I went to walmart the other day and saw this ELF eyeliner so i figured it’d be fun to try! (Side note: not sure how NEW it is cause i just saw reviews for this that are like 3 years old haha so either a repackage/new formula or just old packaging!!) I like testing out cheaper eyeliners since I wear it so much! This is the ELF intense ink eyeliner and it’s only $3!! I wanted to see how well it held up against water, like if your eyes water etc, and how it rubbed off. I’ve had good luck in the past with elf cheap eyeliners so I was excited to review and demo this! Also since it says ” Intense ” and the color is Blackest black, i wanted to compare it to other black eyeliners to see if it was truly a dark black. Hope you guys like this review and demo of the new Elf intense ink eyeliner!!

$5 off!!! (i think it has to be a new acct or email tho!): http://i.refs.cc/AebDPykT


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brenda medina says:


Jordann landis says:

I love elf lol that’s all we can afford. I have never tried this though.

Caroline Chalue says:

I’m so sick of that Toyota commercial

Lani Ray says:

I love that elf liquid eye liner as well it’s my favorite I couldn’t do without it

Lizzie 2705 says:

I got this ages ago and it used to be £2 but the price difference isn’t that bad and it looks better than it used too

also i lysm xxxxxxxxxx keep up the good work

Miss Dee says:

Great review thanks. Helpful

Goldylocks K says:

Can you do a not makeup, makeup tutorial ?

itsnieshia says:

I’m so sorry taht I haven’t been watching your videos I have been busy with school .. so now I’m just benzene watching

Arissa G says:

My favorite eyeliner!❤️❤️

Mona Khan says:

I have the exact same eyeliner and I loved it

DanceAddict says:

#notificationsquad Love you!

Wendyy says:

Is there a way to apply eyeliner without getting eyeliners on your lashes?? My struggle

Alanna Leung says:

School has been so stressful so I haven’t been able to watch YouTube. But I missed watching ur vids so much!! I know it’s not like your usual vids, but could you make a high school advice video to help deal with stress? Thanks I love you!!!!!!

Correlations says:

What foundation shade do you use?

4TheLoveOfLashes says:

Loved this video. I am always looking for a cheap black eyeliner! You make doing a wing look so easy!

Laura CorEst says:

Its a realy nice eyeliner and its no that expensive love it

Funny101 gal says:

I don’t really like there regular eyeliner because after like 30 minuets it literally starts falling off

Kristin Tam says:


Susan Ward says:

Wow your eye makeup is on point I just bought this a week go

Madalin Wade says:


Jennifer Pellicone says:

That was a great review! Thanks!!!

Lani Ray says:

I’m a sucker for black eye liner too!

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