT

Abbie Bowler says:

Why did the title say $60 eye liner but she said $52 ?

Kiara Blea says:

I love how that’s a strong wing for tati, in my opinion it isn’t strong unless it’s like over halfway to your eyebrow lmao but to each is to own

TheDyleila says:

i am wondering if the liner is still working 🙂

Joshua Rodriguez says:

Do tyra banks cosmetics

Rinchen Lama says:

Pucca is SO WELL TRAINED!!!!!

Rebekah Marquis says:

Also, him doing her makeup should toootally be a thing

Rowyn M. says:

am I the only one who would love to see Tati getting her makeup done by someone else? just imagine if she collabed with jeffree star or Nikki tutorials or someone on YouTube like them. I would love to see how they could transform tati’s face!

Kaitlin Beste says:

I think you look amazing right now!!!!!! It’s like natural but not you know your eyes look so like bright and lifted please let us know if you’re using a new product!

Jordyn F says:

Congrats on 2 mil

M L says:

I love your makeup but it kind of looked like your eyeliner was straight

Charley Ann says:

James is so like my husband so cute

Pamela says:

My lancome art liner is just as good for 30 dollars lol.

Diana the Amazon says:

try diorshow art pen

Annabelle Earhart says:

I’m obsessed with Pooka.

KRiSTi ! says:

Thinkin about getting this though. But I think I swear upon Kat Von D’s Trooper eyeliner the most.

xansuke anisisme says:

buys 50 bucks of eyeliner pen, don’t know how to do winged eyeliner lol

Ivan Ivan says:

you should try the burberry cashmere concealer! / other burberry items 🙂

Ezzy Jaimes says:

# let james do ur makeup!!!!

Anwesha Chowdhury says:

Puka is such a fluffy dog! ❤

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