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Have you been interested in Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Lashes? Today I try out Moxielash magnetic eyeliner and a few different magnetic lashes! So here I go to try and get to the bottom of this miracle product and see if the hype and promises are for real!! Have a great day!

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“Sorry I’m Late…but did you SEE this makeup??”

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Linda Pribble says:

I read that if you put some of the liner on the base of the eyelashes , too, that you will be able to attach the bottom lash , too!

Heather Addington says:

I’ve been dying to try these!!

Yanant Takin says:

Please curve ardell lashes since it’s pretty straight n it’s not fitting your eye curve

tammara abbott says:

Very fun video you are too cute! I’m ordering the Moxielash lashes and eyeliner bundle. Cant wait to see!

Ditsy Theoneandonly says:

Hello Dena  great video and you are a lot of fun to watch.  Since you did this video what are your thoughts on the moxie eyeliner and lashes now?  would love and update .. have a great day and ty for sharing

Karen Waters says:

Thanks for the thorough review. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

prviolist says:

Nice job buying two different brands of lashes. I’ll definitely be buying the kiss ones instead. Thx.

#MySoCalledLife1977 says:

You are so fun, Dena! Your excitement is contagious! I can’t believe it worked, but they looked beautiful! I can’t even do regular lashes with glue so I seriously doubt I could do magnetic ones either. Lol! TFS! ~ Nona

Elaine Granillo says:

Your supposed to allow the liner to dry a bit before adding the lashes.

Miss Viking says:

Kiss KEML 02?

Jennifer Harris says:

Have you tried tight lining with the Moxielash liner and applying the bottom magnetic lash to the underside of your lashes? I’d love to know if that works.

Lycia Zingarelli says:

Idk why but I just love you

Pretty After 50 says:

Thank you so much this was so helpful! I tried the double magnetic lashes and they never ever fit or clamped right. I have to glue clusters on every day for work, so I am excited to give this a try. I found your video informative, helpful and made me laugh several times. Keep up the good work!

Julia Wiggs says:

Yes! Try their lashes! I want to see!

kelly Laher says:

You are hilarious!

helpfulnhappy says:

Great to see you back!

Scrappykat says:

You are delightful! So glad I discovered your channel 🙂

cassidy breeze says:

Omg I found your video and loved it I just bought my moxilash liner and lashes so excited btw you are so funny loved it!

Sara Fuller says:


Lish Ness says:

Great vid! Loved how you did the dryer test. Did you try kiss lashes with the dryer later off camera? Honestly, I’m so excited to try these!

Casey G says:

Another great great video very detailed and thorough!! Thanks!

Jessica Blevins says:

I have been using magnetic eyeliner with the Eylure magnetic lashes just using the top lash and I LOVE it! So much easier than the sandwiching method I think.

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