ELF Intense Ink Eyeliner Pen Review | Bailey B.

Hey, guys! I’m finally getting around to reviewing ELF’s Intense Ink Eyeliner Pen – a new felt tip line they recently launched for $3! Let me know if you guys have tried it in the comments below.

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makeupfitz says:

I will totally hunt this down now. Great review, thanks! 🙂

Pathological Buyer says:

Great review! I’ll have to give this a try.

Danalyn L says:

Your reviews are great Bailey. They are honest and thorough.

Jenny Penny says:

my fave beauty blogger. thanks for another great review!

Zoe Ivey says:

Thank you so much!!!

jcjccmz says:

Original elf liner pens’ tips would get bent/messed up really fast; the two I tried both dried up in a week as well.

Sarah Rayne says:

where is your necklace from? (the short dainty one) and you look beautiful!


Gosh, I just love your reviews.  SO very informative and you touch on things I would never think to review on.  Love!  xoxo

JuleeBecker says:

Great review. The title has a typo in the name, in case you’re able to edit it 🙂

Grace Muncey says:

Do a review on e.l.f.’s brand new contour palette please!!!!

Ashley Gonzalez says:

I got it for $1

TheKelJacob says:

Thanks again for another great review. I have shaky hands, so I was thinking that a felt liner would probably be a better option for me than one with a brush. This is going on my “to buy” list.

Bbyjill says:

I have been so empresses with elf makeup. I haven’t tried that particular liner but most of what I have purchased has been great. I might have to try and snag this on the next 40-50% sale

Celene Avalos says:

Out of rate of five what would you rate this elf liner

TerrieJ DimestoreDivaTV says:

I just bought this and LOVE it! Super easy to apply!!! New HG product from ELF!

Mia Bella says:

Very informative and helpful! Xoxoxox

Breanna Poe says:

I love this look on you! So pretty!

Lucy Ruby Lopez says:

mine dried the day I got it…..

Butter Cream says:

Personally, i didn’t like it because it doesn’t last more than 4 hours. I would not buy it again because my eyes are really humid so i had to swip off the liner under my eyes constantly. Plus, After a month, the point of my liner dried and I could not do my cat eye anymore. Still, if you had a low budget and dry eyes, it is really black and really easy to apply. Just don’t wear it in a hot summer day or you’ll look like a panda. 🙂

Remy Tongol says:

Thanks for another great review, Bailey! I might wanna give this liner a go 🙂

Elle Is For Living says:

Great thorough review. ♥ Elle

BeautyByNatle says:

I definitely have to check this out!! Love felt tip eyeliners, but they truly do run out fast! Lol

Britany Cheung says:

Can you please do a review on the ELF’s new eyeshadow palette? They remind exactly of the naked palette.

Melissa Gutierrez says:

very informative review!! you are lovely 🙂

ChaptersWeLove says:

I just got the one in the white packaging I believe for $1 or $2 and it wired for about 2 seconds before it dried

Areeane says:

I really like this eyeliner! 🙂 I’m not great with eyeliner and I feel like I can be more precise with this one.

Ellie Reeve says:

What lipstick are you wearing? It looks fabulous! Xx

Gabby E says:

This one dried out for mebut the other ink eyeliner I have from elf with the smaller tip did not.

dee h says:

I do like the elf liquid liner and now you’ve got me excited to try this felt tip liner. I’ve tried the NYC one (thinner pen) and like the control and staying power of it. Thank you. Love your review videos.  They’re always very informative and straight to the point. Much Love from Cali

Mariah Sarceda says:

tired it i was soooo allergic to this darn so sad lol

V laloca777 says:

I hate felt tip liners for all the exact reasons you listed. It’s so hard to find one that doesn’t dry out from my eyeshadow after a few uses. If and when they don’t dry out right away they seem to take forever to get a line drawn on cuz I can’t get a steady flow of liquid to come out. I don’t always have time to do my makeup slow. But this sounds like it might work for me. I already have a few new ELF products in my online shopping cart i might just add this one. I also just found an ELF liner that I bought who knows how long ago it came in a white thin tube and the tip looked like a little fork and that one actually worked nice! It just wasn’t as black as I wanted. Thanks for the review 🙂

Beauty By BeeZee says:

Was intrigued by this when I saw it on their site!

SyddiBee says:

Ooh, I’ll have to try this! Thanks for the great review!

evelin orosz says:

Nagyon szèp vagy! 🙂
Jó videó lett! 🙂
Milyen árnyalatú a rúzsod? 😀

Faptastique says:

Is it safe for me to put it on my teeth (for cosplay)

A Nakano says:

Great review! Would you consider this as a dupe to Stila’s felt tip liner?

LunaG says:

Mine was dry at the tip. But my sisters was PERFECT, so im getting a new one.

Marlene Distancia says:

Thanks for the great review, I’ve seen this at the drugstore but I wasn’t sure about it, and not many have done a great review like you. You’re amazing, I just might go and try this out 🙂

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