Best Eyeliner? Maybelline Master Precise VS Kat Von D Tattoo and Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner

Reviews: Maybelline, Kat Von D and Stila Eyeliners
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Three eyeliners we hear a lot about are the Maybelline Master Precise liner, the Kat Von D Tattoo liner and the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof eyeliner. Which one is the best? Drugstore or High End? Are they worth the hype? Any dupes? I decided to let you know in this group review my opinion!
What is your favorite eyeliner? 🙂

After trying them out a few more times since the video this is my opinion: As stated in the video the overall best eyeliner is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof one. The one I would repurchase so far would be the Maybelline Master Precise unless I need something waterproof (if I ever want to swim with my eyeliner or most likely go somewhere where it’s humid). I was personally disappointed with the Kat Von D eyeliner. It becomes sticky after a few seconds which makes it hard to apply evenly. I went to Sephora to test the full size and I had the same issue with it.

Products mentioned:
Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner


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Julie Finney says:

I was so exited to try the kat von d and I’m not impressed….it resists going on over some of my shadows

A Life says:

She said “Stila all day liquid lipstick” but she’s comparing eyeliners

StaceFubar says:

Is it just me or does it look like the Maybelline side smudged or smeared a little after the mascaras been on?

Vitzeke Lee says:

Very good review. Went to purchase maybelline precise and was feeling uncertain for the price on sale at ulta.

Reilly Hew says:

huh thats really weird since I’ve never had that issue with my Kat Von D one

Katherine Noire says:

I goddamn hate the Kat Von D eyeliner. Currently my favourite one is the Maybelline because it’s cheap and good :/

Peppy_23 says:

your pulse is soooo good!

Farah Othman says:

THX alot i just looked for this comparison for along time … thx again .

ShaChristan Hollins says:

you’re eyelashes are so pretty

Sam Daily says:

I had a sample of the Kat Von D one too and it did that. I bought the full size and it doesn’t seem to do that. It might just be the brush tip on the sample.

Min Seo Yeon says:

You kinda look like Kat Von D. Anyway while watching this video I think I prefer Maybelline one. Also, I don’t know if they still have it in shops but I once got same liquid eyeliner from L’Oréal and it was everything! With golden cap.

Briana Munoz says:

The Kat Von D one isn’t as great as people say, I wore it for less than an hour on a hot day at Disneyland and it was completely gone.

Anne-Rosalie Brassard says:

J’me disais aussi que l’accent ne m’était pas inconnu en lisant la description haha! I subscribed 🙂

R5Regina says:

My Kat Von D one, it won’t come off the brush and I got it not even 1 month ago what happened with it?

mckeen says:

Do you guys like the Stila one better? Have any of you worn it in summer and in water? I really need a high quality water resistant eyeliner for summer!

lear0612 says:

I really love my maybelline one I’ve used it for awhile, cheap, lasts along time (obvs not if you’re in the water, sweating LOTS) but it’s my fav. I get lots of compliments on my cat eyes with it.

BeautywithEmilyFox says:

UPDATE: I am planning on doing an updated version of this video to clear out any confusion! Stay tuned 🙂

Lindsey Stevens says:

I had a horrible experience with the Kat Von D liner, and I purchased the full size. Mine turned out even worse than yours did. I thought I just got a “bad one”, but it seems I’m not alone. I love Kat and almost all of her products, but the liner doesn’t work for me..

Maisie F. says:

you need to specify which product you’re using instead of saying “this one”… no hate, I was just confused as hell.

GlowByAnaiis says:

Can you be more specific on which product you’re talking about next time?? Other than that great review

loufearless says:

my tattoo liner works so much worse than yours since the day i bought it. some people say that after using it for a week it is v good but i’ve been using it for a month and it only gets worse, don’t buy it. anyway, this video is super useful, i need to try the maybelline one! thank you.

Carissa O'Hara says:

Hi where are you from? You have a subtle accent that’s very cute!

Maribel Ortiz says:

I love your mascara! What kind is it?

Scout Sale says:

Your experience was totally opposite of mine… Maybelline smeared everywhere for me as compared to Kat Von D. Also the brush tip on Kat Von D’s makes it so much easier to apply.

eveFlower101 says:

Same issue with Kat Von D, it flakes off if you go over it to build up the line. Very disappointing :(. Will try the other ones.

Liz Popik says:

I’ve also found moisten in the kat von dee with contact solution helps with the clumping issue.

Cindy Nguyen says:

lol you said lipstick instead of eyeliner at the beginning, but helpful review! btw your lashes are to die for !!!!! they are so long and full !!!!

Berry Stylish ❀ says:

I was going to buy the tattoo eyeliner because everyone was talking about it but now I really want the Stila one. Thanks for the review! <3

Princess Galvan says:

i like the fact that the maybeline one is easy to remove. it doesn’t really budge, but its easy to take off

Crystal beauty says:

video too long next time shorter.

Catherine Baker says:

Despite the issues with the KVD, I just think the tattoo liner side looks better. I can’t wear most eyeliners because of my hooded lids and find the tattoo liner is the only one that works for me.

Michelle Hernandez says:

My Kat Von D has been doing that. I have been using it for awhile and once in awhile I get the drying and dragging. =(

Do Thu Ha says:

Hello, do you curl your lashes before applying mascara? I see your lashes very beautiful

Skating Canuck says:

Ive heard great things about the clinique ultra fine liquid liner

Elisa Flores says:

you keep saying “this one” but i have no idea which one you are talking about.

mols H says:

The kat Von D has a felt tip and its great

Cherrubin Here says:

confused.. which one you telling “this this this”

LenaLovex says:

Tbh I use Kat Von D and it’s amazing, I don’t really have the same problems as you do because usually I just do it in a straight line. Kat Von D makes less mistakes and its just my opinion and its amazing.

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