Eyeliner for Guys? Review! | Black Friday

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blindsamurai says:

do get your nails done @ salon or buy online. if so which seller do you use ?

The midnight raven says:

singer from green day , basket case was a song of the band

September says:

Too bad it doesnt come in brown-tones. I kinda like wearing eyeliner, And this one looks great! But I got white hair and a black one looks too heavy on me. A dark brown would be amazing

Autumn Autopsy says:

I don’t see the point of this product. It is supposed to be “messy” and “grunge”, but you could just use a normal eyeliner and smudge it out? Why not just market it as a normal black eyeliner? To me it doesn’t sound appealing to have something be “anti-precision” because it sounds like it won’t stay in place and I would not be able to use it as versatile (messy AND precise depending on what I want today) as a normal eyeliner. I just don’t get this product. (By the way, I asked this question on Kat von D’s Instagram when they launched this and they deleted my comment, lol)

Sassy Octopus says:

A M A Z I N G hair. So much love. ❤

Влад Печерский says:

Looks deliciously) I want to Eat Your Make Up!)))

NOxxieKaye says:

Im right there on the facial hair with you. I wish I could grow myself a nice beard.

DeMarie Jones says:

Love your “mustache”! If you were a guy I would totally date you just because of your mustache!

kateemma22 says:

I can’t get over the fact you don’t know the lead singer of Green Day!

Shelby Marrietta says:

Is this eyeliner good for watery eyes? My eyes get really watery and my under eyeliner never stays

R.S. Dorian says:

Love the video. Your mustache looks AMAZING! I’d love to see you do a goth drag king look. From what I’ve seen of your make up tutirials you would do a great drag look.

summer nights says:

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet but it has a built in sharpener if you pull the bottom off! I know you had mentioned about it just being that fat stumpy shape 🙂

thewolffromhell66666 says:

Yay Gomez Addams stache

Zentierra says:

Love that it stays put! I never wear eyeliner, mascara, or eye shadow, for that matter (sacrilege, I know) because I always end up smudging the crap out anything put on my eyes. I just don’t seem to have the patience or any kind of female talent when it comes to make up and nails, so apart for very light BB cream, lip gloss (I’m a disaster with lipstick too) and filling in my eyebrows a bit, I just don’t do the make up thing. But these kind of “stay put” products might get me to try it out again. Thanks for showing this! And yes…you do rock the ‘stache. Doing a “drag king” transformation video, like you mentioned, would be fun!

Sn0wWhiteQu33n says:

Hmm I think I want to buy this for my self. I hate eyeliner that runs later on in the day, or smudge onto my crease. I want this.

Natasha de Sade says:

I’d gladly turn you into a drag king…pitty you didn’t stop past Melbourne Australia lol I’m an MUA btw…I would have flown to Sydney for it hahaha

Q Toz says:

The Gomez Adams mustache! 😀 fantastic!

Kirk Vanallen sr says:

You’re the coolest black Friday. Kat and we wear cool. It was a good time

Best Gamer says:

Do you have friends

Lucia Isabel Roos says:

Very Captain Jack Sparrow

Kim-SukLey says:

The Drag King idea is something I’d love to see come to life!

Also, for anyone who likes this eyeliner’s performance but is not comfortable with the anti-precision thing, you can use it by taking some of the product onto an angled brush to make fine lines. It worked for me when I had one of those Maybelline pencil liners which can never be sharpened finely enough. That also gets me thinking that said eyeliner could be a dupe for this. It was the Maybelline Lasting Drama (Waterproof gel pencil) in Sleek Onyx. I think it has terrible reviews in regards of the application because of it being poorly precise.

atrayubrandy says:

Please tell me that they charge 10-20% more for the “for guys” version of eyeliner like most companies do for the “for girls” version of products.

jj Thompson says:

I love your nails and your hair

Best Gamer says:

And I thought that goth are really …gost..like not social at all… but no

Miss Sinner says:

Isn’t it just anti precision? Not really aimed at guys?

Madikgetho Masemola says:

Love it!

Best Gamer says:

Yo I love your goth style….but do you walk like this in the street?

Lily Flavin says:

I agree if I was a man I definitely would be rocking a mustache

Cheshire Kitten says:

Omg love this! This is usually how i do my eyes. Ill be checking out this collab!

Jennifer Lacey says:

Love your videos !
your make up and alternative fashion is awesome.
Watching your videos gets me through a bad day
Thank you for being you ❤️

Steph Gorringe says:

My initial thought when you had drawn the mustache: Captain Jack Sparrow…. XD

Lokificent says:

There’s a Sephora in the Galeria Kaufhof at the Marienplatz in München at least, but that’s the only one in Germany I know of! It’s pretty awesome though

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