Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner ♡ First Impression & Review!

Is this the easiest eyeliner to use? Lets see! Heres my first impression on the NEW Benefit Eyeliner and They’re Real Makeup Remover. Check my blog post for more info that I wrote after a few uses to see more opinions and updates, as well as the NZ release date –

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This isn’t sponsored btw 🙂 all my opinions. Could it be better? Yes. But i’ll still use it for convenience and time…. Is it the easiest eyeliner in the world? Probably not, but its easy enough, especially with more practice.
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livdavies40 says:

great video great review and that’s what we need an honest opinion or else what’s the point in doing the videos. I love this stuff and won’t use anything else x

Natalie Hanna says:

I love you!!!! ❄️⛄️❄️⛄️❄️

Tashia Lee says:

I hate this liner waste of money it’s so hard to work with and get a crisp line. I mean the product is awesome at staying a long time and not smudging but I think they need to change the idea of it. I literally threw mine in the garbage

Katrina Cole says:

what is on your lips?! I love it!! and that eyeshadow color is really cool too what is it??

Aneeqa Hussain says:

your ment to twist then wipe off the gel onto a tissue before you put it on your eye! aha the gel drys up at the top to protect the protect inside, so make sure you wipe off the dry bit first before applying it :))) x

Juliana Leo says:

This did not get rave review on Amazon – ie,  as one seller said….The quantity & quality were not what I expected. This liner comes in a very small tube and after only a short time of wearing it, it smears!!!! Definitely not worth the almost $32 that I paid total, including S&H.   

Just saying…buyer beware!

Indra Rani says:

i don’t really like this liner… probably bcoz im new to gel eyeliner… it’s expensive too

Jenna Krebs says:

I like this eyeliner. There is a learning curve with it but I watched the tutorial created by benefit before I used mine and it says to wipe away the first few clicks to prime it and then use like one click at a time. If you follow the instructions it’s not that bad. 🙂

Lauren James says:

this looks like the hardest eyeliner to apply in the world… £18? not thank you

senkamp says:

redicoulus review. sponsered obviously

Yunxin Qian says:

i love Benefit but I hate this eye linear soooo much.

Johanna says:

It might just be me but I thought the price for a full size was bit over board for me (especially since it was my first time trying gel liner). Instead, I bought the mini version. I’ve fallen in love with it. Always helps my get a sharp wing.

Nivan says:

I can’t even do a line with this without smudging I’m a failure xd

Tambiliyah says:

can I use it on my waterline?

84eisoj says:

I’m glad I watched this. I was thinking of buying this product but won’t now, looks awful. As far as the criticism goes, I think the fact that she’s ‘not getting paid’ is beside the point. Benefit has obviously given her exclusive access to the product, as it hadn’t come out yet when this was filmed. She, and other beauty vloggers, get preferential treatment like this. The company get to promote their products for free and the vloggers get to do exclusive vids which hopefully help gain followers. They scratch her back, she scratches theirs. There doesn’t need to be money involved upfront.This is how these beauty vloggers work. Their not just nice girls doing this out of the kindness of their heart. They’re not charity workers. They’re trying to make a living. If can’t acknowledge this you’re being naive.

marissa santos says:

As someone has bought this and used the ENTIRE pen of liner, I can say this shit IS AMAZING and I swear by it. It was my favorite liner I’ve ever used, it is something you have to get used to using but it is amazing and never smudged. No worries shannon I totally believe yoyr review. If they didn’t like it they could’ve clicked off. 🙂

എന്നെത്തന്നെ says:

Does she speed up the video and audio???

Reema Sodha says:

just bought mine randomly yesterday and was doing research and everyone says as you said too; that it is a mission to remove! i have JUST LITERALLY found a solution! YAY! 🙂 trying argan oil or any good organic facial oil that EASILY removes the eye liner AND conditions the skin around the eyes. i simply put some oil on a cotton pad and removed it with no mess 🙂 good luck!

MEEETH says:

i own this and i swear by it lol the one thing that is important when using this is that you only use a small amount at  a time because it is very creamy when its closed correctly. because it is a gel it dries out so ALWAY CLOSE IT VERY TIGHT. its easier to use the next time if you do this.

Tymarah Shand says:

I work for benefit, once you start getting product out you click twice and squeeze the nib to get the right amount of product you need, love the rest of the make up look so much omg

Lizzie White says:

use Vaseline to remove your push up liner, it works like magic!

Shayna Murdock says:

After you twist the end your suppose to wipe it off

Aisling Cassidy says:

I know this is a little old now, but I thought I just let you know what I think. I really like the liner, I even repurchased, although I don’t think it’s that easy to apply and does dry out. I have gone back to my old faithful supercat by soap and glory!

ALEXXA A says:

Ohmygosh I love how your eyeliner came out! Looks so amazing. I just think the reason you had trouble in the beginning was because it was drying out to quick on you, but other then that you did amazing, love it

shogal85 says:

Please tell me what lipstick you are wearing in the beginning of the video when you are applying the liner. This is the shade of lipstick I have been searching for all Summer.

Bing Beauty says:

My all time mascara remover is biore ! Have used it with they are real mascara & it works better than they are real remover! Even the stubborn mascaras & lipsticks fades like a dream!

MJ Snuttz says:

I absolutely love this product. I have been using pot gel liner for years, until I discovered this product when benefit first launched it. I swatched it in store and was impressed with the quality and easiness of use.
Although in this video she seems to be having difficulty- and I have to say it’s not that difficult.
If you twist out enough of the product and know how to properly apply liner then it’s a breeze!

Charlotte Knight says:

what lip product do you have on

Skye Laraine says:

I ran out of Kat Von D on my trip and bought this in travel size. First time using it, and personally, I did NOT have any trouble applying it the same way I do with the KVD. Thank you 🙂

Nicole Evalle says:

This is my favorite eyeliner. Its very matte. When i first got it i hated it but facts were: i didnt know how to do eyeliner. After picking it up after five months, i just loved it. I really like slightly blow drying the tip before starting because it honest does start out dry, apply a little heat and it will glide. I love the shape of the head, its perfection for easy wings. It takes a bit of practice (once or twice) and it really works lovely. I just use regular cocunut oil to remove or the blue bottle make up remover, not sure what its called. Any ways, i would really recommend it to anyone 🙂

Valerie Ngo says:

I bought this last year and used it all, but it wasn’t my favorite to be honest. It isn’t smooth and makes chunk so you need to use a Qtips to take out some chunks of eye liner, haha. But yeah, nice video because I showed yours to my friend and it describes perfectly how the eye liner works!

Gabriela Ramírez Zanon Ghovatto says:

this eyeliner is the absolute worst thing ever

francesgum says:

Great demo. I just got my liner in the mail, and I’m twisting and twisting and TWISTING the little handle and nothing is coming out. Am I doing something wrong???

Sophia Gibgot says:

at first u were using it wrong. u are supposed to crank it up, wipe the product, give it one more twist, and the desired amount of product should come out.

Dann Sanchez says:

Hablas muchoooo

Jade West says:

the tip of the eyeliner looks like a knife

Sabrina R says:

you have to twist the bottom for prouduct

Daisy Saward says:

I love they’re real mascara, it’s amazing! I find it really easy to remove though aha xx love you

Wiktoria says:

WHAT A FREAKING WASTE OF MONEY and mascara is awful as well and pencil liner too. Quality of cheap, drug store make up. disaster

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