BATTLE OF THE EYELINERS! BEST & WORST of High-End vs. Drugstore vs. Asian Liquid Liners!

In this Beauty Battle Breakdown, I compare different pen eyeliners and tell you which ones I like the most!


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-Son & Park True Black Eye Pen Liner (
-The Saem Eco Soul Henna Marker Liner
-Clio Kill Black Pen Liner (
-Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner (
-Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (
-Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (
-Laneige Edge Drawing Eyeliner (
-L’oreal Infallible The Super Slim Eyeliner (
-Innisfree Powerproof Pen Liner (
-Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (
-L’oreal Voluminous Liner Noir (

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! If you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend with family and friends. I’ve been planning this video for quite some time now, but of course, I had to test out all the eyeliners so I could give you an in-depth review of each! Pen liners are my favorite form of eyeliner, so I’m quite picky. I have lots of requirements to meet when it comes to the perfect pen eyeliner! I hope you find this helpful and that you enjoy 🙂 As always, please don’t forget to rate, comment, subscribe and share with your friends and family!

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lilmagoo says:

Hehehe going to find me some Clio eyeliners! Many thanks!

jazzi kaplan says:

and your fav skin care

Yee Shean Chan says:

I was amazed by how fast you apply your eyeliner. WOW

Deirdre Coughlin says:

Do you have a battle of crayon liners like this? Would love to find a great waterproof crayon liner for tightlining if anyone has any recommendations!!! thanks SO much for this one and all videos!!! xx

oberdamujigae says:

no etude house all day fix liner? I find it pretty nice and smudgeproof as well

Mariah Dodd says:

FINALLY somebody spoke the truth about the Kat Von D! I gave into the hype from all my favorite Youtubers & was extremely disappointed. It does not last all day at all with my oily eyelids, was never a true black (more of a grey), the tip CONSTANTLY dries out, and I have to shake it and practically beat it on a hard surface for the product to actually be pigmented enough for my liking. Will not be purchasing it again.

Fly Nerd says:

i really like misha’s liquid eyeliner simple brush line, very easy to make perfect line, and its very cheap (cheaper than L’oreal superliner) and its korean liner available in Poland 😀

T Hynson says:

That’s an amazing review! I will definitely be getting that Heroine Make, b/c I prefer a brush tip. Thank you so much!

chachisweetie91 says:

thank you! this was so helpful!

Teresa Lu says:

can you please review the sailor moon Romance Liquid Eyeliner? Ive seen and heard good reviews about it! But I want to hear it from you!

Tabitha Fernandez says:

I bought Mat Von D…..yeah It dried up and fell off after a few hours. I had to whipe off the wing or I would have looked dumb for the rest of my shift. I have been looking for a new eyeliner so this video was very helpful. Thank you

karlaclem says:

have you tried dolly wink eyeliner? is it a great liner? what are your thoughts?

Evaistdiebeste says:

I wanted to purchase the Heroine eyeliner. Now i have one question. There are two of them. one is in a black packaging (like yours) and one is in a purple one. Both black.
I googled to find out whats the difference between them but didnt find any results.
Do you know this?

orangeapple says:

your lipstick is so pretty! 😉

jazzi kaplan says:

do a similar video for foundation and brushes please !

Kelsey Schneider says:

i find that the Kat Vod D liner works better when you shake it first

adinda meidisa says:

which of those have matte finish?

nambajuice says:

Thank you for this video!!!! SO HELPFUL!

Sulovesu11 says:

very helpful!!!! thank you so much

Bella Lasic says:

I love the Maybelline one over the Stila. I used the Stila one for years and the Maybelline one on me never fades!

Caseykaayz says:

I used to love the Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner but I think they changed the formula or something because after I ran out of my first one, my second and third one kept smudging within a few hours and I looked like a racoon. I got a Kat Von D eyeliner after that and I love it. Sometimes it rubs off at my wing but otherwise it’s amazing I’m not sure why yours isn’t doing well because other than the wing being gone sometimes it stays greatly.

Chloe Ha says:

WOW! You’re amazing! Best review ever!

Passionatenovembre says:

Great video! I just bought the Maybelline one, on me it lasts long and looks great. Best eyeliner I’ve tried, but I haven’t bought many tho haha! 🙂

jmutes ss says:

For the Kat Von D liner, you need to use to swatch the eyeliner a few times to saturate the tip. The first few times i wore it, it wasn’t very pigmented as well but the more I used it, the more pigmented it got.

Belee Nguyen says:

Quick question: the Amazon link you gave to purchase the Clio eyeliner from Amazon marked its price as $8, but on Sokoglam it’s $20. Is the one from Amazon genuine (I noticed it’s sold by Clio)? $12 difference is huge.
Ps: ❤️ ur videos! So keep on doing you boo!

printed tea says:

Surprised you didn’t feature eyeko or holika holika.

Amelia Gunn says:

you look like margot robbie!!!!

Suzzie says:

I heard Japan makes some good eyeliners.

Jessie Chien Yee Lim says:

Wish I saw your review before getting the Kat Von D liner 🙁 Hated it.

pezpdx says:

about the Kat von d eyeliner, maybe it’s suppose to be like an actual tattoo? because black tattoos grey over time. black tattoos are only true black when they’re fresh and still healing.

Cindy Valencia says:

I love your hair how did you get it like that

Sylvanna Mitrevska says:

A good tip for anyone who like to use felt tip eyeliners but don’t like how long the tip is or if the tip gets damaged…cut it! The farther down u cut the thicker your eyeliner will be and you can also cut at an angle so it will be easier to use especially for beginners. Hope this helps out someone:-)

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