Elf liquid eyeliner review

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Though I really bought this because aside from im running out of liquid eyeliner, I got curious because it says it’s the best seller. That being said in an instant i mean cmon it’s just $2 im like heck yeah..

but it was just almost 5 hours, it starts chipping off. I’d rather spend a couple of extra bucks that will stick to my eyes rather than retouching and looking like a crack head unconsciously at work.

it has a shiny glossy finish look and it’s very liquid
the brush is very very thin

not going to repurchase

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Cherrish Angel says:

works amazing for me love it♡

Asian238 says:

thanks so much for the true/ honest review, i was gonna buy it and in my country is pretty expensive

Elaya Farhad says:

thats funny cuz i dont have that problem with the cracking and it also applies dark for me. idk maybe its cuz ur not using primer?

Kaylia Treck says:

My friend uses this and it looks amazing, stays on all day! It probably works different for different people but I think it’s worth trying for yourself

Hilda Trevino says:

I tried this eyeliner because people always raved about it. I finally bought it and I hate it! It lasts maybe half a day, it’s super difficult to make a dark SMOOTH line. Not worth the $2!

Jasmyne Riggins says:

this is the only eyeliner i use! i love it because the handle isnt too long and it is easy to control!

ChasingKenton says:

Did you use a setting spray with it? If not, maybe it would work better that way? I really want to try this cause it is so raved about, but this review has me thinking maybe not. Please let me know if you used a setting spray. 🙂

Susngskns Hehsjsbsn says:

It was $2 lol.

Erica Scribner says:

Funny, I’ve been using this eyeliner for 3 years and have never had those problems! Goes to show not everything is for everyone.

MaybeIShouldnt says:

mine pools up and doesnt apply black, it looks like black water, like how water pools up, and it’s not drying, >:(

Maria R. says:

great review on this product sis

chioma ukatu says:

The liner is disgusting I absolutely hate it.

Melody Romero says:

Honestly my favorite eyeliner! it’s really dark and I find it super easy to apply, plus it’s cheap!! Love love loveeee

SuperIndy08 says:

is this oil or water based?

Marissa Cameron says:

It’s too runny for me.

belle a. says:

Mila liters. not ml. just saying

Daisymagi says:

Same here..womp womp…it went everywhere and smeared.great review.

fake account says:

i bought this liner and i put it on. wore it for a few hours. i took it off and it stained my eyes blue. i tried everything. i tried a face pad thing for acne. i tried makeup removers. i tried makeup remover for waterproof makeup. and i tried just water. my eyelids now have a blue stain in the shape of the eyeliner.

Emily Denise says:

The same thing happened to me with this product, it started peeling off.

Wolfclaw says:

I use it all the time and it stays on all day….

Nicole Oombash says:

i love this eyeliner!!

Alexandra Eliadis says:

Everyone loves it and I hates it! It flakes off peels and so patchy idk how people love it…

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