Frugal Fridayz | Battle of the Drugstore Liquid Eyeliners

Which are the BEST liquid eyeliners in the drugstore? And which are the WORST? Find out in today’s Battle of the Liquid Eyeliners! I will be showing you how each of these apply and well they wore throughout the day.

Eyeliners Featured …
– Rimmel Precision Micro Liner, $5.79
– Maybelline Master Precise, $9.79
– Physician’s Formula Eye Booster, $10.99
– Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner, $6.99
– L’Oreal The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner, $7.99
– NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker, $9.49
– NYC Haute Definition Eyeliner, $3.99
– CoverGirl Bombshell Intense Eyeliner, $8.99
– Jordana FabuLiner, $1.99

Which is your favorite from the drugstore?
What kind of products would you like to see go head to head next?

♥ What am I wearing? ♥
On my eyes:
Second look in this post:

On my lips:
– MAC Creme d’Nude
– MAC Pink Lemonade Lipglass

On my nails:
– Poparazzi in ‘The Hue is Blue’
– Essie ‘Set in Stones’ on outer edges
(close-up picture may be seen on my Instagram feed)

Tank Top: Charlotte Russe

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Thank YOU for watching!


be lovely says:

Do any of these come in BROWN or BROWNISH BLACK?? I can’t find any of the good eyeliners for cat eyes that are BROWN!! Please help!!

Sixin Zhong says:

I have been using the physicians formula eyeliner for a while, it does boost my lashes, but same thing, it will disappear. So strange

Julia Solis says:

the Maybelline master precise one worked really well for me when I had it. it didn’t smudge or anything and lasted throughout the day for me

Jesus SAVES says:

just found you on YouTube and im addicted. your videos are so helpful . tfs

cheryl gustavson says:

You look gorgeous! Wow..I use the maybelline master class liquid eyeliner and it’s amazing for me!! I did, however, have the same issue with the cover girl eyeliner..

Completely Polished says:

Has anyone tried the Elf waterproof eyeliner pen?? Zabrena??

nikkaciru74 says:

why is there no essence heree try itt

Youtube killedtv says:

I bought the second maybelline one yesterday :((

Life As Marie says:

I just saw a Bonne Bell liquid eyeliner pen at my local Kmart. It was around $5 and I was wondering if anyone else had tried it out? Back in the day BB was my jam, just about everything they put out from tinted moisturizers to eye shadows to lip glosses and lipsticks were pretty impressive.

Alzeenia Faim says:

hey… how did u make that up-do hairstyle,,, please share a tutorial..

haruno21 says:

Does she have a similar video on liquid eyeliners that are NOT pens?

Jesseca Seidel says:

Ugh bought the Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner for $10.49 at Walgreens for my boyfriend’s house because I didn’t want to spend the $20.00 I usually do for Kat Von D (trooper) eyeliner. The Maybelline liner tugged and the felt tip was rough, and the color payoff was patchy! Absolutely horrible.


You are so beautiful!

Kaira Newland says:

Can you do an updated 2017 favorite and worst drugstore eyeliner pens?

Siti Nur'ain Mustafa says:

that’s expensive

Litwik says:

You and another YouTuber also recommended that NYC one. However, it’s terrible for me! Maybe I just got a bad one? The pigmentation for me is bad (shows up gray), it feathers, and the tip is hard/stiff. ☹

Ryn Chan says:

im guessing they arent selling the nyc haute definition anymore cuz i cant find it anywheres…… :'(

Fran Ellison says:

essence liquid eyeliner is the best

Katey Henderson says:

I had the same problem with the covergirl liner in browb.

Conniechiwa Tube says:

is it “haute” or “high” definition?

Cheryl Sawka says:

IT Gel black is the best

Destiny Dodson says:

you are so cute and so pretty please be my bffl

amazingrace4u says:

Which one is best for sweatproof or working out? I’m trying to find a good one that won’t smudge easily to play roller derby in!

sexxycowgurl88 says:

anyone a fan of nyx liquid vinyl eyeliner? it helped me master winged and cat eye liner look as I felt like a kindergartener the longest time attempting winged liner. it doesnt help that my vision sucks i have to get close enough to mirror where liner pen is almost touching mirror so that i get precise application

Carelesshummingbird says:

Jessie’s girl transfers and smudges on my eyes severely

Tasha Boahine says:

I loved your review perfect also help me make up my mind about which liquid eyeliner to purchase thank you.

Emily Henford says:

NYC & Rimmel (self-note)

heather23renae says:

I also think a big problem with these eyeliners is they dry up SO fast! My milani one that i was trying out seemed to lose half its pigmentation on only the third use. Same with the NYX one. I bought that one a few years ago. Pretty good the first time, basically unusable the second time. I was soooo pissed. Actually the best drugstore eyeliner I’ve ever used for price, longevity of product in the bottle and on the eyes is the wet n wild h2o proof liquid eyeliner. Holy crap that stuff is like magic and applies so easily. My main issue with that is if you don’t get your wing right the first time your basically screwed cause it’s a bitch to get off and I’m still not good at the wing (after trying nearly daily for 5+ years… stupid, unsteady hands…)

Breena693 says:

i know old video but i love your hair like this

Vannah .lauren says:

Cover girl one BLEEDS SO MUCH!

Jessica Smith says:

thanks for this video. I’ve been searching for a good liquid liner .

amanda owens says:

I recently purchased several Jordana liners and the fabuliner turned out light grey on me and was just really bad but the fabuliner bold is great

Terri Mann says:

I found exactly the same thing with the physicians formula eye,under, it goes on nicely but just seems to inexplicably disappear

belle g says:

great review!

αmαndα says:

Are any of these waterproof? If so, which ones?

Missykat25 says:

I absolutely love physician formula! it never dries out & my eyeshadow doesn’t effect it. Highly recommend 🙂 thin line every time

Sindy Portillo says:

Your outfit, hair, makeup and everything is just on point!! Love it!! I also have oily skin so you’re amazing and I love how you do try out the products and the approximate values of them helps a bunch too!!!

lilly bunny says:

omg her hair looked so different back then

Jen B says:

Your hair is so cute up like that. Love bangs on you.

Sarah Weaver says:

I looooove my Jordana fabuliner. I won’t use anything else!

Alyssa Sharrow says:

The cover girl one you gotta shake it a lot tip down to get it to work but I do like it

MsHolbert18 says:

If you’re worried about your eyeliner drying out do NOT buy the Nyx Super Skinny liner.

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