Eyeliner Review – Tried and Tested: EP7

Shu An puts waterproof 24-hr long-wearing eyeliners to the test to see how well they live up to their claims!


Kate Lau says:

my name is kate

Paola Santana says:

Do another review of it and put UNT – Eye define :3 its the best eyeliner that ive tested so far

Vivian says:

Kate was immediately a no for me because of the lack of intensity of the liner :

The Girls.from.occ says:

omb I love her dress so much she is amazing

Team 10 Violetcostell says:

I have the maybaline eyeliner

Seriously? Bruh says:

Where do you get the k palette eyeliner? Need that in ma life

Liang Xin Yu says:

Lol it’s 3 years ago

Emily -_- says:

EWW i dont like her at all she always does this wong

Kate LoLo says:

My name is Kate

Jennia Lawren says:

The K-palette dry up like a tattoo.

Joselyn Merino says:

Where can I but the k palette

Mima Perini says:

please make more episodes I’ve run out of watching all your episodes . .

kimi says:

I was shocked when I saw Kate because I own it. It’s my favorite eyeliner so far and it’s still not entirely waterproof but it holds much better than the old formula. I tried kpalette but I don’t know why but the eyeliner always dried inside twice, so I kinda gave up trying it. I also have super oily lids so it actually flakes after a few hours but it’s definitely waterproof.

Lu Wang says:

She speaks chinese lol her English accent is just like my friends

Hannah says:

Well I guess I have to buy the K-Palette liner now haha.

sayounara1232 says:

I have been using Maybelines for yrs It never smudges when its dry unless u rub it a lot lol xD

Elfi Laila says:

where can we get the K-Pallette tatoo? watson? or we should purchase it online?

cosmicluver88 says:

You should try Love Darling eyeliner it’s really good

Calida says:

Thank you for the oil test! A lot of people don’t test that, but as a person with very greasy lids, this is always very important.

Chyna Olinger says:

love what you said about Kate in the end “she died” that was funny!

EveJ J says:

I love your vidz, you did a very good review  🙂

JuliehPeglegs says:

“She died!!” I absolutely love you. <3

veena bollipalli says:

If we have to try to ourselves, what is the point of this video?

Bela Patata says:

haha Kate died

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